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How an Earth Mysteries Blog Post Morphed Into an “Is War With Iran Around the Corner?” Blog Post

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OK, so I was searching for a topic to write about this morning, and I was inspired by the following post: Top Ten Unexplained Phenomena. It’s an interesting post in and of itself, and I will write a counterpart post to it some day soon titled : Top Ten Unexplained Phenomena Explained. I mean, I’m on a  roll here, having solved Fermi’s Paradox and the alien abduction phenomena in one single blog post, the sky’s the limit. Now though his post inspired me to write a Top Ten Mysterious Disappearances post. Amelia Earheart, the Marie Celeste, the Ancient Mayans,  Joe the Plumber, and others, so so many others vanished from the pages of history, lots of fun. However, I realized this was a post that would benefit from a bit of time, not just the hour between coffee and work.  So I was stumped.

And to while away time why I cogitated, I answered a question on Yahoo Answers titled:

So, do you think that we are going to go to war with Iran?
If so, how long away do you think that it is?

And by the time I had written my answer, I realized I had a quick and easy blog post about a very current and alarming topic. And this is alarming, there have been a lot of war scares and sabre rattling regarding Iran since at least 1979, when the Iranians had the temerity to overthrow their USA imposed satrap, the Shah. And even worse, the current sabre rattling is accompanied by actual military posturing, a US/Israeli fleet sailed through the Suez Canal, Israeli missile armed submarines are reportedly in the Persian Gulf,  more US Carriers are en route, and now there is talk of airbases in Georgia and Saudi Arabia being used by Israel to launch strikes from. This is accompanied by alarming rhetoric, and it’s especially a little scary since the Russians seem to have publicly at least hardened their stance toward Iran. Short version, Iran’s president Ahmadinejad overplayed his hand and pissed the Russians off a few months ago.

So, the question is definitely a valid question. The USA and Israel both have a long history of attacking other nations, so the possibility is certainly there. And nations do tend to launch wars when things aren’t going well on other fronts. And there’s no real doubt that both Israel and the USA have some serious problems stemming from their current military occupations. It’s entirely possible they may “up the ante” so to speak and start a larger war. If Iran was thrown into turmoil and became a failed state, it would in theory at least uncomplicate some of Israel and the USA’s other problems in the region. And it would make it less likely that Iran could built nuclear weapons, something the west wants to avoid at almost any cost in middle eastern lives. A nuclear armed middle eastern state could actually defend itself against western neocolonialism in the region, and that would severely complicate the west’s efforts to steal all their oil.

On the other hand, all these preparations for war with Iran have been very public. I mean, one don’t sail a fleet of warships through the Suez Canal if one is trying to set up a surprise attack. So a case can be made that the west is just upping the threat quota and trying to get Iran to further eviscerate its nuclear program. It then follows that a case can be made that the USA and Israel haven’t actually decided to attack Iran yet, since it seems they would be a little more cautious about concealing their preparations. Still, absolute arrogance and disdain for their enemies’ capabilities is a hallmark of both the USA and Israel’s militaries. They certainly didn’t attack Iraq or Serbia by surprise.

Complicated, isn’t it? Another underlaying problem and motivation for war is the ongoing banking hostage crisis in the west. The bankers that have been running the west since World War One want more money. Not content with having practically the entire world owing mind numbing debts to them, they now want nations to actually fork over the interest on this gigantic pile of funny money debt. Note my previous post on people with no limit to their greed and no ethical compass. Well, there’s a lot of oil in Iran, this might mollify the bankers for awhile.

And as an added layer to this already top heavy cake, it’s possible that the west is hoping to goad Iran into doing something stupid. Ahmadinejad has certainly stuck his foot in his mouth before, and he has to be under a lot of pressure these days. And there are other elements of the power structure in Iran that have at times been less than cautious in their actions, the Revolutionary Guards being just the top of the heap. It’s even possible that some sort of false flag incident is in the works, something like the Mumbai Attack or Tonkin Gulf incident. I mean, the USA’s preferred method of starting wars is to taunt the other side and put the screws in with sanctions and embargoes until they do something stupid (or it appears they did something stupid)  so that we can seize on as a casus belli. In fact the only American war off hand I can think of that didn’t start this way is Korea.

So in conclusion, all factors considered, the chances of war breaking out with Iran are considerably higher this summer than last summer. And I didn’t even mention the BP oil spill or the disputed Iranian elections, both of which are destabilizing factors that make the odds of war go up. Hell, I could likely make an spreadsheet where one could plug in various elements and see what the “odds” of war are. And when I find a corporate sponsor for Doug’s Darkworld and can give up my day job so I can spend the days it would take to do such a concept justice, I will do so. Until then, watch the skies.

And by “watch the skies” I mean that if some big “terrorist” event happens this summer that could conceivably be blamed on Iran, the odds on war with Iran within days or hours go through the roof. Yes, it’s like the preliminaries to the Olympics or the World Cup. All the participants are primed and excited for the upcoming games, but war is the most exciting game of all! The teams get to play with real guns, and there are no rules! Well, you’re supposed to pretend your side is playing by the rules and their side is a bunch of violent Godless homo commies who sell their children to pet food companies, but no one actually believes that sort of silliness, right?

(The above image is claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law. It apparently is from a Fox News article on Iran. I liked it because of the ramboesque stance. Interestingly enough, I don’t think that’s an Iranian pictured, the image was apparently photo-shopped from this Russian or Chinese site. Yes, that’s an Iranian flag in the background. No further comment. And lastly, I’m not knocking those Iranians who want to make Iran a more secular open democratic country, I just think a US/Israeli attack on Iran isn’t going to help their cause any.)


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June 29, 2010 at 9:48 am

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  1. Reading that Yahoo page, it seems most who posted think Iranians are Arabs. Why does this misperception persist? Or am I the one who’s mistaken?

    Geoffrey Rose

    July 1, 2010 at 6:44 pm

  2. In the end of the day it doesn’t matter too much what Americans think. The US is in decline and racism and war is all it thinks it has left. It’s mistaken. It can retain dominance by peaceful coexistence.

    Many people in the world confuse Americans with Mexicans and Canadians. I guess this is the same phenomena.


    July 2, 2010 at 7:18 pm

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