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9/9/2020. I made this illustration for yesterday’s post, and then the first bad news about the Sturgis superspreader event came out, and I just had to write about that. Hopefully no horrible news will supersede today’s post. Though getting used to it, so maybe I’ll just shoehorn it in as it happens. Fun times.

So yes, the illustration at the right is just one of the many metrics one can find that shows that 1980 is when the USA started going down the tubes. Before then rising tides did raise all ships, after that the gains in the economy pretty much were all siphoned upwards. And here we are today with wealth inequality in the US at mind numbing levels, and no end in sight. Until Americans understand just how thorough economic injustice is in the USA, I don’t see it changing. 

And not only is economic injustice the way of America, the left side of the illustration shows just how sketchy the current economy is for many Americans. And yet nothing is going to be done. The GOP ruled Senate has declined any further stimulus. You’re on your own Americans, Washington is going to protect the rich, everyone else is disposable apparently. Trump has apparently decided even our lives are disposable, bear with me, I’ll get back to that.

In some breaking “news” Trump was accused of deliberately playing down the threat of Covid-19 earlier this year: Trump deliberately played down virus, Woodward book says. I say “news” because it’s not exactly a surprise. I was there, Trump repeatedly claimed Covid-19 was no big deal and it would all go away soon. I especially liked “It will all be gone by Easter!” So there’s zero question Trump played down the severity of Covid-19, hell, he still is for all practical purposes. So did he do it deliberately or out of ignorance? Either is an utter fail for the POTUS. Giving the public clear accurate information is the most important thing a government can do to fight a public health crisis. It was Trump’s one job when Covid-19 arrived, he failed.

And then this news … Trump has apparently ordered an end to Covid-19 screening at international airports: White House orders end to COVID-19 airport screenings for international travelers. Right, at a time when the US desperately needs to launch a coordinated national testing/tracking/quarantine system to fight an out of control pandemic … Trump is halting one of the few feeble efforts he made to fight Covid-19. He’s basically admitting Covid-19 is so out of control in the US that letting more infected people in makes no difference? WTF?

I’m going with Trump has decided to just let Covid-19 run its course in America, hoping that that and a vaccine will get us to herd immunity; then Trump can claim victory, problem solved. What’s a few hundred thousand dead Americans, and millions more with permanent Covid-19 health issues? And a cost to the economy in the tens, or hundreds, of billions? We’re gonna find out apparently. My guess, Trump’s magical plan to end Covid-19 will end as well as Hitler’s magical plan to save the German Sixth Army surrounded in Stalingrad. 

A reader asked what I think of the Abraham Accord. I haven’t looked into it much, though from what I’ve seen I take a dim view. Still, I’ll try to keep an open mind and look into it. It got Trump nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, so it must mean something, right? (That was a joke, anyone can be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Obama got one just for being elected, so the bar is pretty low.) 

So no time traveller emails yet. Here’s a weird theory, hey, it’s the End Times, might as well share. So if star travelling aliens exist, IE long term technological civilization is possible and more or less inevitable, then … they’re already here. Aliens from galactic scale distances could have spotted life on Earth a billion years ago, our own technology is rapidly approaching that level of remote scanning technology. They’d have spotted us, and assuming they are interested in living planets, their probes and AIs have been here all along. And are here now. 

And what better way to study a culture than from the inside? Presumably they can access all of our online presence, they’d have computer technology millions of years in advance of ours. So why wouldn’t they have Facebook accounts and web sites? Human anthropologists exist, why not alien ones? Not sure how to go about detecting same, but like my invitation to future time travellers reading this, any alien AI wants to drop me an email, I’d love to correspond. 

World news post coming up. Stay safe everyone, don’t catch Covid-19, bad idea. Comments, shares, likes appreciated. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #InsanusTempora

Copyright © 2020 Doug Stych. All rights reserved. 

(Image: Self explanatory. Credit: Robert Reich and what the url on the right image says. Used without permission, but I think legally under US Copyright law. Facebook grabs.)


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