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The Vietnam War Quiz


Welcome to another Doug’s Darkworld quiz. The point of these quizzes is to illustrate that events in the world do not occur in a vacuum, there are antecedents and background going back for generations to the current world situation. Many people’s understanding of history is shallow and often one sided, a fact that politicians and leaders of all stripes exploit to the hilt. The more people understand history, the more they will be able to make up their own minds about what is going on, and the more they will be able to spot the absurdities in what their leaders are saying. We are our history, the events and lives that shaped our world today are part of us now, what really happened in our grandparent’s time is important, it is the roots of the tree that is our world.

This particular quiz is designed to test useful and important knowledge about the Vietnam War (or the Second Indochina War) and the American involvement in same. It is mostly about the origins and the background to the war, and a few key events during the war. There’s a lot of controversy about the Vietnam War and I’ve tried to present a balanced view and avoid questions that were dependent on subjective interpretation. Or at least present both sides if there are opposing opinions.

This quiz is dedicated to all those who died in this war, may they rest in peace.

Vietnam War Quiz:
Pencil and paper only I am afraid… :)

1. Before World War Two, Vietnam was a:
A. Dutch Colony
B. Province of China
C. Independent country
D. French Colony

2. During World War Two, what nation invaded and occupied Vietnam?
A. Japan
C. China
D. Russia

3. What World War Two battle was the first time an East Asian land army had defeated a major European army in battle in over 400 years?
A. Stalingrad
B. Singapore
C. Manila
D. Java

4. Ho Chi Minh, the leader of communist North Vietnam, had a bust of _________ in his office when he declared Vietnam to be an independent country at the end of World War Two.
A. Stalin
B. Napoleon
C. George Washington
D. Karl Marx

5. The First Vietnam War (or French Indochina war) between France and Ho Chi Minh’s insurgents (the Viet Minh) lasted from:
A: 1918-1920
B: 1946-1954
C: 1960-1970
D: 2001-present

6. One of the most important battles in history, and a crushing defeat for France, was the 1954 Battle of ______________.
A: Dien Bien Phu
B. Hanoi
C. Saigon
D. Angkor Wat

7. The Vietnam War between the USA, South Vietnam, and North Vietnam lasted from:
A: 1939-1954
B: 1950-1953
C: 1959-1975
D: 1964-1975

8. The US entry into the Vietnam War was precipitated by:
A: The My Lai massacre
B: The Gulf of Tonkin Incident
C: The assassination of President Diem of South Vietnam
D: The assassination of President Kennedy

9. This Viet Cong/North Vietnamese offensive was a military catastrophe for the communists and an even worse political catastrophe for President Johnson:
A: The Year of the Rat offensive.
B: The Tet Offensive.
C: The Battle of Khe Sanh.
D: The Battle of Hue.

10. The USA dropped more bomb tonnage during the Vietnam war than…
A: Does not apply, the USA air campaign was very limited in Vietnam.
B: …it had dropped in any other war.
C: …the German blitz on London in World War II.
D: …all of the participants in all of World War II.

Bonus Question, what is the plane pictured above?

The answers are on the following post.

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