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A $5 lottery ticket ends up costing the State of Indiana 1.1 million dollars? Not quite, a man sued the state when they refused to pay his $5 winning lottery ticket because it had expired. Unfortunately the expiration date was not printed on the ticket. Most of the money goes to lawyers of course, but some people with expired tickets will get money. The man who started the whole thing will get $15,000.

On one hand it seems absurd, on the other hand the state issued lotto tickets that didn’t say on the ticket that you had to collect by a certain date. That was at best, a really stupid omission, at worst a deliberate attempt to cheat people out of their winnings. In fact it’s an omission so stupid yet beneficial to the state that it’s hard to swallow it was a accident. So I have no problem with the state paying the legal costs associated with the results of their own folly, in as much as that is what is going on here.

Lottery problems are nothing new. When they issued the first round of scratchers in Ontario, they kinda skipped a key test. Um, if you had a pile of lottery tickets and wanted to know which were the winners without scratching them, what could you try? Gee, well, someone tried X-rays. And turned out that once the word got out, a lot of store owners knew a doctor or dentist with an x-ray machine and flexible ethics…

In Italy the national lottery was done on live TV. They used little children to pick balls out of big spinning baskets of balls. I mean, how could that be anything but fair? Turns out that with practice a little kid can learn to pick out only the balls with a certain slight texture difference than the rest…

For years MacDonald’s ran a yearly contests where you got free tickets with your meal, for chances at food and big money prizes. Someone finally noticed that all the money prizes were being won by people with connections to the company running the game

Newton and Einstein are wrong…greed is the most powerful force in the universe.

Written by unitedcats

June 25, 2006 at 3:53 pm

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