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I’m suffering from what I hope is food poisoning tonight, so this might be short. But like Lou Gehrig and his consecutive game record (not broken for 56 years,) I’m going to post daily till the new president is sworn in. No matter what it takes. Granted I think my chances of stretching it out as long as Mr Gehrig’s record (2130 consecutive games played) is remote. It would take almost six years to blog 2130 consecutive days. We’ll see, if Trump gets resworn in (note I didn’t say reelected) maybe I will shoot for daily blogging until Trump leaves office. It’s good to have a purpose in life. I tried having a porpoise in my life, but that didn’t work out. It was awkward, we couldn’t use the bathtub cause he pretty much filled it up.

I digress. The Trump administration is once again pushing the idea of “herd immunity” by letting Covid-19 spread through the younger population while protecting the elder and vulnerable. In English this translates to Roosevelt saying “It’s OK if Japan and Germany invade the US, I’m sure we can protect the old and vulnerable.” Literally that batshit crazy. It’s basically saying “We’re not going to fight Covid-19, and we don’t care how many people that kills.” We are talking about hundreds of thousands of dead Americans, several million is not out of the question. And a similar if not greater number of Americans with long term or permanent health damage from Covid-19. And craziest of all, there’s uttery no reason to believe this strategy will work. We’re pretty sure at this point that getting Covid-19 makes you immune for a while, but there are plenty of diseases where acquired immunity is relatively short term. There’s every reason to believe Covid-19 is one of those, I don’t think any coronavirus causes lifelong immunity.

The claim will be made no doubt that this will buy us time for a vaccine. Yeah, human wave attacks will slow down an advancing enemy, but maybe alternatives should be considered? Surrender and mass sacrifice shouldn’t be the first choice, it’s the last choice. And there’s absolutely no knowing when a vaccine will be available either, nor how effective it will be. Most people still aren’t grasping that Covid-19 ain’t no freaking flu. It’s far more contagious and far more dangerous and there’s no reason to believe it’s going anywhere. We are going to have to learn to live with Covid-19. Pretending it’s no big deal is not learning to live with it, that’s living in a fantasy world. The rest of the planet is fighting Covid-19, not ignoring it.

I just had an epiphany. America, despite it’s fantasies about being an advanced free modern country, is actually one of the most conformist traditionalist societies on Earth. Especially among developed countries. We’re one of only three countries on the planet who hasn’t switched to the metric system for God’s sake, and the other two are tiny. Costing us billions a year and a few lives, but hey, if a system of weights and measures based on the length of the King’s nose was good enough for grandpappy, it’s good enough for me. American society is stunningly resistant to change. You know what they call gay marriage in Canada and in most of the developed world now? Marriage. That wasn’t hard. Except in America.

So Americans are especially resistant to change. And that’s a big part of Trump’s appeal, and why Covid-19 is kicking our collective ass. He promises a return to the heteronormative white world of the 1950’s, where drape color was all wives had to worry about. Trump and his supporters want everyone who doesn’t agree back in the closet. (Or worse.) The post Covid-19 world is going to require rethinking how we do everything, and that’s anathema to many Americans. So no wonder “Covid-19 is no big deal, let’s get back to normal” has tremendous appeal for many Americans.

Not gonna happen, Covid-19 and Trump’s surrender to it are real, despite what he says. It’s in fact worse than reported, but again, most Americans don’t want to hear that. The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed far more lives than reported, study says.Not even debatable. The daily death rate from all causes in the USA is very consistent. And it’s taken a big jump this year, and Covid-19 is the only possible cause. Made much worse by Trump’s failure to take effective national action against it.

Oh well. The election from hell (to hell?) gets nearer every day. I will stay up that night and watch. Last time I only knew Trump was elected because my housemate started screaming during the night. This election, hell, alien invasion or zombies are not out of the question, worth staying up for. Stay safe everyone, comments, likes, shares appreciated.#StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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Written by unitedcats

October 13, 2020 at 8:22 pm

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