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OK, was thinking of doing a post about July 5 in history, but turns out nothing much happened that day. Well, nothing that inspires me to write about it. July 5 1937 Spam was introduced, that’s about it. Another milestone in the long slow decline of western civilization. And I guess nothing happened in the July 4 celebrations in Washington, despite the fervent hopes of some that Trump be run over by a tank. As others have noted, Trump’s desire for military parades is a little odd considering his cowardly avoidance of service during the Vietnam War. He was a draft evader plain and simple. I’d have more respect for the man if he just admitted he was afraid to serve, cowardice I can respect, dishonestly not so much.

The 4th of July parade here in Clear Lake was fun. The usual stuff, and the first time I ever saw a drone in action. A P-51 Mustang made a few flybys as well. There’s a local Fire Museum, so got to see a lot of neat old fire trucks parading around. And what’s with all the paraders throwing candy at the crowds? I guess that’s a new tradition, I certainly don’t recall it from parades in my youth. The kids sure loved it, though seemed like it was a bit of a risk. I kept expecting some kid to dash under the wheels of a passing float attempting to retrieve a piece of candy. My morbid streak showing through again.

And now the parade is over and the following storm has passed. Went out in search of food and photos. Got a $4 burger and fries for $10. Carny prices I guess. Would be worse in CA so not complaining, a burger and fries at Disneyland was $39 last I heard. I miss California less every day. And as promised, a picture (above) of a Ferris Wheel that folds up and fits in a semi. Maybe I’ll try to catch them when they pack it up. Might improve my Tetris game.

Southern California had its biggest quake in decades. “Only” a 6.4 on the Richter scale, so not a big one. Still, the Richter Scale is a little misleading, since it is a measurement of energy released, not ground motion. I know, nothing is sacred on Doug’s Darkworld. Richter magnitude is quick and easy to calculate though, so it’s become the standard for pop measurement of earthquake strength. And for the most part it’s close enough, but earthquake snobs use the Modified Mercali Intensity Scale instead of Richter. More than most of my readers ever wanted to know I suspect.

In local news, the fireworks display was just postponed until Friday night. Another storm rolling in. The rioting has already begun, though in Iowa that consists of people throwing their corn dogs to the ground in disgust. I guess some pansy thought that barges full of fireworks out on a lake during a lightning storm was a bad idea. Whatever happened to “The Show Must Go On!” Meredith Wilson is rolling over in his grave.

Well, I stopped there last night so this didn’t turn into a blog version of “Drunk History.” Many people really like that show, not me. I don’t find drunk people particularly funny. Too many bad experiences with them.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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(Image: Ferris Wheel, Clear Lake, Iowa. 2019.  Credit: Copyright © 2019 Doug Stych. All rights reserved.)


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July 5, 2019 at 4:52 am

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