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The strange index for this election just keeps going up. Yes, Trump is trying to inspire, scare, something his supporters by claiming that Biden is going to do exactly what Biden promises to do listen to scientists! It’s hard for me to get my head around. While I understand that there are many people who actually think science is all made up shit or whatever, most people understand when one has a science based problem, time to talk to the scientists. It’s up there with “Listen to your doctor, lawyer, or car mechanic.” Granted there’s crooks and charlatans in all fields of endeavor, but a crooked car mechanic doesn’t mean all car mechanics are crooked.

It’s a fascinating election, two weeks to go. In 2016 the mainstream Dem consensus was “Trump is a dangerous joke, but Clinton’s a shoe in.” This time, a lot less complacency. Looking good for Biden, but the country is so volatile and times are so uncertain, best not to make assumptions. Trump though, boy. He isn’t making any attempt to appeal to people outside his base. It’s always been his way, but recently, he’s like doubling down on it. He’s a one trick pony. He seems almost manically determined to alienate anyone outside his core followers. This is beyond politics even, it’s cult recruitment in a way.

Another and final Trump/Biden debate event is going to happen. My prediction: Eff if I know. A steaming shitshow of some kind seems certain, will certainly be wildly watched after the last … whatever it was. More to blog about, not that there’s ever a shortage. Covid-19 is resurging in Europe, the dread second wave. Third wave ramping up nicely in America.

So, checking the news. These are the topics for the upcoming debate: “American families, race in America, climate change, national security and leadership.” Yeah, this would be like a debate in 1944 that didn’t include the war. I’m sorry, but the only thing to debate right now is “What are you going to do about Covid-19?” It’s in the top four mass death events in US history, and no end in sight. If that question isn’t included, the debate is more or less farcical.

The photo above is a few miles from my home. I went on a photoshoot mini road trip, and it was pretty much a fail. The first place I stopped, nothing, not a single thing inspired a photo. Then a long period of driving around and finding nothing. My second stop, looked promising, hiked a ways … camera batteries dead. Garment rending time. On a lark stopped at a third spot. Had promise, but the light was wrong, and there was a car parked ruining an interesting view. Walked around and took a pile of shots, digital cameras have sure made that easy. Hoped maybe one or two would be OK.

And this picture above pleases me. It’s OK. And boy, talk about living in a bubble of privilege I drove a car around for hours, to take pictures. A luxury most of the people in the world, past and present, would never experience.

Oh well, it is what it is. Even more random train of thought blogs are coming. Got a month of good health left, what to do? Write about anything I want to! Next blog, my explanation for the Fermi Paradox. Unless some new 2020 event blows up. Aliens use Ouija Boards to open a portal for their invasion fleet? Pence divorces his wife to marry his pool boy? Turns out Biden was just a bunch of squirrels in a suit?

Stay safe everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

Copyright © 2020 Doug Stych. All rights reserved.

(image: Copyright © 2020 Doug Stych. All rights reserved.)


Written by unitedcats

October 19, 2020 at 7:46 pm

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