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I know what I’m spending my rebate on

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I don’t normally watch President Bush’s speeches, I dunno, he always comes across as smug and supercilious somehow. I usually feel a little sorry for him too, since it always seems like he is out of his depth, though granted I expect to be pilloried for suggesting any sympathy for a man who has sent thousands to their deaths. But yes, I do, because to me it’s very sad to think Bush actually believes some of the stuff he’s saying. Does it make a man a liar if they believe the lies they are telling?

In any event, I did read some excerpts from last nights State of the Union address. And as is so often the case, I was appalled. And in this instance, it was worse than ever. In reading statement after statement, my response was: “You’re kidding, right?” Apparently not, and at this point I can only say that Bush and presumably the Bush administration has completely lost touch with reality, because so much of what he said was just completely backwards. In the sense that things are the opposite of what he said, and the cures he was proposing would make the situation worse.

In any event, I will rebut a number of his comments. If my statements are logically and/or factually flawed, I invite rebuttal. I am trying not to engage in gratuitous Bush bashing here, just trying to point out that the Emperor is apparently buck naked. All of these quotes were taken from this BBC site. With no further ado, President Bush and my humble responses:

“To build a prosperous future, we must trust people with their own money and empower them to grow our economy.”

Coming from a president who has increased government spending, debt, and bureaucracy more than any President since FDR, this is pretty rich. Maybe he’s talking about rich people, because Bush has cut their taxes nicely, but giving me a few hundred back while saddling me with thousands of dollars in debt doesn’t fit my definition of trusting people with their money.

“Those who had worried that America was preparing to abandon them instead saw our forces moving into neighbourhoods, clearing out the terrorists and staying behind to ensure the enemy did not return.

Some may deny the surge is working, but among the terrorists there is no doubt. Al-Qaeda is on the run in Iraq, and this enemy will be defeated.”

Actually, we allied ourselves with the Sunni insurgents we have been fighting and STOPPED patrolling their neighbourhoods, thus leading to the drop in violence. Terrorists one day, US ally the next, sheesh. That the Sadr militia declared a cease fire six months ago is the another major reason for the drop in violence. There was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq before we invaded, so saying that we’re winning because we are making progress (so they claim) against an enemy we created is pretty disingenuous. And while I’m at it, gotta love how Bush and company fall all over themselves claiming responsibility for the slight drop in violence, but the hundreds and thousands of dead and maimed, including thousands of Americans, millions displaced, and complete transformation of Iraq into the worst humanitarian crisis in the Middle East since the partition of Palestine in 1948…Oh no, we aren’t responsible for that! Boy, I sure wish I was a fly on the wall when it’s Bush’s time to explain that to St Peter.

“Our message to the people of Iran is clear: we have no quarrel with you, we respect your traditions and your history, and we look forward to the day when you have your freedom.

Our message to the leaders of Iran is also clear: verifiably suspend your nuclear enrichment so negotiations can begin. And to rejoin the community of nations, come clean about your nuclear intentions and past actions, stop your oppression at home and cease your support for terror abroad.

But above all, know this: America will confront those who threaten our troops, we will stand by our allies and we will defend our vital interests in the Persian Gulf.”

Hardly even know where to start on this one. Look what happened to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan since our efforts to democratize them at the point of a cruise missile got underway. And if we have no quarrel with the people of Iran, why the sanctions? Sanctions hurt the people of a country, not their leaders. Iran is a signatory to the NPT, has done everything the NPT requires of them, and is not doing anything they are not allowed to do under international law. As for our “vital interests” in the Persian Gulf, snort. Oil companies and Bush’s oil company owning friends have vital interests in the Persian Gulf, Americans have zero vital interests in the Persian Gulf, it’s about as far away from America as it is possible to get.

And if people want to know what Iran is really like, instead of the babbling nonsense above, check out this blog. Iran is a hell of a lot freer and more modern than some of our allies.

“America needs to secure our borders, and with your help, my administration is taking steps to do so.”

Again, snort. This problem has snowballed during Bush’s rule, the idea that he is taking steps to control it is insulting. Bush made this problem, he’s certainly not fixing it.

I’d go on, but it’s depressing. He basically takes credit wherever something good has happened, and says he’s “fixing” the problems he created or made worse in the first place. It’s like an arsonist fighting a fire he set and then trying to get a medal for it.

At least I figured out what the rebate is for. We are supposed to spend it on booze and stay drunk until Bush is safely out of office and can pawn the mess he made off on the next President.


(The above image came from and is used in accordance with their polices. Credit: Ian Britton. And yes, that’s an American made beer, at least we still manufacture something in this country.)

Written by unitedcats

January 29, 2008 at 4:57 pm

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  1. Parts of this country are a lot less free than parts of Iran. Especially if you happen to be a minority.


    January 29, 2008 at 7:24 pm

  2. I heard the speech, Doug. You must really appreciate that man’s confidence in being able to say all these things without batting an eyelid. You should have seen the kind of applause he received. I almost puked :-(

    I would also like to know what your view of Obama is? I have heard mixed opinions. I love the way he speaks. He comes across as a person of honesty and courage. However I also have great respect for Bill Clinton, having him in the white house would be a safe bet for US & the world in such troubled times. I am really confused whom to choose (not that I can vote :-) )

    archana raghuram

    January 29, 2008 at 9:45 pm

  3. Man, that pint looks tasty!

    Maybe that’s what I’ll do with my rebate too.

    Can Anchor Brewing bring the US economy out of seemingly certain disaster? I’m willing to give ’em chance to show us that they can!


    January 31, 2008 at 11:49 am

  4. In case you missed it, I offered a commentary on the speech also. You might enjoy it.


    January 31, 2008 at 5:28 pm

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