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Iranian boats swarm US ships, Musharraf says Pakistan “not particularly” looking for OBL.

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Sounds like Monday news to me. The breaking news of this fine Monday is that US ships had an “alarming” encounter with Iranian gunboats in the Persian Gulf. No shots were fired though, and no residential press conferences have been announced, so I doubt this is the start of anything. Macho posturing on both sides, we send ships along their coast, they send speedboats out to intercept them. Still, an incident very much like this was used to justify the war with North Vietnam in 1964. In that instance though, the US military was raring to have a go at the commie threat, and the president was happy to follow. The situation with Iran is different, and it’s a good guess that the military has at least some reservations of adding Iran to the current war mix. Especially now that the surge in Iraq is “working.” (Working with about a million caveats and codicils I might add.)

And in another exciting headline, Musharraf, Pakistan’s “former military dictator and now beloved president for life by dint of an unfortunate turn of events for his rival,” has declared that Pakistan is not particularly looking for Osama Bin Laden. Why not? Because he doesn’t think Osama is in Pakistan. Well, that’s comforting, I guess if they stumble across him they will arrest him? Beats me, the more I study the situation in Pakistan, the more I think even the experts don’t have a clue. Which is a good argument for the US to get out and stop meddling in Pakistan’s politics, since messing with something you don’t understand is a bad idea. Heck, it’s a good argument to get out of any number of countries where we have been sticking our nose, but Empire is a heady thing and we’ve yet to suffer our Waterloo.

Musharraf also blamed Bhutto for her own death, saying she shouldn’t have been standing up. Gee, I thought it was assassins that killed her? This is about as blatant as one can get at blaming the victim, but that seems to be the stock in trade these days in politics everywhere. Ah, what a age we live in.

Moving right along, we don’t even know who we are going to have as president in the USA after Bush sidles back to Texas to have his memoirs ghost written for him. I guess Obama is doing pretty good, but these things are subject to change with little notice. The absurdity of an election campaign that lasts for years seems lost on pretty much everyone, but the USA is wonderful collection of 18th century political theory still stumbling along like some undead horror from the past. There are so many things absurd about our system of government one doesn’t hardly know where to begin, so I won’t. As for the elections, suffice it to say that mainstream media election coverage in the USA is pretty much on par with mainstream coverage of the Olympics…it’s utterly unwatchable if you have a functioning brain. That might even be the point, who knows.

In Kenya the news is mixed, In Afghanistan its bad. It Italy the army has been called out to clean the streets during a rubbish strike. In local news there is a break in the storms, and hopefully the worst is over. My brother had a second car accident in a month, and he wasn’t even in the car, how do you avoid that? Lastly, my eldest cat is getting weirder by the day. More posts coming up on paranormal stuff and history, because the current world is so depressing these days. Another post on historical photography. Hysterics, ravings, the usual.

(The above navy image of a North Vietnamese gunboat racing by the USS Maddox during the Gulf of Tonkin incident was taken by the US navy and is public domain under US copyright law. It and other images can be obtained here: Department of the Navy – Naval Historical Center.)


Written by unitedcats

January 7, 2008 at 2:38 pm

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  1. You went where I thought you might with the Iran story. I mean that as an observer of history myself and the obvious care you take in historical stewardship yourself. Bhutto story gets weirder every day. Kenya mixed news. Sadly there’s reports Chad flew 2 sorties into Darfur good grief.


    January 7, 2008 at 4:02 pm

  2. 10 Billion in Aid (bribes?) doesnt buy much freindship these days.


    January 8, 2008 at 9:45 pm

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