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I was working on an informative post about Labor Day, but got bogged down on the details. Then I decided I wanted to spend my Labor Day weekend seriously doing nothing. I need the vacation time, my life gets too wound up and complicated. Almost as if I’m doing it to myself, go figure. So no chores, no lists, no obligatory posts. Just relaxing, playing games, hanging out with friends, watching a movie. And now, writing an extemporaneous Labor Day post because I want to! Stream of consciousness time. And of course it involves beer, does it even have to be mentioned? Just not as much beer as was my habit. (No nun jokes please.)

<Deleted polemic about the dangers of day drinking.>

Living in my little town is like living in a jigsaw puzzle image. I did a lot of jigsaw puzzles as a kid. This is a nice bonus. I also loved dioramas when I was a kid. One of the best parts of museums. Now that I’m a grown-up (There are no adults,) I realize everything outside my front door is just one big walk-in diorama. One giant Willoughby. It’s very nice. Lots to look at, and great sunsets. I’ll get some pictures. Or in simple terms, I walk out my door and am still amazed at how cool reality is. And how privileged I am to be living here.

Oh, yeah, saw the Godzilla movie, 43rd remake, I dunno? Part of the something something comic universe. I’m turning into Grampa Simpsons in front of my own horrified eyes. The movie was a C+ movie. Giant monsters fighting, the fate of the Earth at stake. Edgy because, people died! Not very edgy in other words. Another movie that will sink quietly into the morass of forgettable movies that comprise modern Hollywood movie making. Bloop.

So, moving on, modern mass media began about a hundred years ago. 1920 or so was when radio stations started their thing. There were newspapers and telegraphs before then, but this was the time when anyone could get near a radio and hear the news of the world. And advertising. And propaganda. A century is a significant milestone in a way. Pretty much means that people who can remember what is was like before the modern age of mass media are dead. The pre mass media period of human history is now, well, history. This means something. From some perspective at least.

Speaking of history, on this day in history, 2 Sept 31 AD, near 2,000 years ago Octavius (aka Caesar Augustus,) defeats Cleopatra and Mark Antony in a decisive naval battle off the coast of Greece. The Battle of Actium.  It was the final end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of a string of Roman emperors lasting for more than a thousand years.

There were actually two guys commonly named Caesar, so it’s confusing. The first guy, Julius Caesar, was the one who defeated the Gauls, then marched on Rome and declared himself emperor, thus ending the Roman Republic. He was then stabbed to death by a group of conspiring Senators who sought to restore the republic. Alas, turns out Julius was really popular, and the assasination didn’t have the result they hoped for. Worse, Julius had named his 18 year old cousin Octavius as his heir. No one really took Octavius seriously as he was basically a kid. Turns out this kid inherited Julius’ name, popularity, immense wealth, and political acumen.  And thus in a decade long combination of politics and battle, culminating in the Battle of Actium above, he became Caesar Augustus. The divine Emperor of the Roman Empire.

Back on Earth, I think I ate the best sandwich of my life. It was a Turkey Sub, from The Other Place. Only found in Kansas and Iowa. Muhahaha, too bad coastal elites. :P The secret ingredient is bacon. Kinda a metaphor for the privileged life in America, it’s so tasty, who cares about CAFO hog farms, there’s none near me. And underpaid labor. Can’t a man enjoy the benefits of slavery without being judged? Yes, I’m being facetious. Sort of.

Speaking of men, there was a straight pride march? Give me a break. Isn’t ruling the effing planet enough, now they have to brag about it? Even more embarrassing, apparently it was mostly an incel parade. Incels, for those that want to know, are “involuntary celibates.” Yes, men who can’t get laid, but think it’s because the women of the world are messed up. Dudes, if you can’t get laid, it’s because you’re an immature creep and women pick up on it.

Lastly, I had not one, but two epiphanies last week. Lots to write about there. Enjoy labor Day celebrations. Despite the setbacks of the last thirty years, the working class in America is still better off than they were before the rise of the modern labor movement. The image above is child labor, surprisingly common before 1920 or so. These were oyster shuckers, and like millions of other children, worked long hours six days a week under horrible conditions. Let’s keep child labor in history, shall we?

Have a great week everyone!

Copyright © 2019 Doug Stych. All rights reserved.

(Image: Child labor around 1920, oyster shuckers. Credit: Lewis Hine, an interesting career. Public Domain under US copyright law.)


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September 2, 2019 at 7:18 am

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