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Well, a few terrible terrorist attacks in France. Macron has deployed troops to defend public sites: Macron deploys 7K soldiers to protect against attacks. Under the circumstances he has to do something, and this seems like a good call to my limited understanding. These attacks are by a small number of disaffected extremists, that ISIS and other actors have figured out how to activate so to speak. (Egged on by Nazi extremists as well.) A job for crack police and intelligence assets to root out. Unfortunately, the root cause of this horror, the endless European wars and propping up of criminal regimes in the Middle East/North Africa, probably won’t get addressed. We’re not really an intelligent species.

America broke its record for daily new Covid-19 cases yesterday. Covid-19 Live Updates: The U.S. Hits the 9-Million Mark as Infections Keep Surging. It’s going into a second wave in Europe as well. The US is still the world’s Covid-19 basket case though, as Trump has stopped even trying to do anything about Covid-19. That’s what the election days from now is about. A guy who literally thinks he’s the greatest POTUS ever, and Covid-19 is no big deal exaggerated by his enemies. Versus a guy who acknowledges Covid-19 is real, and requires a rational science based response. Fantasy vs reality basically.

Will Biden live up to his promise and launch a Federal effort to crush Covid-19? Damned if I know. Democrats have been promising stuff for decades and instead just selling out to corporate America. Still I can’t imagine that corporate America sees any profit in letting Covid-19 kill hundreds of thousands of people.

We’ll see. Or not. My current thinking is that Trump will declare victory on election night, McConnell and the SCOTUS will fall all over themselves backing him, and all hell will break loose. Will the Dem elite just roll over like they did in 2000? Will people take to the streets like during the Occupy protests? Will there be an explosion of civil unrest? Damned if I know, but whatever happens, I’ll be sure to blog about it.

Still seeing people who think things are going to get back to “normal,” that Covid-19 is just a temporary aberration, it will go away, and we can all go back to pretending that everything is under control. I’m sorry to say that when reality changes, it never goes back to the way it was before. Welcome to Earth.

One last link. A nice article in Alternet talking about how America is well on its way to becoming a failed state. Donald Trump and the American descent toward failed-state status. Alternet is a sketchy source, but this jibed with my understanding. America is not a failed state yet, but we had serious problems before Covid-19, and it hasn’t brought out the best in us. The GOP’s winning (short term) strategy of “Anything the libtards suggest is a plot to take away your rights” has rendered large parts of the country essentially ungovernable. Hope I’m wrong.

First full moon Halloween since 1944. Weird synchronicities there. By October 1944, any German (or Japanese) of sound mind knew the war was lost, Hitler was not going to lead them to victory. Not debatable. By the same token, any American of sound mind knows that Trump’s leadership is no better than Hitler’s, and horrible defeat looms. Hope I’m wrong.

Five more days until the solid human waste matter intercepts the rotating turbine blades. (Election 2020.) Thank you Ralph Johnson. Stay safe everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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(Image: The French defeat at Dien Bien Phu. Credit: Public domain. Another instance where fantasy strategy failed.)


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October 29, 2020 at 8:39 pm

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