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OK, I got up this morning and there was no terrible or alarming news at first pass. Phew. The worst is over, maybe Covid-19 was all a bad dream? My vacation from reality lasted 90 minutes, then I ran across this recent news: Infectious coronavirus retrieved from hospital air Basically there is now experimental evidence that Covid-19 does indeed spread from the tiny particles of water people exhale while breathing and talking. Confirming what experts have strongly suspected for some months: Just being in a room with a talking, or worse, singing or yelling, infected person is a great way to get Covid-19.

Is this the final word? Of course not. Our understanding of this virus is in its infancy, but scientists around the world are sciencing the shit out of it. There is hope. Not in the US of course, a thousand people a day are dying, the worst mass death event in US history with the exception of October 1918, when hundreds of thousands of Americans died of the flu. The 1918 flu is basically an ignored event in US history, I saw a documentary about it once. Their take was that the death toll was so horrible that people wanted to just put it behind them and move on. A friend’s grandfather lost 7 of 13 child siblings in one week for example, I can’t imagine.

And I think to some extent this is going on now. 1,000 Americans dying a day, with little fanfare. And very little even call for action. Trump and the GOP seem determined to just pretend it will all go away, and much of the rest of the country is too numbed by the horror of it all to grasp it. And it is a horror, every one that died had friends and family and loved ones who mourn their passing. Every person who dies before their time dims humanity’s light a little. I will be expounding on this in future posts. I hope.

Back to Earth. Biden. Had a few thoughts today.You know, Biden’s VP pic may be more subtly clever  than I thought. She’s almost certainly going to inspire a wave of racist sexist personal attacks by Trump and company merely by existing. And considering how desperate Trump is, he might go completely over the top. People are emotional creatures, this might piss off a lot of people who weren’t wildly excited by Biden. Interesting choice. And then a friend commented: “VP debates against a guy who doesn’t want to be alone with a woman because “temptation” will be interesting too …”

So, a case can be made that Biden is a lot sharper than he lets on. The presidency is within his grasp, very few people can list that in their CV. I can postulate that it’s all just a diabolical plan to sweep Trump and the GOP out of office in the elections. And handed this golden opportunity, Biden says “OK, now let’s get Medicare for all and turn the minimum wage back into a living wage? Oh, and tax the rich. Is America behind me?”

A man can dream. On a personal note, TIL: Eye surgery, you get to watch it whether you like it or not! Little knives and such dancing in front of my eye, snip snip snip. I’m still blogging, so the surgery didn’t go south. Stay tuned. And once again for those in the back, Covid-19 is freaking serious, don’t catch it, don’t spread it, don’t be these idiots.

God bless everyone. Stay safe. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask

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(Image from Snappygoat, IE a Public Domain image under US copyright law. My eye surgery inspired this choice.)


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August 12, 2020 at 6:58 pm

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