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I woke up this morning and went outside to look at the lake and the sky, I live by a lake, and it never ceases to amaze me. The world we share is exquisite in its realness. And the waves were really rolling in. Like big waves. Like surfing type waves. I’d never seen anything like it before, and have lived here for years. I was worried about boats and docks. Exciting. Then I realized, there’s no wind, this can’t be real. And then I woke up. Been awhile since I had a dream like that, reality and the dream country intertwined, but it happens.

I actually have a dream USA I visit regularly. It’s smaller than the real USA, one can drive across it in a day. I could write travel guides to parts of it. Some great hiking, I walk a lot in my dreams. I’ve had a number of people tell me they find that fascinating, I should write about it! I’m like, doesn’t everyone have a dream country that they visit regularly? Right? And what does the dream mean?

Beats me. I’m still trying to grok Trump deciding to just walk away from Covid-19. I’m not alone. Trump White House surrenders to the coronavirus, Trump team just announced its surrender to the pandemic,  Trump Tells Coronavirus, ‘I Surrender’, and my favorite headline:  The Trump administration’s covid-19 message: You’re on your own. Try not to die. That the pandemic was going to hit the US hard was a given, that the Trump administration would essentially do nothing didn’t cross my mind. I take back every positive thing I ever said about Trump, I was wrong. He is incompetant on a scale previously unimaginable in a POTUS. So so many people are going to die, so much loss and pain and suffering. And people think Trump was sent by God? That’s one sick and cruel God I guess.

And Trump’s not done yet. A week from tonight Trump will be declaring electoral victory, and who the hell knows what will happen then. For the past four years the Democratic establishment in Washington has essentially let Trump do whatever he wants, I’m not sure they have the spine to fight if Trump blatantly steals the election. I’m not sure how the American people would respond if Trump steals the election. That’s my current election prediction by the way, Trump is simply going to declare he won. And I think the Democrat establishment will just let him.

And the nation’s Covid-19 and economic death spiral will carry on, because in real life, Trump doesn’t have the magical powers he and his followers think he has. In other words, you think 2020 was bad, 2021 is going to say “You thought that was bad? Hold my beer.” I hope I’m wrong. For example, the crayfish apocalypse I warned about is happening: Escaped cloned female mutant crayfish take over Belgian cemetery. They’re coming for the dead, the living are next. I warned about it in 2018: The Crayfish Apocalypse.

What a time to be alive. So many people still don’t understand that Covid-19 changes everything. I’ll keep blogging as long as I can. Hoping my cancer surgery isn’t cancelled as Covid-19 overwhelms our health care system. Woohoo! Stay safe everyone, comments, questions, likes appreciated. #CancerSucks #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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(Image: Public domain Snappygoat image. I selected this image because the waves in my dream were like this.)


Written by unitedcats

October 27, 2020 at 8:02 pm

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