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SCO, the anti-Nato alliance?

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Dark Blue/Lighter Blue: The SCO/Chinese-Russian allies.
Dark Green/Light Green: NATO/western aligned nations.
Turquoise: Non-aligned nations.
Pink: Nations defying the Green bloc and/or with strongly anti-American governments.
Grey: Nations basically in civil war or similar internal serious unrest.
Black: Nations with foreign occupiers/invaders in the midst of serious insurgencies.

Is the dark blue the new Anti-Nato alliance? Russia, China, and four central Asian states (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan) formed something called the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in 2001. Known more commonly as the SCO, it was recently dubbed the anti-Nato alliance by a Russian newspaper. While not a formal military alliance like Nato, it’s certainly getting there. While the SCO is ostensibly concerned with regional security and energy cooperation issues, it is hard not to see it as at least partially a response to American efforts to expand Nato and American influence in central Asia.

And it’s certainly been evolving more in that direction. The SCO called for the US to set a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan over a year ago. They just concluded joint military exercises, dubbed “Peace Mission 2007.” (Yes, our enemies have caught on to that aspect of western civilization, spin is everything. I mean, look at what image loads when the Peace Mission 2007 link is clicked!) It’s also of interest to note that Pakistan, Iran and Mongolia have applied to be members of the SCO, for now they just have observer status. And with Russia resuming long range patrols with nuclear capable bombers, something they suspended over a decade ago, there’s little doubt that the SCO is a growing concern.

What does it all mean? It’s hard to say. Western analysts are downplaying the importance of the SCO, but that doesn’t mean much. “Western analysts” can include anything from actual analysts, to agenda driven think tanks, to stealth propaganda agencies like MEMRI. In fact the silliness I see coming from “experts” on CNN and Fox makes it clear that people need to think these things through themselves, the western mainstream media is worse than useless in making any sort of realistic analysis of foreign affairs.

There is no doubt that the resurgence Russian military power and the SCO is at least on some level a response to American militarism and expansionism. Putin was even explicit that the Russian resumption of bomber flights was in response to “other states” who did not demilitarize after the end of the cold war, an obvious reference to America and its ever expanding military budget and military global presence. Ironically enough, the resurgence of Russian military power is because of the huge increase in the price of oil, which has nearly doubled since American began it’s current round of expanded operations/ambitions in central Asia in 2001.

Personally I think it’s a curious and important alliance. In one stroke Russia and China make regional friends, reduce tensions between each other, inhibit American inroads into central Asia (a region a tremendous significance in terms of resources,) increase economic development in the region, and force the Americans to piss away even more money if they want to continue their strategy of American global military hegemony. All good for Russia and China, all bad for the USA. I find it hard to dismiss something so contrary to American interests as being of little importance.

In other words, I see the SCO as the sort of thing I have been warning about for years when I criticized the American strategy of global military dominance as epitomized by the New American Century plan we have implemented. This strategy is based on the premises that we are the good guys, and that we can reshape the world in our image through military dominance. Yes, America is the most powerful nation the world has ever seen. Yes, there are many things about America and its freedoms to be proud of. However, this doesn’t magically give us either the right or the power to rule the world. (Not to mention the wisdom.) And worse, it’s an easy strategy to counter.

The SCO is a slick counter to the expansion of Nato and the New American Century. It will cost the USA a fortune to make serious inroads into the SCO, and we could easily make it stronger through further ill considered adventures in Asia. The SCO is already a very powerful alliance, I mean wake up people, Russia and China are quietly forming a power bloc with more population than the west, vast energy and mineral reserves, and an economy that’s growing at a wild pace. And our friends and enemies are lining up at their door! This isn’t important?

Meanwhile the USA is going to spend even more staggering amounts of money pursuing a strategy that hasn’t even made the road from the airport to the Green Zone in Baghdad safe. While the American economy and infrastructure continues to deteriorate from excessive debt and poor maintenance. I have to wonder if the SCO is the future, and it’s Nato that is rapidly become just a pointless 20th century anachronism. The 21st century has already gotten off to an interesting start, nu?

(The above image Copyright © Doug Stych, 2007, all rights reserved.)


Written by unitedcats

August 18, 2007 at 10:36 am

Posted in Business, Politics, World

16 Responses

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  1. “(…) there’s little doubt that the SCO is a growing concern.”

