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We live in an age where so much credence is given to certain conspiracy theories that some of them have become facts and are unquestioned by their believers. I dunno, maybe I died on 9/11 and everything since then has been a near death experience. Or I’ve been in a coma since then, I’ll come out of it, Keannu Reeves will be president and no one will have heard of Trump or Covid-19. My mind’s attempt to understand how America is the one country that has decided to just let Covid-19 run its course is taking me to strange places. Here’s a comment I got the other day after posting about America’s 1500 Covid-19 deaths a day:

“It’s not that many when you consider how many boomers we have to cross over, they’ve got to die of something, no one dies of good health.”

OK then. So, so many things wrong with that statement. Yes, I guess on one hand going from the typical 8,000 deaths per day in America  to nearly 10,000 is no big deal. I have to squint really hard to see that though. The comment implies that it’s mostly old and sick people dying, which may be true, but so what? Everyone who dies of Covid-19 is dying before their time, old and sick or not. Also, plenty of perfectly healthy young people are dying. And for every person that dies, there are a dozen or more with severe health complications that persist for months or forever. The young lady who survived because of a double lung transplant is alive … and she now has a fifty percent chance of living another ten years! Yeah, pretty sure she regrets catching Covid-19.

The thing the comment completely misses though, is that the death and carnage Covid-19 is causing in America was completely preventable! Covid-19 wasn’t some bolt from the heavens, it was an utterly inevitable event. An event the country was even prepared for, until Trump fired the pandemic team and threw their plan out the window. And since then Trump has tried to bend reality to his will by claiming Covid-19 will all go away. So here I am still, 80 or so days untill an election that will likely create more chaos no matter how it turns out. The Q-Anon folks are scary.

“China did it!” Hearing that as an excuse for Trump’s failure to fight Covid-19 effectively. Sadly blame shifting has been so normalized by both parties now that it’s spread much further than Covid-19. The insidious thing about the “It’s China’s Fault!” propaganda is that even if it was true, so what? Whether natural or unnatural in origin, Trump’s response to Covid-19 is a textbook case of incompetence. Where Covid-19 came from is irrelevant. “China did it!” is a double false argument, one inside the other. Great political propaganda, terrible way to cope with a real world crisis.

For my reality approving readers, it is painfully clear to me at this point that Trump has responded to Covid-19 as if it was just politics as usual. Just another background event to weave into the political farce that is modern America. The country that can’t do anything about school shootings is of course helpless against a pandemic. Trump can’t open his mouth without tying reality too himself. Extreme narcissism, he has no boundaries between himself and reality. Malignant narcissism is the type of narcissism that has been proposed. Yeah, if one looks into it, it’s a controversial psychological syndrome.

Narcissism isn’t looking into mirrors. I lived in a nice apartment building in Berkeley, had been rent controlled for decades, and the landlord hadn’t even bothered to raise the rents the legal amounts, they were still basically at 1960s levels in the 1990s. All of the apartments were under $300, one guy was paying under $100. Well, family member of the old landlord took over management. Mr Tension was his name, I kid the reader naught. He was a narcissist to the extreme. He thought the people living in the building enjoying low rents were doing so to rip off his family! That’s narcissism. It didn’t end well for Mr Tension. I think a dingo ate him.

I was meaning to point out today that anything in the western mainstream media about Russia or China should be taken with a large load of salt. Then I came across this: Western media’s favorite Hong Kong ‘freedom struggle writer’ is American ex-Amnesty staffer in yellowface. Well, the US has been fomenting dissent in designated enemies since at least the Shah in 1953, by fair means or foul. And this is pretty Axis Sally ugly. And this sort of nonsense will improve America’s image in the world?

Speaking of America’s image in the world, a last little tidbit on yet another interesting day in America’s … who knows what is going on now … US Push to Extend Iran Arms Embargo Fails at UN Security Council. Yerp, America’s days as the ‘indispensable nation’ are giving way to America the ‘irrelevant nation.’ We’ll see how it all turns out, I’m thinking the next six months will be quite a ride. In that Q-Anon might be right.

Stay safe everyone. Sanity is optional at this point. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask

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(Image: An image found on Facebook, used without permission. Unknown attribution, claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law.)

Written by unitedcats

August 15, 2020 at 7:25 pm

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