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This is a true story. A story so gruesome and horrifying that it puts Hollywood to shame. I saw it on Forensic Files and was like, well, there’s my Halloween post for this year. Not for the faint of heart, but doubt many of my readers fall into that category. Still, didn’t want anyone to read what they couldn’t unread. Fair warning: Gruesome content ahead.

So, middle aged man wakes up one morning. Goes to the bathroom, shaves, usual morning routine. Goes downstairs, packs a lunch, loads the dishwasher, signs checks to pay off his son’s parking tickets. Goes outside to get the newspaper, locks himself outside, but is able to retrieve the hidden house key and let himself back in. Then, as the photograph above shows, fell down and died in his front hall.

OK, so what did he die of? Well, during the night a fire axe wielding maniac (more than likely his sociopathic son) attacked him and his wife while they slept. Cut them both up pretty badly. So when he woke up in the morning, the only parts of his brain left functioning were the ones than were running on habits. He simply didn’t register the bloodstained bed, his mutilated (but still alive) wife, or the head injuries he had sustained. He just started his normal daily routine like he did every day, while he slowly bled out and died from his injuries.

Grizzly enough? It gets worse. Yes, he shaved, brushed his teeth, and carried out his normal routine. With his lower jaw sliced off. Best not to even to imagine him shaving or brushing his teeth. The gentle reader was warned.

We really are creatures of habit. In this case Mr. Porco was essentially an animated corpse. Not unlike Miracle Mike, the headless chicken. I suppose if he had gotten medical attention, he might have “lived” longer, but who knows. No happy endings here. His wife lived, but disfigured, missing an eye. And convinced her son is innocent, even though he was convicted of the attack with good evidence.

And what a horror story for their friends and loved ones. It could have been worse I suppose. Mr. Porco could have been in the habit of sending selfies.

Have a great Halloween everyone.

(Copyright © 2019 Doug Stych. All rights reserved.

(Image: The unfortunate Mr. Porco’s legs, deceased. Credit: Crime scene photo, public domain in some states from what I can tell. I got it from this site, copied without permission. RIP Mr. Porco, may your friends and family find peace and healing.)


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October 31, 2019 at 9:08 am

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