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I was wrong, it’s not a figure of speech. I read something this morning that did in fact make my head hurt. Numb at times too, so mind numbing is also a thing. Yes, reading Trump’s latest pronouncement literally made my head hurt. I sure hope “that made my head explode” is a figure of speech, because we’re getting there.

Trump said that the malaria medication he has been touting to treat Covid-19 was only rejected as a treatment because he recommended it. Yes, he did say that. This means, correct me if I’m wrong gentle reader, Trump thinks the entire world’s medical establishment, millions of people, would see their patients, friends, and family die … and they would rather die themselves … rather than admit Trump was right. I pretty much went into shock, and yes, again,  it literally made my head hurt to think about.

And this made me realize I was wrong about Trump. I was wrong about a lot of things. It’s made me re-evaluate some deeply, almost unconsciously, held beliefs. I finally realise on a core level that Trump actually believes the things he says. He actually believes he is a combination of Christ and Julius Caesar, that he  is this super genius world leader. And the only reason things aren’t working out in his favor is that millions of people are conspiring against him to make him look bad. He actually fucking believes this. 

There certainly were plenty of signs of this earlier. Sharpiegate being maybe the most obvious. Or maybe his contention that Americans were wearing masks to make him look bad. (Does it even need to be said that Americans are wearing masks to avoid spreading a terrible disease?) This man actually believes that the stuff he says is true. He literally is living in a fantasy world of his own creation.

And worse, and this is where I was wrong about Trump and Hitler, his followers believe everything he believes too. Hitler was the same, he actually believed that the world’s Jews were all secretly conspiring to rule the world, and their secret machinations had caused Germany to lose World War One. A contention that utterly fails any logical rational analysis. Even Hitler’s allies like Finland and Japan realized it was nonsense. But millions of Germans believed it, and murdered millions of innocent men, women, and children in defence of this insanity.

I was wrong, on some level I’ve always assumed that except for the raving mad, most people understand that there is this thing called reality. And it is utterly indifferent to what people believe, it’s reality, the Universe we live in. The floor we are standing on is real. If we punch a wall and break a fist, it’s because the wall is real. I finally see that huge numbers of people don’t really understand this. If Trump says it, it’s real for them. No debate, no evidence, essentially nothing will change their minds. Trump’s the messiah for them, every word out of his mouth is God’s truth.

It was exactly the same for Hitler. Trump and Hitler both were/are so unalterably convinced of their rightness that their confidence sucked millions of people into their fantasy world. I guess humans are programmed, at least a lot of them, to follow messianistic leaders. I guess there’s evolutionary advantages to having a lot of tribal members unquestionably follow a confident tribal leader. Except of course we no longer live in tribal villages, and it’s not clear at all that this kind of devotion is a good thing anymore. Following Hitler killed a hundred plus million people and left Germany in ruins. Following Trump has killed over a hundred thousand Americans with no end in sight, not to mention devastating our economy and world standing.

But to Trump and his followers, no, whatever has resulted is because so many people want Trump to fail. No Trumper readers, us non Trumpers desperately want Trump to tackle Covid-19 using science, reason, consulting with experts; like pretty much every other developed country has done. Nope, to Trump and his ilk, anyone who doesn’t agree with him is the enemy who wants America to fail. Sigh. I’m fond of saying “we’re not really an intelligent species.” I was wrong. We’re not even a sane species. On the plus side, that we still exist is proof the aliens don’t exist. If they did, they’d have exterminated us long ago.

The pic above. Trump promoted a doctor whose medical beliefs come straight out of the Middle Ages. Health problems are caused by dream sex with demons and witches. No worries, his followers will believe her, that’s how the messiah thing works. Trump’s never wrong. Trump can’t be wrong, he’s the messiah.

I’m gonna post every day until the election. It’s the craziest time of my life, I do so to honor my current readers, and to provide a chronicle for future readers. Sorry if not as polished as most of my historical posts. 96 days now to the election? Trump continues to fortify the White House. I continue to evolve my thinking. Trump is the Hitler of our time. I can only hope he’s removed from power before he does as much damage as Hitler. Biden may be a horrible candidate on multiple levels, but pretty sure he doesn’t live in a fantasy world of his own creation.

What a time to be alive. Stay safe everyone. Comments and shares appreciated. Jesus H Christ. #StaytheFuckHome #WearaDamnMask

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Written by unitedcats

July 29, 2020 at 8:38 pm

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  1. I think you and I are fucked Doug. Sorry about that.

    Frank Carroll

    July 30, 2020 at 1:21 am

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