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Well, no real scary news today. Knock on wood. Trump is vehemently denying he called American war dead “losers” and “suckers.” Even Fox News is corroborating some of it, granted RawStory is a slanted source: Chaos at Fox as some refuse to believe the network’s own reporting on Trump’s contempt for troops. I guess it’s still hearsay, no primary source has come forward to corroborate it. It certainly sounds like something Trump would say, the guy loves to call names. Thank you Rush Limbaugh and others for mainstreaming name calling as a debate tactic. The Republic is so much better for it. Snort.

No burning American cities yet. I have friends in both Portland and NYC, all is well. No, NYC is not “anarchy, violence and destruction.” Trump’s campaign is just the fear mongering the right has been doing for decades on steroids. Biden is run by some sort of secret anarchist cabal whose only goal is to destroy America! And only Trump can stop him! The presidential debate is going to be interesting. Yes, there has been some looting. As someone pointed out, there’s looting after hurricanes, sporting events, and others. There’s always crooks waiting for an opportunity now. Plenty have been apprehended in the act, few if any violent anarchists. Lots of just plain ordinary folks, and a few white militia members for fun and games. 

Trump’s sticking with “there will be a vaccine just before the election.” Yeah, the guy who claimed Covid-19 was all a hoax and that it would all just magically go away is going to save us in the nick of time. Covid-19 really is the only issue for me. Since all Trump is doing about the pandemic is still basically nothing, his vaccine promise is hollow. At least Biden is planning on doing the things Trump should have done months ago. One guy’s promising to take the rational science based steps to fight Covid-19, the other guy is promising it will all magically go away. Seems like a no brainer choice to me. 

So four boats sank at a Trump flag boat parade in Texas. No one was hurt or killed fortunately. Making a big splash online. (Sorry.) One tweet I’ve heard about says they were sunk by the Antifa Navy. Smiles. No, looks like a blustery day in the pics I’ve seen. The idea was to cover one’s boats with boat flags. This is like putting a bunch of little sails on a boat not designed as a sailboat. A wind came up and a few of the most ambitious flag boats went down. My guess at least. Knowing boaters, alcohol may have contributed. Oh well, I can only hope this is the worst news of the day. Dare I check?

Whew. Trump is calling the reporter who accused him of name calling, names. At least he’s consistent, anyone who criticizes Trump or points out one of his flaws: “He’s a poopyhead!” It’s like having a three year old for president. How did this happen? How did the most powerful nation the world has ever seen, Rome’s greatest descendant ruling an Empire Caeser couldn’t even have dreamt of …how the hell did a stupid, immature, utterly corrupt, con-artist become Caesar? I hope future historians figure this out, and somehow explain it to me in a reverse timed email. (Yes, I’m talking to you future historian.) 

This whole Trump and Covid-19 catastrophe has lowered my optimism for the ultimate survival of the human race. I think we’re a type 13 civilization. Yes, scientists are still building machines that manipulate little bits of reality at hyper extreme levels to test their theories about the nature of reality itself: New evidence that the quantum world is even stranger than we thought. I’m generally a huge proponent of science, it’s still the most useful paradigm for understanding God’s creation that humans have yet developed. It’s certainly made a misstep here and there, but unlike ideology or religion, science is self correcting as an inherent part of the paradigm. 

So I’m a little queasy about things like supercolliders. When scientists say they may be recreating events that only occurred right after the Big Bang, I’m like, maybe there’s a reason they haven’t occurred since? On the plus side, unlike Trump’s inexplicable failure to defend America against a global pandemic, if a physics experiment alters reality in some way where we ain’t here no more, it will no doubt propagate at light speed; thus one second you’re here, the next … reality gone bye bye.

I’m enjoying my Labor Day weekend, I hope the gentle reader is enjoying their’s. I got a nice haul of acorn squash from my Covid-19 victory garden, pics will follow. I used the image above for a number of reasons. While I hate America’s wars, those that fight honorably in them deserve respect, shame on you Mr. Trump if the allegations are true. And yes, a reminder of the endless mounting Covid-19 death toll because Trump can’t or won’t defend America against Covid-19. And lastly, fall is coming. Stay safe everyone, shares, likes, comments appreciated. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #InsanusTempora

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(Image: graves, Arlington cemetery. Pixabay pic, may be used without attribution. Credit: SteenJepsen.)


Written by unitedcats

September 5, 2020 at 7:17 pm

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