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The world turned to ice for me tonight. Only the second time in my life that’s happened. Let me explain, I’m sure others have experienced the same. Time slowed down is another way to put it. I was out by the lake waiting for the sunset. A woman with her two toddler children was to my left. One of the kids made a run for the lake. Across the road. I was like, whoa, hope no car is coming … glanced to my right, oh yeah, there’s the car moving right along … And that’s when the world froze. I was paralyzed for a moment, I was not close enough to get to the kid, so I started moving towards the car. No thought involved.  It screeched to a halt, the driver saw me or the kid. Everyone was very upset, but we all went our ways. Halloween night, guess being scared is on point so to speak.

Still calming down. Good to know I’m still alive actually. I’m guessing that my body fired off a spurt of adrenaline and other chemicals. I wasn’t exactly calm before either. So there’s a limit to how far I can calm down. I have, as they say, the anxiety. The election is three days away, and I am not sanguine about the outcome. As in, I fear it’s going to be ugly. Republic changing ugly. Trump is no Caesar, but he might be the end of the republic nonetheless. His followers are capable of anything.

This for example: Biden Team Cancels Texas Event After Highway ‘Ambush’ by MAGA Cavalry. Yes, the Biden campaign bus was ambushed and surrounded on its way to a campaign event. This isn’t “protest.” In any previous election year this would have pretty much been a campaign destroying scandal. Now, it’s the new normal. Trump is not exactly known for his efforts at reconciliation and compromise. What’s going to happen if he openly encourages armed revolt? What will his followers do? I hope we don’t find out.

The few Trump supporters I know think Trump’s going to easily win reelection, and the whole left wing media hoax that is Covid-19 will fall apart having failed to dislodge Trump, and things will get back to “normal.” And Trump’s second and third terms will be even better! The libtards will finally be put in their place! And America will be great again. I would call this a reality testing issue. On the left, we have the flip side to Covid-19 denial. Trump denial. Still a lot of leftists claiming Trump and Biden are equivalent, and support for either is selling out. Well, good for them, vote for your candidate of choice. They’re wrong though.

There’s a class of people in history whose gravitas or whatever one wants to call it sucks in huge numbers of, well, supporters? It’s more than that though. There are people who just are shining stars in their age, movers and shakers, people who had a vision and compelled others to follow. Washington. Joan of Arc. Lincoln. Mussolini. Ghenghis Khan. Jackson. Hitler. Julius Caesar. Churchill. Mao. Caesar Augustus. Many others, but still, once in a generation leaders. Trump is one of those, Biden isn’t. Trump and Biden are not the same.

If Trump was a Lincoln or even a Caesar Augustus, I’d be “Go Trump!” No, he’s a Jackson or Mussolini at best. Trump lives in a world where science is fake news. That disqualifies any leader, and makes messianic leaders like Trump even more dangerous. Biden may be a corrupt Washington insider, but he still lives in the real world. This election comes down to a vote between reality and fantasy. Or look at it this way. Our house is on fire. Trump says it’s too expensive to fight the fire, it’s no big deal. Biden says letting the house burn down is going to be a lot more expensive than fighting the fire. Seems like a no brainer decision to me.

Vote Biden. Or vote green or whatever, vote for your candidate. Don’t vote for Trump, his rejection of a science based response to Covid-19 has killed tens of thousands of Americans already. Hell, the man is trying to spread Covid-19, not fight it. Stanford study estimates that 18 crowded Trump rallies ultimately resulted in 30,000 coronavirus cases.

Image above is an artist’s impression of a view from the surface of Titan, a moon of Saturn. The only moon in the Solar System with a significant atmosphere. Clouds, rain, weather, lightning, rivers, lakes, seas. Must be freaking beautiful. Would require one hell of a space suit, hundreds of degrees below zero. A world turned to ice.

Stay safe everyone, enjoy the last weekend. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

Copyright © 2020 Doug Stych. All rights reserved.

(Image: Artist’s impression of a view from Titan’s surface. Credit: unknown, used without permission, claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law.)


Written by unitedcats

October 31, 2020 at 8:12 pm

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