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Clinton refuses to concede nomination, appeals to Supreme Court for recount

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OK, I made that up, this is the usual Friday “Through Thick and Thin” post. It is a relief that the marathon Democrat nomination campaign appears to be over, though Clinton doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to concede defeat. Soon enough though, now we can get on with five months of character assassination, swift boating, and name calling as the McCain vs Obama deathmatch ensues. Anything but the issues, those won’t be up for discussion. And Obama seems to have more and more aligned himself with the current administration policies anyhow, so I’m not really seeing much of a choice here. Ron Paul is still running of course, but the dog and pony show the mainstream media has turned into these past few decades doesn’t pay attention to anything its corporate masters deem inappropriate. Yes, one might say I’m a little cynical about the democratic process in the USA. Both parties have sold out their bases in the past few decades, and are little more than corporate sock puppets. Corrupt corporate sock puppets.

Moving right along, the war scare with Iran continues. This is the third serious war scare of my life, and I’m still not sure which way this one will go. The first two, before Gulf Wars I and II, were slam dunks. It was obvious in the months before the wars that the USA was going to attack Iraq and that the attempts at “diplomatic solutions” were at best a sham. Currently though I think there’s enough resistence to attacking Iran within the military that it’s still up in the air. I mean, almost anyone has to admit attacking Iran is a risky proposition that could have unforeseen consequences. Maybe. I sometimes think that I have seriously underestimated the human capacity for self deception.

The war in Iraq continues, though one would hardly know it from the news. Bush is trying to arm twist the Iraqis into giving the USA permanent bases, permanent immunity from Iraqi law, and the right to use Iraq as a base to launch attacks on other countries from. In other words, Iraq will be our bitch. So much for democracy and self determination. I expect something may be hammered out soon, Bush desperately wants to claim “victory” in Iraq. The violence is down, but that means nothing. Mostly we are paying people now not to attack us, and for the most part I expect people are waiting to see who wins the US election. In any case, Iraq will be generating violence and terrorism for years or decades to come, the damage down by our occupation goes to the bone.

A new report is being splashed all over the news claiming that fighting global warming is going to cost 45 trillion dollars. Of course if one actually reads the report, it’s predicated on the idea that the solution to global warming is to build nuclear plants and attach giant scrubbers to all existing coal and gas fired power plants. In other words, the proposed “solution” is to actually do nothing but build even more expensive machines to clean up after the dirty machines we already built. Hmm. Another report has also come out showing that the industrial world could cut its CO2 emissions in half through simple lifestyle changes. The fact that the 45 trillion dollar headline is all over the news while the simple, cheap solution is buried in the alternative press shows once again how the myth of the “liberal” media is just that, a myth. Sometimes I think people are talking about another planet when they talk about Earth.

Speaking of other planets (and tortured segues,) on Mars the Phoenix Lander has had a few glitches but has at least stirred up the dirt a bit with its scoop. Scientists also noticed that the lander’s rockets appear to have blown away a thin layer of dirt/dust and exposed what appears to be frozen water. Theory said there should be ice just below the surface, always nice to see theory borne out by reality. In a week or two NASA will hopefully get the scoop working and get some subsurface soil and dirt analyzed. What can they tell from analyzing some dirt? All sots of stuff. Think CSI in space, it’s amazing what can be determine from a few particles.

Speaking of Mars, McCain has called for a man on Mars. I can support that, I just hope NASA is up to the challenge and can send him on his way before November.

Have a great weekend everyone.

(The above image of Hillary Clinton is an official Congressional Portrait and thus public domain under US copyright law. Credit and copyright: US Federal Government. Note the mandatory flag pin, I believe they are planning to modify the constitution and require all Americans to wear them all the time. That way the terrorists and illegals in our midst will be easy to spot.)

Written by unitedcats

June 6, 2008 at 7:35 am

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  1. :) Great headline. Interesting that Ron Paul is still running — as is Nader. They are hardly on the MSM radar, a far cry from previous elections.


    June 6, 2008 at 8:08 am

  2. LOL !

    McCain the astronaut, here is my $5 to fuel up his rocket!


    June 6, 2008 at 6:54 pm

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