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Passenger’s Bill of Rights and Other Insanity in the News

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Calico plus catnip. Credit: junku

I woke up in a foul mood today, so I’m going to scan the news and see if I can find headlines to take umbrage at. Six years of Bush is grating on my nerves. Granted I was none too thrilled with Clinton either, so no worries, it’s a pretty good bet that whoever is in the White House next won’t meet with my approval either. I’m fanatically bipartisan when it comes to criticizing the President, as any good patriot should be. There’s a big shortage of patriotism in the USA by that measure. I’d say it will be difficult to find another stupid blowhard in Bush’s league next time around, but never underestimate the power of the American public to vote for the lowest possible denominator. Sigh, this problem isn’t even limited to the USA either, Iran managed to elect a world class stupid blowhard last time around as well. Too bad we can’t just toss Bush and Ahmadinejad in a room and let them mutually annihilate each other, instead we are all going to play a big game of national mutual annihilation. Snarl.

I see some people want Congress to enact a “Passenger’s Bill of Rights.” Yes, a corporation treats its customers like crap and people want to pass a damn law! Get a clue people, if you don’t like how a company treated you, don’t patronize them anymore. It’s really a very simple concept, if everybody did it customer service would improve so fast it would make heads spin. Congress is run by corporate toadies, and the airline industry has legions of highly paid lobbyists. The idea that they are going to pass a law that will improve customer service is ludicrous. On the other hand, one can make the point that having Congress waste their time on drivel like this keeps them from meddling in far more dangerous areas. And as an aside, the whole idea that passengers should have “rights” to be coddled by airlines makes a mockery of the word rights. I’m pretty sure the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have given their lives to protect our rights weren’t thinking about people who are so goddamn spoilt that spending a few hours on a plane is a federal case.

Details about Bush administration fantasies regarding the occupation of Iraq have been revealed. The ability of the Bush administration to substitute wishful thinking (or paranoid fantasy) for realistic analysis has been a hallmark of their regime since day one, but it’s always surprising to see it in black and white. Most of the Bush administrations policies and plans seem to be based on the idea that their enemies will roll over and play dead on command. Of course in the real world people have mind’s of their own, and thus the Bush administration is left spinning its wheels as it retreats into an ever more unrealistic fantasy bubble that is ever more disconnected from reality. Boy, if the Democrats thought that Bush Senior left them a mess in Somalia to deal with after his departure from office, just wait till they get a load of the mess in Afghanistan and Iraq after our next presidential election.

Oh well. Heck, maybe it’s not as bad as I fear. Breakdown at the Pentagon Lie Factory does point out that things are not nearly so rosy for Bush and company as they were in the run up to the invasion of Iraq. Highly recommended for those who want a breath of fresh air regarding the Bush follies. At the back of my mind always have a little voice that says maybe we will muddle through somehow. Heck, I’m still here to make these blog posts, “compassionate conservatism” hasn’t morphed into “friendly fascism” yet.

On the local front, I made the mistake of giving my cats a catnip filled sock. Twelve hours of drug crazed madness ensued, including an amazing gyrating calico manoeuvre that broke both my coffee cups in one fell swoop. I’m now drinking my coffee out of a mason jar, the sock has been safely locked away, the cats are sleeping it off, and I’m going to work. Good day everyone.

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Written by unitedcats

February 16, 2007 at 10:59 am

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  1. Digby captured a revealing comment by Michelle Malkin on this issue,

    Right-wing author and pundit Michelle Malkin filled in for Bill O’Reilly tonight on The O’Reilly Factor. During a segment on a newly-proposed Airline Passengers Bill of Rights, Malkin said, “So you’re behind this Passengers’ Bill of Rights move. I have to tell you, in general, I’m skeptical of anything that has Bill of Rights tacked on to it.”


    February 17, 2007 at 1:39 am

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