    I find that a very curious and biased sentence.
    The creation and evolutions of SCO is IMHO a very welcome addition to the strategic alliances of this world. Especially to keep, or actually re-establish, the balance which got so carefully broken down by the USA. If not for alliances like SCO the USA would have no real force opposing them in their attempts to become the worlds biggest tyrant. It is very important that the large powers keep each other in check, and over the past 2 decades the western ones have stepped over the line a bit further than’s good for this world.

    In the end it’s not good at all that any of those military alliances are a necessity in the first place. But they are, and you can’t point to any of the parties and say ‘it is because of them! they are the bad guys!’
    Everybody is the bad guys. And everybody is also the good guys. Including the members of SCO.

    Wh|te Russian

    August 18, 2007 at 3:41 pm

  2. Personally I think the “New American Century” is nothing more than the Monroe Doctrine applied globally, so you will get no argument from me. I try to write from a more or less neutral perspective with the default being an “American”perspective, but that does not mean I approve of what my government is doing. I just try to present the facts as I can discern them and let people come to their own conclusions. :)


    August 19, 2007 at 6:53 am

  3. White Russian is right that SCO is not against NATO and US. SCO will have new members Iran, Pakistan and India which will be very welcoming sign for the peace and prosperity of the region.

    US has become a major threat to China Russia and the world after 9/11 where they justify all their policies with fight on terrorism.


    August 20, 2007 at 6:28 am

  4. A very insightful piece and particularly relevant seeing what has gone on in South Ossetia and NATO-backed Georgia today. You are absolutely right that meaningful foreign policy analysis is completely void in the mainstream and even the “left-wing” underground media. Thanks for posting this – it is right on and I hope we all start to wake up from our slumbers as NATO continues to engage in its cold war tactics to entirely strangle Russia out of existence.


    August 8, 2008 at 9:14 am

  5. The US doesn’t want to destroy Russia. Honestly, what would that accomplish? the US feels Threatened by Russia, and rightfully so does Russia by the US. The US is trying to take advantage of the current world situation to gain an upper hand when dealing with Russia and China. This is all paranoia gone too far. This has been going on too far in my opinion. Russia and US ties have been god awful for nearly 80 years, how much longer will this last? Another 100?

    Not important

    September 12, 2008 at 1:34 am

  6. Usa should stop treeting countrys like that because usa will be destroyed rilly fast even if it thinks that is strong (but its not) western nato members will not go agenst Russia in wor especialy Germany france and Italy because Russia is germans best friend now also same with France and italy they deopend on russian oil for over 50% and energy and ga over 50% to they will need russia for ever and they also are agenst usa to take georgia and ukrain in nato you can see that usa is not a power as it thinks it is also Russia hase all the abilitys to destroy usa in peaces with its nomber # best nuclear missels and best nuclear navy in the world and also with chinas help (largest army in the world) usa will not even dear to atack the Russians. Also Russia dosent depend on usa that much Usa need russia more that russia needs usa so dont even talk about usa can stop russia or nato because nato will be separated wen a rill wor comes between russia and nato.


    October 11, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    • You think the USA isnt powerful? The USA spends more on its millitary than the 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th spenders combined. NATO is a military alliance, so if a war with Russia (highly unlikely) did happen, any NATO member would asist the US (including Germany). And as for the Russian Naval statement. The US has 11 air craft carriers. Russia has 2-3. I am a British citizen so im not some patriotic nut. This is just how it is.


      September 26, 2011 at 6:04 pm

      • The world has changed a lot since 1945, but one wouldn’t know it from Britain and the USA’s military spending. Spending staggering amounts of money preparing to re-fight a war that ended more than a half century ago is not a sign of military strength, just the opposite. And all that military spending, and they can’t defeat the Taliban in ten years of war? The Russians and Chinese are going to win by default as the USA bleeds itself broke fighting pointless border wars, the fate of so many previous Empires. The mind numbing corruption and malfeasance in Washington isn’t helping either, again, a common symptom of empires in their death throes. Sure, the USA has tons of firepower, so what? France had more tanks than Germany in 1940, look how far that got them. — Doug


        September 26, 2011 at 7:51 pm

  7. With American dominance for the Indian Ocean well on it’s way through it’s puppet INDIA.

    SCO really needs to bring in 2 other countries in thier fold namely Iran and Pakistan.

    Both nations have great clouth in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean.

