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Yesterday 4 Canadians died of COVID, 7 Italians, 9 Germans and 1263 Americans. Trump just just rated his Covid-19 response as A+. If this is A+ results, wow, just wow. He grades himself A+ on everything though, and his core believes him. I think Trump believes whatever comes out of his mouth. Imagine though these numbers were during Clinton or Obama’s term …the GOP’s outrage would be audible around the globe. Now, crickets, when they’re not singing Trump’s praises. This alone, now and in the future, will stun and confound people. How could a party applaud its leader who is essentially doing nothing about a pandemic that is killing a thousand Americans a day?

Trump and his supporters live in a separate reality is my theory. They rationalize America’s Covid-19 nightmare  away. Denying it’s happening or claiming it’s all a hoax is popular. Right, a planet ruled by literally hundreds of armed warring gangs (thousands if we count non-state actors) for the first time in history all got together to hoax the world for some nefarious reason. With no exceptions. All to make Trump look bad. Yes, many even believe that. How to explain to people that theories involving vast secret conspiracies fail the reality test? 

Still, nothing new. Americans have believed nutty things en mass for a long time. They saw a non-existent communist conspiracy trying to rule the world once. They thought Saddam’s Iraq was a threat to the USA. They believed in trickle down theory, the idea that if we give our bosses raises any time they want, they will joyfully give raises to their employees. They believe global warming is a liberal hoax. Not that far off from thinking Covid-19 is some sort of international plot. And of course all of the above are still believed in some quarters. And here’s Trump telling them they were right all along! It’s all a Libtard plot, and if only he can get reelected, he can put an end to it all.

Telling people what they want to hear works like a charm. An art Trump has mastered, gotta give him his props for that. Trump’s not as popular as Hitler was, his base is smaller, but the dynamic is very simple and similar. He’s telling them the reason for the unsettling world they live in, they were right that it’s being done to them by their enemies, and he can fix it! The discerning reader will note that, Trump, Hitler, many others, can be substituted for ‘he’ in the preceding sentence. And here we are today with Trump the absolute fuhrer of his flock, in a way America has never really seen before. Less than two months before the election of my lifetime.

As is usual today I have a bunch of links about ongoing current events. Just this one I’m gonna share though, because it’s a great read, and ties into my thoughts above. I’ve always liked and read the Neurologica Blog, written by an actual scientist about all sorts of amazing sciency stuff. Recently though, he’s posted a number of posts about scientific aspects of some of the crazy times we live in. Yes, we live in crazy times, it’s not just my imagination. This is one of his best so far: The Holocaust and Losing History. There’s stuff in there I didn’t know, great read.

Oh, the moon landing hoax, forgot about that. Is that still a thing? People were absolutely convinced  that the Apollo Moon landings were faked. Some still are I’m sure. On a personal note, I’m still gonna write every day while this election event is going on. Notes for future historians if nothing else. Dug up 5 wheatback pennies in a row today while treasure hunting with my metal detector. Hole number six, chunk of silver jewelry. Best streak ever, I can only hope it’s a good omen. 

Stay safe everyone. Wear a mask in public, glasses apparently help too. Makes sense, harder for shit to get to your eyes. Social distance as much as possible. Covid-19 is real and terrible, but eventually Washington will have to get it under control, one way or another. Dark dreams. Comments, shares, likes, patrons, appreciated. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #InsanusTempora

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Written by unitedcats

September 21, 2020 at 7:31 pm

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  1. Finally, someone who can take a step back, and see what is really going on. Only need another 328 million or so to see too, and the world might just end up in a better place


    September 21, 2020 at 8:20 pm

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