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Trump’s latest accomplishment … free the showerheads.  An American is dying every minute, and Trump wants to deregulate shower heads because he doesn’t like low flow showerheads. The man’s priorities have always been … interesting. They are getting more bizarre by the day. That’s just the weird Trump news of the day. The bad Trump news of the day, Trump admits he is hampering the US Postal Service to hamper mail in voting. In other words, he’s trying to prevent Americans from voting. The voter mail  fraud he’s talking about is completely in his imagination, but hey, pretty much everything about this election is more or less imaginary.

Imaginary because there is only one issue this election, everything else is a distraction at best. And it boggles my mind. So many Americans are living in a fog. Try to think of this way, this is as if Japan attacked Pearl Harbor … and six months later Roosevelt has neither declared war nor mobilized the military. The Japanese captured the Philippines and other American holdings, killing over 150,000 Amercans in the process. The Americans attacked by the Japanese fight like hell of course, but most of the rest of us are living in a fog.

Future generations, not to mention the contemporary rest of the world, can’t make any sense of this. Why isn’t America fighting Covid-19 on a national level? Americans are dying at a greater rate than they died in World War Two, yet no one is protesting that? Where’s our fucking militia?! You know, the guys who love to strut their militia rifles at political protests? Why aren’t they out there fighting Covid-19? They could have turned this whole invisible enemy war around if they had leaped to America’s defense.

So I’m pretty angry. The president thinks he can BS his way through Covid-19. It’s painfully obvious at this point that his core supporters would eat yellow snow if Trump touted its benefits. There’s always been people who could mesmerize their followers. Obama and Clinton both have staunch supporters, despite their manifest obsequiousness to corporate America. The media of my youth, when we had a free press in America, would be railing about the Covid-19 catastrophe every day. Those days are gone.

Today’s theory is that America has collectively gone mad. The 21st century will be the century of American insanity. One of the richest, most powerful, most amazing people the world has ever known completely lost touch with reality both politically and personally. 9/11 was a kidney stab, idk. It spawned Truthers and Birthers. Both theories devoid of evidence or even common sense. It just went downhill from there. Anti-vaxxers. Tea party. Russiagate. Benghazi. And now Q-Anon, a political movement and moral panic based on a hoax.

So it’s a really weird time here in America. Here’s my positive fantasy for the night. Biden is a smart puppy, so is Harris. You don’t get to their status in modern America without brains and savvy. (A few exceptions apply.) They win, by a landslide in the election. With a lock on the house and the Senate. A mandate like Obama had in 2008. Trump doesn’t bow out gracefully, but any crazy orders he issued are ignored or countermanded. And when inaugurated, Biden/Harris come out for Medicare for All, taxing the rich, and of course declaring war on Covid-19 and launching a national response to it.

A man can dream. In 2016 I held a thin hope Trump would go Carnegie after elected, and follow up on his health care for all, infrastructure spending, tax the rich, and drain the swamp promises. Yeah, no. And now no matter what happens, both parties are so divorced from reality that any election they lose will be blamed on outside influences. The toxic legacy of Russiagate.

Hopes and prayers aren’t working against Covid-19. I’ll vote for anyone who has a better idea.

Stay safe everyone. 1500 deaths a day now. No one wants to catch or spread this disease. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask

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(Image: Meme found on Facebook, attribution in the meme. Used without permission, claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law.)


Written by unitedcats

August 13, 2020 at 6:08 pm

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