    SCO must put the nail in American Imperialism once and for all, size the moment. You have a collapsing American Economy, 2 failed wars, millitary o ver stretched – it is now or never for SCO to rid ASIA of the imperialists.

    On the flipside with American brutality gone are we oing to see RUSSIA’s arrogance and expansionism we know China has a very pragmatic approach it is intelligent and sensible not to be the new USA.

    If the ex SOVIET does want good relations in EURASIA and teach USA a lesson it is now or never.

    RUSSIA will also rethink it’s relationship with India and look to it’s old enemy Pakistan to increase the SCO.

    India’s acscension into SCO will serve only a USA agenda.

    Or can India actually settle it’s age old hostility with PAKISTAN and China and co exist.

    With the USA gone there is plenty booty for all and EURASIA can soon be the richest and dominant trading block in the world.

    The global shift in economy, money, capitol, resource, labour has ALREADY begun.

    COME one EURASIA sieze the moment time to move away from the dollar i believe.

    Europe should also choose its partners carefully but we all know where the UK loyalty will lie.

    These are remarkable times, historical times but also very scarey given the lunacy of the American/Zionist policies pursued.


    March 14, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    • Personally i diagree with the ignorant and half assed opinions you’ve posted. Most Russians are hard working and tolerable individuals, but they certainly don’t want to cause war-like tensions, i know, i was born in Astrakhan, Russia in 1980 i lived under communism and it sucks ass, so think before you call the US imperialistic and say Russia is once again soviet bound.

      Ivan Kirowicz

      February 8, 2011 at 8:39 am

  8. Maybe Iraq and Afghanistan were also going to become a part of the SCO so that is why they were destroyed and occupied to prevent that, and to warn other neighbouring Asian states not to become member of SCO, so we see only two key players Russia and China with other members hesitating due to US hegemony. For USA, the SCO is a big thorn stuck deep in the flesh because it blocks free access to the vast natural resources of the region. I am wondering why India is hesitating to join the SCO? India has always had the problem of being naive when it comes to analyzing what the USA wants, and so far the carrot and stick approach has worked really well for the Indians, isolating them from SCO and providing some ray of hope for USA to use India as the thorn in SCO’s flesh.


    July 14, 2009 at 11:25 am

  9. After 9/11 the world has changed. America being the super power of the world has over night (since 9/11) implemented its few plans which prior to this atrocity were never possible. I would like to highlight these in a nut-shell.

    1. Israel has a massive influence over American domestic and International policy, it lobby is so strong that it can control its affairs, and its a known fact that blank cheques have been given to Israel for years, and why would this be? Simple fact, to survive and protect Israel from the Islamic nations that surround it. America needs to protect the energy (fuel) routes from the Arab world, hence needs to invest into defending Israel.
    Israel simply needs to survive and protect itself, however Israel can never protect its self based on its current geographic dimensions. It needs to expand and it can expand quite comfortably as the Islamic nations that surround it are non-Nuclear but Israel unofficially is known to have Nuclear weapons. But (and a BIG BUT) is that a Nation does exist that is Islamic and has Nuclear and that is Pakistan (which leads me to point 2).

    2. Pakistan is the only Islamic nation who has Nuclear weapons, it is accept that Pakistan Nuclear technology is more advanced than its neighbour India. Pakistan also refuses to accept Israel as a state and has no diplomatic relationships with the state of Israel. Israel is desperate to expand is borders and accumulate the rich resources which other local nations have who do not have the military strength or support to defend against a Nuclear Israel, but the only fear is Pakistan, therefore India (and especially Hindu majority) have made an alliance with Israel to covertly destroy Pakistan into smaller nations thus disintegrate its Nuclear capability or even better allow America to take over and destroy it (this brings me onto point 3).

    3. Indian is the porn on the board that America via Israel is using to achiever 2 strategic advantages, the first being pumping up India to be a rival force against China, hence encircle China knowing that fact China is the rising power of Asia, and the second to destroy Pakistan and its Nuclear technology so Israel can expend its borders and take control of its rich resources in the Middle East, doing this will also allow America to encircle Russia too.

    4. America completing points 1 to 3 enables America to maintain its dominance in the Middle East and Asia hence control the energy routes, and also to encircle both Russia and China as the there is a growing concern that a New Asia is being formed, and this post confirms this.


