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Countdown to 9/11 … What Really Happened?

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I know, posting two days in a row, shocking. What can I say, I’ve always wished I had been blogging back when 9/11 happened, and now is my chance to catch up. I know a lot of what I am going to say in the next few days I’ve said before, but I have new readers now and this time it will all be in a single series of posts. And maybe I’ll even glean some insight that escaped me before, I changed my mind about the proposed 9/11 memorial statue, I could change my mind about something else.

So, people often say, have you got a better idea? Yes, yes I do. Here’s my theory. A radical extremist group hijacked four airliners and flew them into three buildings, the fourth attack being foiled by a passenger revolt. The impact of the huge fuel-laden airliners flying at 400 mph was way beyond what the Twin Towers had been designed for, and the impact combined with the fires caused the buildings to collapse. A third building, WTC 7, seriously damaged by the collapse of the towers burned for hours and then also collapsed. Pretty radical, eh? I base this theory on my observation that this is exactly what appears to have happened. Occam’s Razor is not always right, and I have a delicious counter-example I will blog about someday, but it’s an excellent place to start.

That being said though, there are some questions and problems. How could this ever have happened? How could the greatest nation on Earth be sucker punched like this? I mean, the idea of hijacked planes as weapons dates to at least 1970, it’s not like it was some sneaky new idea. Well, corruption, bureaucracy, and incompetence pretty much covers it. Airlines didn’t want hardened cockpit doors, since that would have added weight to airplanes and cut their profits. Our national defence structure was oriented towards defending ourselves from an intercontinental attack by an adversary that no longer existed. (Does it get any more incompetent than that?) And numerous intelligence agencies were jealously competing for money and political influence rather than actually concentrating on doing their job, IE defending the country. It’s really not too hard to imagine in this sea of sleaze and politics that no one was watching the horizon so to speak. Just like what happened to the HMS Glorious, but on a higher level.

Of course there are other possibilities. It’s entirely possible that some people in the administration got wind of the plot. And allowed it to proceed, pathologically calculating that the loss would be negligible and the casus belli gained would be worth it. This is vastly more consistent with human politics, psychology, and sociology than  any demolition theory. It’s far easier to just let evil happen than actually go out and do it yourself. Very few people would have to be in the conspiracy, and the risk of exposure was minimal. Just let the crazy Muslims kill a few people, and we can fix up the Middle East to our liking. That’s how sociopaths think.

Sound crazy and far fetched? Well, it’s almost certainly happened before. In 1941 the USA had already broken Japan’s diplomatic code, and there is every reason to believe they had broken their military code as well. In other words, higher ups in the US government and navy knew that Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor … and allowed it to proceed knowing it would get them into a war they had been very much trying to join. There’s no question that Roosevelt was trying to provoke war with Japan and Germany, there’s no doubt we broke their diplomatic code, and the Navy to this day refuses to acknowledge or deny that they had broken Japan’s military code before the war.

But, one says, how could Americans have sat back and knowingly allowed Japan to destroy our battleship fleet and kill thousands of Americans? Easy. It never crossed their minds that a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor would be so devastating. Nothing like Pearl Harbor had every happened before, battleships were invincible from air attack, and the Japanese were sub-human barbarians incapable of fighting a modern American or European military. If you were transported back to December 6 1941 and tried to warn people that Japan would sink America’s battleship fleet in Pearl Harbor the next day … no one would have believed you, period. And by the very same token, when some knew 9/11 was coming, it never crossed their minds that the Twin Towers would collapse. When they did though, they had their casus belli in spades, and ample motivation to cover up the modest conspiracy that resulted in such a disaster.

Is this what happened? Beats me.  I know it’s historically, politically, and psychologically possible. And it would help explain one of the true mysteries of 9/11, why was there no investigation into 9/11? This is one of the points that the demolition conspiracy theorists get right, why was there no official investigation of 9/11? It’s a good point, however it has prosaic answers. They didn’t want the incredible incompetence of our nation’s defenders exposed for one. They didn’t want the fact that elements of our government let the attack proceed exposed. They knew that like the Warren Commission, it would generate more problems than it solved. They had what they wanted and didn’t want to rock the boat.

