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Through Thick and Thin: Survival of the Fittest

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One of the things I  thought was interesting about last week’s shooting near my home is that as far as I know, I am the only one to take cover, at least of people in my building. Most people didn’t even realize it was gunfire. My next door neighbour was out on the deck looking around while I was still laying on my floor waiting to make sure it was over. I wasn’t being overly careful, I knew it was wild shooting close by, and a single stray bullet can be a life changing experience. More than one person has died in some random shooting because they didn’t take cover when they could have. Better to take cover when one hears what might be gunfire and look a fool rather than stand there and look, well, shot.

In the shooting above, this woman got behind a metal statue and stayed there for over an hour. In the hot sun. Yes, she looks damn uncomfortable. She walked away though, I don’t know about the fellow laying in the background. I hope he’s taking cover too. This was the 1966 Texas Tower shooting, 16 killed outright, 32 others shot. One of the victims died 30 years after being shot. The last person shot was a guy who was in a hurry to get home. His truck was parked on the other side of the street. He was over 400 yards from the tower, what the hell, he would be running, what were the chances the shooter would get him? We don’t know what his last thought was as he bled out onto the road, but it was likely something along the lines of “That was the stupidest thing I ever did in my life.”

Moving right along, no news about the shooting in Bekeley last week.  A $17,000 reward has been offered. The rumour is definitely that a women is involved, it’s some stupid personal thing. Stupid is the word for it.  It’s a hell of a thing, killing a man. Take away all he’s got and all he’s ever gonna have.” In future stupidity, there is a report out that Israel is going to attack Iran this spring. I’ve blogged about this before, the whole thing would be ridiculous if it wasn’t so deadly serious. I can’t believe the Israeli government really thinks Iran is a threat, but I dunno, they seem to have painted themselves into a  corner where they can’t relate to anything except as a threat. A road the USA has gone down too far itself.

Problems continue in Egypt and Syria. That kind of says it all. I have a friend in Egypt so I’ve sort of kept up on it. What a mess, and now this soccer deaths thing. Basically the religious parties did well in the recent election because they were organized and focused and had established organizations. The secular groups weren’t as well organized and didn’t do so well. And the USA continues to meddle, to the benefit of no one, the USA included. Of course the US media coverage of all this including the Iranian mess is laughable, even the liberal take on it is pretty ugly. The mainstream left is now just another war apologist party, and many (most?) mainstream progressives buy right into it and approve of the USA’s bombings and wars, it’s weird and creepy.

A space exploration post coming up soon. More on cult beliefs. Alien abductions, one of the more bizarre aspects of human behaviour. A tank battle where one tank blew up dozens of tanks, fun to be had there. I might finish the Athenian thing some day, but there hasn’t been a ground swell of interest. I’m going to try and keep up the five days a week thing, four dedicated posts and one catch all post like this. Lastly, I’m running a contest on the blog. Winner gets a free blog post on a topic of their choice, within reason. Or a free beer or two if they are ever in town. It’s pretty simple, maybe too simple. The first person to figure out the winning word and post it in a comment below wins. A clue: This is not a word play riddle, you won’t find the winning word in this paragraph nor be able to parse this paragraph in some clever way to  divine the word.

Have a great weekend everyone!

(The above image is claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law. It’s not being used for profit and is arguably an historically important image. Credit and copyright: Bettmann/Corbis. I believe the woman in the photo is still unidentified. That happens in old photos. Yet anther potential blog post. It seems like every time I write a post these days, I think of at least two other posts I want to make. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.)

Written by unitedcats

February 4, 2012 at 6:15 am

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  1. Doug,
    I would imagine it is your military background that caused you to take cover. I witnessed a shooting while living in California some years ago.
    I was driving myself, my sister and my friend Ingrid to Six Flags from Sant Cruz. We traveled Hiway 17. I should point out Ingrid was raised in Oakland. As we entered San Jose, we came upon a traffic accident.
    A pickup had crashed head-on into the center divider and northbound traffic was stopped. Law enforcement had already arrived on scene. We were only about twenty car lengths from the accident so we figured we would not experience a significant delay. Moments later we heard ‘popping’ noises. Ingrid immediately reached from the rear seat shoving my sister and myself to the floorboards and exclaimed “GUNSHOTS!” I peered over the dash to witness the occupants of proximal vehicles exiting the cover of their autos, scattering in all directions. I figured I was in a big steel bullet and – had the shooter advanced on us – I intended to use it. He attempted to flee, jumping the center divider into the northbound lanes. CHP and County Deputies opened fire. I recall distinctly seeing him hit six times, noting his hesitation with each hit. It was a surreal experience.
    When in doubt- TAKE COVER. It isn’t the Fourth of July and those are NOT harmless firecrackers. Your life is in peril. I pray your esteemed readers will remember this if ever they are witness to such a horrible event.


    February 4, 2012 at 7:36 am

  2. Survival

    Lee A Whittaker

    February 4, 2012 at 7:48 am

  3. Stupid

    Lee A Whittaker

    February 4, 2012 at 7:49 am

  4. I witnessed a near shooting last December, although no shots were fired, the incident was seconds away from becoming a complete and irrevocable tragedy. I was standing on Cole Street in San Francisco on my way to make a routine hardware purchase at my favorite hardware store: Cole Hardware. Next door to Cole Hardware there is a small grocery store. Suddenly I noticed about 4 large members of the SFPD coming up the street towards me. They were walking very fast and each police officer had his had placed on his firearm. I looked towards the grocery store and 3 more cops were entering the store with their guns drawn, you could feel the adrenaline pumping on their faces. It was then I noticed a gunman in the store, wearing a black outfit and ski mask. He had what appeared to be a .45 caliber handgun drawn and was walking around the store.

    It was at this time I ran the other way to seek cover, warning other pedestrians on the street to do the same, the cops were entering the store yelling “FREEZE”. All of sudden, somebody on the street told me to calm down, “They’re filming a movie!”

    I’ve seen big location shoots in San Francisco where the film crew has many trucks and equipment, it usually requires a street closure permit, that was not the case her, obviously, this was a very low budget film. When I went back to look, there was a single small camera mounted on a ladder tucked away in the corner. It it turned out to be a Japanese film company who never bothered to get a film permit or permission from the city to do a location shot, which is required by law (some issue here with private property, see article below). Nobody told the police what they intended to do and somebody on the street made a 911 call which was a reasonable thing to do, the whole thing looked real. Although the actor’s gun was fake, the cops were pointing real guns, emotions were high, it’s a miracle that cooler heads prevailed that day.and no shots were fired.

    That actor and potentially many innocent bystanders are lucky to be alive today. Once the police finally realized what was going on, they were very, very, very angry at the film crew. In fact, I’ve never seen cops so mad. I’m not even sure if the actor knew what was going on, maybe he thought the police were part of the action. I’m sure he didn’t sleep well that night when the truth was reveled.

    To me, this illustrates the real conspiracy of human affairs which could be extended to things like plane crashes, auto accidents, and even nuclear wars. You see, it’s not a planed conspiracy, its just a simple chain of small and stupid events coupled with assumptions that are random and the real culprit in life. When failure analysis is applied after the fact, we realize how often avoidable a tragedy is. However, the consequences of a tragedy are often irrevocable. In the ultimate case of nuclear war, there is absolutely no margin for error. Yet we humans have a talent for error…..just my two cents.

    Here’s a link to the story that appeared in the Chronicle:


    February 4, 2012 at 8:36 am

  5. The bird is the word.


    February 6, 2012 at 10:13 am

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