    Like all games, the opposition has its strategy. The main focus for the future is going to be Pakistan and the Indian Ocean, and I would to briefly explain this.

    Pakistan and China have got very very good relationships, China has made good relationships with Russia (SCO Alliance). India and China are both in need of fuel and energy supply, for this there are two contenders, 1. Burma and 2. Iran. Burma is being pulled both towards India and China but Burma has limited amount of resources. Iran on the other hand has good relationship with India but the fuel and energy deal between both nations are struggling because naturally the pipeline needs to come through Pakistan. But Pakistan could use this pipeline against India. Therefore China recently started negotiating to have Iran fuel and energy supplied directly to China, which mean India who has heavily investing in its navel forces can stop other supplies to China that come through the Indian Ocean but Pakistan has cleverly leased out a port to China.

    So both China and India need the energy and fuel to keep the economy growing, otherwise it would collapse internally. Therefore Pakistan plays a vital role for both Nato and SCO.

    If Pakistan joins SCO then naturally the regional energy and fuel will be owned by SCO, since the hostilities to Iran mean Iran would be forced to join SCO for protection against Israel and America, following suit other Arab nations who look towards Pakistan Nuclear as protection would be forced to join alliance against SCO. Pakistan has continues to have very good relationships with China hence will provide fantastic support in dominating Indian Ocean along with Iran. This leaves us with India.

    India on the other hand is going through an internal turmoil. The western media have totally ignored the internal uprising from the Eastern and Southern areas. Forbes magazine accepted this fact and even mentioned the divide of India into 7 smaller states including Khalistan for the Sikhs and Kashmir from which the rivers flow for both Pakistan and India. This divide of India supported by China, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

    If Pakistan joins Nato, then Pakistan has no hope to survive, much like Pakistan was used to fight a proxy war in Afghanistan against the soviet and used like a condom which was dumped in a toilet then taken back out to be used again this with with Taliban, already the nation of Pakistan is Anti America, and the public will never allow this to happen again due to the internal security situation.

    Conclusion: There will be a conflict between SCO and Nato and this conflict is around the corner, and here are my 2 reasons or causes:

    1. Burma will be the first cause of conflict between India and China. The fuel and energy supply from Burma is required by both nations hence within a few years the build up of this conflict will hit our headlines in a few years but has already hit headlines in Asia and Middle East. China will never allow India to build up its military, air power or navel fleet with the help of Israel or America, and would be sure to attack for control of Burma before. If this happens then Pakistan will be forced to start a conflict to take over Kashmir, this will allow Pakistan to control the rivers that flow both into Pakistan and India.

    2. The second reason for this conflict to start has already started. India has decided to build dams inside Kashmir in the area’s which it controls, although India is not allowed to do this, it has already start these plans. This would mean the rivers that flow into Pakistan all come from Indian controlled Kashmir. No nation can survive without water, so Pakistan will be forced to attack for control over Kashmir hence try controlling the flow of water, this would force India to wage a full war as India wont be able to survive is Pakistan control the flow of water into India, which means the uprising already started to divide India into 8 states will be radically exploited by China and Sri Lanka (this includes to make a state of Khalistan for the Sikhs), hence allowing China to freely take control of Burma fuel and energy supply.

    Many of you might disagree with what I have written but if you don’t agree then I suggest you read about the 8 states that want to be independent from India and the water control inside Kashmir. Unfortunately it makes Pakistan a place to control, who ever control Pakistan either SCO or Nato can dominate the other and hence win this next conflict, this is just around the corner. The unfortunate situation with us here in the west is that the media refuses to bring this new to our attention but this situation is already existing in Asia and Middle East.


    November 6, 2009 at 11:17 pm

  10. Australia is not NATO allied, we have a very weak treaty with the US in that if the US goes to war we must consolidate with them on whether or not they need an ally in their war. I for one as an Australian hope that we sever ties with the US, become a republic and sit this one out.


    December 5, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    • Well, the map says Nato/western aligned, it doesn’t mean all the indicated nations are literally part of Nato. It is a bit unclear though, I could have labelled it more accurately. Glad for your input though, I suspect a lot of countries are going to go their own way as the USA continues to self immolate, and Australia obviously has good reason to plot its own course. Thanks. —Doug


      December 5, 2010 at 9:57 pm

  11. Stupid assumptions.


    May 4, 2011 at 7:01 am

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