Yes, there are any number of mundane political reasons why no real investigation into 9/11 was ever conducted. And all that aside, there is one reason for avoiding such an investigation that trumps all others. There most definitely was something about 9/11 that the administration had to conceal. Something that the American public under no circumstances must ever be allowed to know, something so dangerous to the administration that it must be avoided at any cost. The one question that Americans must never be allowed to hear, let alone debate or think about:

Why did they attack us? That’s tomorrow’s topic.

(The above image of the HMS Glorious under fire and sinking is Public Domain under US copyright law, as the government that owned the copyright no longer exists. I used it to illustrate the point that people who should know better do get caught with their guard down. The British aircraft carrier Glorious was travelling through a war zone during a war with only two destroyers in escort. Their engines were running at 2/3rds capacity, they had no planes in the air, they had no planes ready to launch, they didn’t even have a lookout in their crow’s nest. How could they have been so stupid? Who knows, since by the time they spotted the two German battle-cruisers bearing down on them it was far to late to do anything but run and die.)


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September 8, 2011 at 8:24 pm

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  1. Let me be brutally honest here. If you’re someone wedded to the idea that the towers were bought down by controlled demolitions and unwilling to consider other possibilities … leave your comments on the previous post. This post and comment thread is for people who want to discuss other alternative realities. Thank you. —Doug


    September 8, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    • This is the *real* conspiracy theory. This is the first time I’ve read anything about the ‘let it happen’ theory, but then I’m not very well read. I came to the same conclusion myself long ago. Everything was already in place for this plan to succeed. Bureaucracy and the natural diffusion of responsibility inherit in large groups were the keys. The brilliance of this plan was that *nothing* had to be done, aside from making sure that nothing was done – which is something. Anyway, the president had just spent the first of his month-long August vacations at his ranch. His disconnection and his budding auto-pilot administration were key as well, and is evident form the 9/11 video, that day at that school, when he was told that the “country is under attack.” Ten minutes later, when he was done listening to ‘The Pet Goat,’ he finally excused himself. I’m not saying he was in on it. Another brilliant aspect was the fact that he wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) be part of it.

      Stephen Thornhill

      September 9, 2011 at 9:35 am

  2. Let me be brutally honest here. If you’re someone wedded to the idea that the government never lies or conceals the truth from the public in matters of national security and unwilling to consider other possibilities… there’s no reason to comment on the previous post either. This post and comment thread can only be for those who subscribe to an alternative reality. Thank you. –Mike

    Mahakal / מהכאל

    September 9, 2011 at 12:45 am

  3. I remember I was at work and watched the second plane hit. I thought at that time, it was just surreal and it was not really happening. If there was a conspiracy I think that the simplest explanation is the right one. A controlled demolition would have had to involve too many people and would have been too time consuming. And by now, someone would have said something. For science to have to prove that the force of the planes, the intense heat, angles the planes hit at, would cause them to fall the way they did can not be repeated. It just is what it is. Being that the tenth anniversary is this weekend, the internet and television has already been flooded with 9/11 stories and possible conspiracy theorys. I think whatever happened, it was a horrible day in the United States, but I also think that you have to have an open mind when discussing or commenting on conspiracy theorys. There are a number of different senarios that could have played out, but we will never know what really happened. But keep in mind that most people still think that there was a conspiracy in the government when Kennedy was assasinated, or that Princess Diana was assasinated and the Queen had something to do with it. When something horrible and unexplained happens, I think it is in our nature to want to know why, and how something like that can happen.

    Jennifer Goodyear

    September 9, 2011 at 7:34 am

  4. PNAC and the NEOCONs: wanted a new Pearl Harbor

    They got it and rejoiced, and lied.


    September 9, 2011 at 5:49 pm

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