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Iran Showers Berkeley with Missiles in an Attempt to Silence Doug’s Darkworld, Misses, Blows up Oakland Instead.

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I’m glad people liked my quiz on Rome. I’m kind of on a  Rome kick now, it’s always a nice break from current events. Partly because I’ve always been fascinated with Rome in and of itself, it really was a unique civilization in many respects, there’s never really been anything like it before or since. And so so many of our modern institutions evolved from Roman roots, at least here in the west. And lastly, because it is fascinating to compare Rome with the American Empire. I’ll be dedicating a post to that by and by, something I’m looking forward to. Fun stuff.

I’m going to be adding a “suggested reading” page to the sidebar. I don’t read a whole lot lately, still, I do occasionally come across a book I think people should read. And readers of my blog have also suggested a few, so it will be nice to have  a place where such books can be listed for all and sundry to know about. By the same token, I’m going to also put up a “suggested blog topics” page as well. I am often inspired by someone’s suggestion, unfortunately it often slips from my mind when it’s in an email or random comment. This way it will stare in my face until I get around to it. And I’m more and more simply writing posts on stuff that just plain interests me at the moment, rather than keep up with current events. Unless a current event wildly interests me, like the Georgian War or the Gaza flotilla. Then I go overboard.

In current events, the terror mongering fleet has left the sanity harbour and entered strange new waters. Well, actually they left decades ago, but they keep reaching new heights of absurdity. US War Secretary (renaming the Department of War to the Department of Defence shouldn’t have fooled anyone, but it obviously did which bodes ill for our future as a species) claimed that Iran could shower Europe with “hundreds of missiles.” There’s so many things silly and self serving and just plain sick about this that it defies credulity. For one thing, it’s European countries (and that includes the USA) that are not only obsessed with showering other countries with rains of bombs and missiles, they are virtually always the ones who are  the perpetrators of such insane violence. Iran hasn’t attacked another country in over a century. Yes, they did fire every missile they could at Iraq … after the western powers arranged for Saddam to invade Iran. Then there’s the fact that Europe could fire hundreds of nuclear missiles back at Iran, so it’s not like poor little Europe is defenceless against this fantasy “threat” from Iran. And lastly, as anyone who knows anything about military technology knows (which is almost no one among the general public,) Gates made his fear mongering claim in order to boost support for the USA’s massive investment in “missile defence.” And I say “missile defence” because missile defence systems are the ultimate first strike weapon. So this has nothing to do with “defending” against Iran, it’s all about the USA trying to preserve and extend its military superiority over the planet. And as events in Iraq and Afghanistan illustrate all too well, the USA’s military superiority is a will-o-the wisp that we will never actually obtain no matter how many trillions we pour down the military/industrial/congressional rathole. We have become the “garrison empire that Eisenhower tried to warn us about. Sigh. End rant.

Back to books and space after that unpleasant detour into reality. I’m reading a book on SETI now, so more will be coming up on that topic. “Contact with Alien Civilizations” by Michael A. G. Michaud for those that are interested. It’s interesting if a little wordy. On the other hand, I think almost everything is a little wordy, so that could just be me. I like to fit everything on a topic into a single blog post, as I’m sure some have noticed. I could cover the Bible on one blog post if I wanted too, but first I’d have to read it, and second I’d have to care. Not that I’m knocking the Bible or those who study it, it’s just that it’s been done. Back to SETI, the only thing that has stood out so far is the fact that we’ve really really tried to detect alien civilizations, a lot of listening has been done. A tremendous amount of it has been piggybacked onto other astronomy programs, scientists just love to squeeze all the science they can onto each and every instrument, it’s actually pretty clever. And so far, boy, it’s awfully quiet out there. Just the sound of the cosmic wind whistling between the stars.

Oh well, this has gotten too long already. There’s been some other exciting space exploration news, but it will have to wait for next week.  And of course the world is breathlessly awaiting the results of Israel’s probe into its own actions on the Gaza flotilla, a probe chaired by a man who doesn’t think there  should be a probe in the first place. Yeah, that’s gonna be an objective probe. Have a great weekend everyone.

(The above image is a photo shopped version of an image released by an Iranian press agency. I’m claiming it as Fair Use under US copyright law because it’s not being used for profit, is central to illustrating the post, and I have no fear that Iran will retaliate against me.  The original image was released by Iran to show the results of a “successful” missile launch of four missiles, though it turned out as soon as it hit the western papers that it had obviously been photoshopped and only three missiles were launched. Yet somehow major elements of the western press like the LA Times and BBC news didn’t notice that and reprinted the image as if it were real. More proof, including the breathless repeating of Mr Gates absurd claims, that the Western Press has about as much credibility these days as a mimeograph one finds stuck under one’s windshield.)


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June 18, 2010 at 6:28 am

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  1. In fact the “Suggested Reading” page is now up.



    June 18, 2010 at 10:15 am

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