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From honour to horror, Bush’s war on Iraq continues

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Col. Ted Westhusing: True American Hero

Even though the carnage in Iraq rarely makes the news, and is wildly misrepresented when it does, the war there is never far from my mind. And even though I didn’t vote for the guy in the White House, on some levels I feel responsible for the wars he has wrought in our names. Four years in and still of litany of excuses and promises and “encouraging signs” from the White House, while by almost every measure the situation in Iraq and the world has grown worse. More terrorism, more defiance of Pax Americana, more US debt, more countries with WMDs, more violence and war spending all around. Yet Bush and his ever smaller coterie of supporters continue to insist that they know what they are doing. Meanwhile the bloodletting by all concerned goes on, and the looting of our treasury continues unabated.

First, the honourable part. The story of Colonel Ted Westhusing and his service in Iraq. He sounds like one of the best officers I have ever heard of, I would have been proud to serve under him. Here was a man who took George Bush’s just war mission seriously, and volunteered to serve in Iraq even though he didn’t have to, he was an ethics instructor at West Point. The only good thing about this story, is that there are still soldiers like this under Mr Bush’s command. Or at least there were, maybe he was the last. I highly recommend reading his story of courage and sacrifice and despair: Suicide Was the Only Way Out of Iraq for Col. Westhusing

Then on to the horror. Three chlorine gas attacks. The irony here is probably not lost on the people launching these attacks. There was no Al Qaeda in Iraq under Saddam. Saddam destroyed all his chemical weapons after Gulf War I. So here we are four years after invading Iraq purportedly because of an organization and weapons that there was only the remotest suspicion still existed in Iraq…and now Al Qaeda in Iraq is launching chemical attacks against our troops? Can someone explain this to me? I thought we launched this war to prevent exactly what is now happening? Hello? Of course people like me said this invasion was going to cause exactly this sort of thing. And of course I can pretty much guess the sorts of mental gyrations and rationalizations the pro-war crowd will go through to explain why it’s not their fault that the war has gone exactly the opposite of what they so confidently predicted, I am beginning to think that self-deception gives greed a run for the money as the most powerful force in the universe.

It gets worse of course, I don’t think there’s any limit to how low the Bush Administration will go in it’s double dealing. The USA used to treat its veterans as heroes, now they have to jump through hoops to get denied the health care and benefits they’ve earned. Just as one little factoid, about 600 soldiers got total disability discharges in 2001. What was it last year? About 200. Yes, even with a war on and American troops returning home every day with missing limbs and brain damage, Bush has contrived to cut the number of disabled soldiers by two thirds! Yeah, this will save us all sorts of money! Oh, wait, no it won’t, society will pay for these injured solders one way or another. All this means is that Bush has stolen the tax money that would have gone to supporting our troops in their hour of need so he can give it to his contractor buddies and the arms industry. How anyone can even admit they voted for the man after revelations like this is beyond me, let alone still support his “policies.” Read about it here and here.

Heard it all? Not yet. There are allegations that the vice president’s office has secretly been funding extremist groups in Iraq as part of their anti-Iran policy. If true, this would not only be illegal, it might actually constitute treason if any of these groups have attacked US Forces. The “liberal” media has of course completely ignored the story, and the Bush crowd will entertain us all with another rousing chorus of “these facts aren’t credible.” Yes, saying “it’s not credible” has become the standard Bushite response when reality intrudes on the ever mounting house of cards that is their belief system. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis aren’t actually dead, trillion of dollars won’t actually be spent on this war, the seven fold increase in world terrorism since the war started isn’t really happening…it’s all a liberal conspiracy! These folks are starting to make the “Pentagon was hit by a missile” crowd look level headed.

I won’t sully my fine cats by trying to put a happy face on this post. I’m sorry I have to sully my blog by posting about our President’s failures. I’m losing the ability to be diplomatic about this subject, four years is too much. I can only hope that there really is a Heaven and Hell like the Christians claim, because we’ll be able to hear St. Peter laughing from down here when Mr. Bush eventually shows up at the gates.

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Written by unitedcats

March 17, 2007 at 4:05 pm

3 Responses

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  1. What a powerful and fact packed message you bring to the table! You hit on so many topics with proof and stride. All of it was well put! If only some of the peanut brain Bush supporters actually let some facts in!!! Id recommend to them that they all visit your page. Of course I am beginning to think their brains are wired to only believe the most insane lies. They cant understand the truth even if it slapped them in the face! God help our country!!! Thank you for such a great post!


    March 17, 2007 at 8:46 pm

  2. Yet Bush and his ever smaller coterie of supporters continue to insist that they know what they are doing.

    I’ve begun to believe that Bush et al do know what they are doing. The alternative is that every disaster has been the result of ineptness. Okay… Stupidity has no limits. But stupid people tend not to earn the respect and support of rich people.

    Meanwhile the bloodletting by all concerned goes on, and the looting of our treasury continues unabated.

    And whose plan is it to stop the looting?

    How anyone can even admit they voted for the man after revelations like this is beyond me, let alone still support his “policies.”

    I hear KSM has admitted voting for Bush. ;)


    March 18, 2007 at 8:27 am

  3. I put this out not as support for failed policy but as a matter that regardless of who occupies the Oval office there are issues. WWI saw a march on Washington by soldiers seeking their due. The VA is an antiquated and ridiculous system which will not no matter what monies are thrown at it serve the future need. The Walter Reed scandal is a place I can’t go and the resignation of CO’s is not enough.
    WMD were probably moved , destroyed or became inactive between Bush 1 and 2 but by no means intentionally destroyed by Saddam under noble actions of conscious.
    Lastly the individuals within the media tend Left but even so the American media is all about what they want. They don’t answer Left or Right in any consitent
    manner. They are self serving,self governing and lost in a world of themselves.


    March 19, 2007 at 6:45 am

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