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It gets more ridiculous every day. And that’s quite a feat considering how far down the crazy rathole the 2020 election has gone so far. At this point Trump is simply spewing endless lies about Biden, his own accomplishments, and reality itself. And then there’s the promises like the one above. OK, where is this proposal? It doesn’t actually exist. His administration has had three years to propose legislation to accomplish the above, nada. All Trump has done is try and get Obamacare cancelled.

Frankly, I do understand that Trump’s followers give him a lot of credence, it’s the secret to his success. Trump says it, it’s true. Woohoo, who wouldn’t want to make America great again? But guys, c’mon guys. Guys and gals, Trump supporters, Trump promised to do this in his first election campaign, and didn’t even attempt to follow through. Um, and this time you believe him? What’s the old axiom, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” This is one of those situations, Trump already broke this promise, why the hell would anyone believe him again?

And gotta love the “You’re welcome!” Trump hasn’t done anything about health care, why the hell should an empty broken promise get him thanks? Thanks for nothing dude, I’m one of the independent voters who defended Trump after he got elected. I never suffered from TDS, I gave him a chance, he made a number of positive promises, like the above. Yet Trump broke all of his specific promises to help Americans, I’m supposed to be impressed by repeating the promises? Reelect me so I can do the stuff I promised to do in my first term? Give me a freaking break. I can understand not voting for Biden, but Trump hasn’t earned a second term, voting for him is crazy.

Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court had a hearing today. So freaking what, unless she morphed into a lizard creature during the hearing and ate the Republican senators alive on national TV while simultaneously defecating on a Trump flag, the Republicans are going to confirm her.  So this is just political theater. Moving right along, I had a nice link about the lies Trump is telling about Biden’s abortion stance, but Trumpers won’t read it or believe it. Just for those interested though: Trump Made False Claims About ‘Late-Term Abortion.’ Here Are the Facts.

So yeah, Covid-19 rages on in the US while Trump does nothing but make promises. OK then. Covid-19 is in the top five mass death events in US history now, only the Civil War, World War Two, and the 1918 flu pandemic being worse. And Covid-19 is rising fast, it will indeed surpass World War Two soon enough if unaddressed. And the death toll is almost certainly worse than the official numbers: US sees 20% more deaths than expected this year, most due to Covid-19, research finds.

And then there’s this: Covid reinfection: Man gets Covid twice and second hit ‘more severe’. It’s rare still, but not a good thing. There’s going to be limits to how much a vaccine will help if protection only lasts so long. Basically, the human race is at a choice. We can get our collective shit together, do what needs to be done to eradicate Covid-19, or suffer permanently from the “Cold from Hell.” It really is a decision point in human history. Even if we “adapt” to Covid-19, and let it take its blood toll, sooner or later something even worse will show up.

I’m not a big God guy, but if a supreme being sent us Covid-19, their message is “Snap out of your shit and take care of each other.” Kinda what I think Our Saviour’s message amounted to. Not seeing that. Trump could have been the world’s saviour, and instead has gone down the “not my problem” path. Biggest failure in American history, biggest lost opportunity in American history. Trump could have been a hero, he chose to be a Trump.

Stay safe and sane everyone. Sane = ‘Do whatever you possibly can to avoid catching/spreading Covid-19.’ Oh, yeah, today is Indigenous Peoples’ Day:

#StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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Written by unitedcats

October 12, 2020 at 8:03 pm

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