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Trivial World War Two Quiz

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I thought it would be fun to have a quiz about some lesser known or even trivial aspects of World War Two. This is strictly for fun, if you know any of the answers you’re probably well read or lucky. Some are trivia, some are just obscure, all I hope are fun one way or the other. Like the plane above? Where is the propeller? Where are the jet engine intakes? What the hell?

The Trivial World War Two Quiz

Pencil and paper only I am afraid… :)

1. The only war related deaths in continental America during World War Two were caused by:
A: Rockets fired from a German U-Boat.
B: Balloon bombs launched from Japan.
C: Bombers from a Japanese aircraft carrier attacking Los Angeles.
D: Explosives set by German saboteurs in Tennessee.

2. The only place armed enemy troops landed in North America other than the Japanese invasion of Alaska was in:
A: Long Island, NY
B: Newfoundland, Canada
C: Florida, USA
D: New Jersey

3. The world’s first operational jet powered military aircraft was the:
A: Gloster Meteor
B: P-51 Mustang
C: Messerschmidt 262
D: Mig 1

4. This battle was the last major defeat for the allies in Europe:
A: The Battle of the Bulge
B: The Battle Of Britain
C: The Battle of France
D: The Battle of Arnhem

5. This country was not invited to the World’s Fair celebrating the end of World War Two:
A: Canada
B: Russia
C: Germany
D: Japan

6. Project Habakkuk was a plan to build a…
A: Missile that could be fired from Germany to New York.
B: German nuclear weapon.
C: Giant allied aircraft carrier made out of ice.
D: Tunnel from Italy to North Africa.

7. Which animal was awarded medals for valour during the war?
A: Chips, an American dog that captured seven prisoners in battle.
B. Boris, Hitler’s personal German Shepherd.
C: Penelope, a bomb sniffing burro credited with saving many lives during the London blitz.
D: None of the above. Animals don’t win medals, this question was clearly made up.

8. The largest battleship of the war was the:
A: HMS Hood, sunk by the smaller Bismarck in 1941
B: The USS, Arizona, sunk at Pearl Harbor.
C: Yamato, and its sister ship the Muashi.
D: The USS Missouri.

9. This was the largest tank battle in history:
A: D-Day, 1944
B: Stalingrad, 1943
C: Kursk, 1943
D: Berlin , 1945

10. What is the aircraft at the top of the page?

The answers can be found here.

(The above image is public domain.)


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June 10, 2007 at 6:09 am

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