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Dreaming of War

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I thought the invasion of Iraq was a bad idea long before the tanks rolled. It was a flawed and impractical invasion, a miscalculation of possibly historic proportions. I’ll go into that at some point, it helps to understand why things are going wrong if you look at the flawed assumptions that were made. Unlike a lot of people who are against the war because it is immoral or the President lied or any such political/ethical reason, I was and am against the war because it is stupid. I’m an old chess-player who doesn’t like the look of the board.

For today I will share my dream, a dream I had some months before we invaded Iraq. I was walking along a road in the rural country somewhere, flat dry farmland with scattered trees. There were no buildings, there was an occasional overpass. Every few feet along the side of this dreary road was a motley little collection of military gear: boots, packs, rifles, whatever. I asked someone what these piles were, he replied “Those belong to the dead Marines.” Little heaps of stuff along a lonely road, stretching as far as the eye could see.

Disturbed me then and disturbs me now. Being a former Marine and all doesn’t help. A life should be more than a few bits of used gear in a ditch. Nowadays I try not to remember my dreams.

God save us all.

Written by unitedcats

June 16, 2006 at 6:39 am

Posted in Iraq, War

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