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Busy busy busy now. Road trip of my life being planned. So, yeah, I think Trump’s support is shrinking. I don’t think it’s my imagination. His die hard core is around, the people who think he’s sent by God. But a lot of his 2016 votes were from people who just were glad to see a political outsider take up their plight in Washington. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I was one of the people who thought, well, maybe he will try to do a good job. Give him a chance.

Yeah, Trump had his chance. Pretty much at this point anyone not completely immersed in Trump’s alternate reality warp bubble is realizing that the man hasn’t been a particularly good president. People love a leader, we really are a tribal/social animal. A leader who’s delivering only pain, that gets old. This: Why this libertarian is voting for Biden. And especially this: Ditching The Donald: Trump’s largest voter base is fleeing at an alarming rate.

We’ll see, was musing today that despite the GOP’s short term success in taking the reins of federal and state government despite the fact that they aren’t in the majority, ultimately their strategy is self defeating. The GOP has basically convinced its base that anything contravening the GOP line is some sort of evil leftist plot to take away their freedom. Sensible gun control? They want to cancel the second amendment! Raise the minimum wage? They want to end the free market! Wear a mask and practise social distancing to slow the spread of a terrible disease? Covid tyranny, a plot to take away your freedoms!

Yeah, convincing people that government is the problem pretty much cripples actual governing. My point is that the GOP “Anything we don’t agree with is a plot to destroy America!” ultimately makes red controlled areas ungovernable. Exhibit A: Ammon Bundy is building a far-right theocratic army under the guise of defending ‘rights’ A political ideology that cripples public health initiatives in the face of a pandemic is not a viable long term strategy. Trumpism, no matter how much its followers believe otherwise, is just another political/ideological con in the service of its creators.

Lastly, with sensible government, it is possible to keep Covid-19 at bay. Just found out that Canada’s self ruling First Nation’s province Nunavut has completely avoided Covid-19. Last March they simply barred entry for virtually all non residents, and made returnees quarantine. The result? Zero Covid-19 cases. Zero. Granted there’s only 35,000 people or so in Nunavut, but it’s not an island like New Zealand. This is an example of good government by any metric.

Haiti has also done well with Covid-19, for reasons no one understands. Reality is complicated and nuanced, something many humans will never understand. If there were simplistic workable  black and white answers to governing human societies, Earth would be a paradise. Alas every simplistic answer so far has failed in the breech. Sorry Mr Trump and your followers, believing Trump was an answer sent by God doesn’t actually make it so.

If Trump wins the election, woo boy, four years of him getting back at his enemies. That will be fun. If he loses, two months of him punishing everyone for failing him. Fun times. Or maybe Trump will die in some memorable manner, and Trumpism will supersede Christianity. A thousand years from now there will be Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Trumpers. The four great Abrahamaaic faiths.

All killing and beheading each other just like today. Stay safe everyone. Comments, questions appreciated.#StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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Written by unitedcats

October 18, 2020 at 8:32 pm

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