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I had an unpleasant thought last night. It dawned on me that Trump’s failure to respond effectively to Covid-19 has a ramification I hadn’t considered. Where to start? At the beginning I suppose. OK, the Covid-19 crisis came along, and some governments reached the conclusion sooner than others, but by March 2020 most of the world’s governments concluded that Covid-19 was serious as a heart attack and required a comprehensive, rational, and science based response. That this was the worst global emergency since World War Two and absolutely required standing up and fighting. Different countries took different strategies of course, some more successful than others. And the fight is ongoing, Covid-19 is at best being held at bay globally, victory is not in sight yet. There might not even be a victory per se as much as there is a new normal shaped by Covid-19.

The gentle reader may see where this is going. There is one national leader who did not grasp that Covid-19 was a whole new ball game that required a comprehensive, rational, and scientific response on a national level. And that would be one Donald Trump. Who from the beginning has responded as if Covid-19 were just another political crisis. Gestures, promises, flim flam. Whatevs, Trumptopia can believe what they want, in the real world Trump’s response to Covid-19 was and is shockingly incompetant. Anyone with lurking suspicions that the Donald was smarter than he looks had the final proof, Trump is actually incapable of leadership in a crisis.

And my thought is … America’s enemies sure as shit noticed this as well. Most of the world’s governments are rational actors, and that includes many of our designated enemies. They now know that Trump is incapable of setting aside his ego and politics to deal with real world issues. They might have suspected it before, but now they know. (Trump supporters, you’ve been rickrolled, because Trump says he beat Covid-19 doesn’t actually mean he did. Sorry, reality trumps fantasy.) This frightened me when I realized it and started to think about it.

This changes everything. Foreign interference in the 2016 election made little sense and was sans evidence. Now our enemies have huge incentive to get Trump reelected, or at the very least put in a similar position to Covid-19 before he leaves office. Who wouldn’t want a nation that treated yours as an enemy to be commanded by someone incapable of a rational scientific response to a crisis? I’d sure ask my intelligence agencies how such crises might be manufactured, nu?

Our friends are also making the same calculation. At one point Hitler asked the Japanese to round up their miniscule Jewish population because the Jews were plotting world domination and needed to be eliminated. The Japanese government asked their intelligence agencies to assess this threat. They reported it was all nonsense. (And thus Japan was a safe haven for Jews in World War Two.) Japan was a rational actor in this context, the Nazis weren’t. Intelligence agencies around the world are now reporting that Trump is indeed not a rational actor.

So an attack on America in some realm is a heightened possibility now, nu? America is like Rome at its peak, but clearly a madman is Caesar. Trump thinks he beat Covid-19. He didn’t. I’m hoping these are just paranoid ramblings, but if so they are the paranoid ramblings of someone who spent their life trying to understand current events in a logical and historical and scientific context.

Tomorrow, more on the child shooter and what it portends. Unless something else bigger happens first, def a possibility these crazy times. Stay safe and sane everyone, have a great weekend. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #UtMelioremPeiusAnteTempora

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Written by unitedcats

August 28, 2020 at 8:18 pm

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