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Two days away from the most important election of my lifetime. An election that transcends politics, it’s basically a referendum on reality itself. Yeah, Biden is a corrupt Washington insider who will represent the bankers, the pentagon, and big corporations, like every president since Reagan. (And that most certainly includes Trump, he’s been a wonderful friend to the rich.) Biden however, understands that Covid-19 is real, Trump is still operating under the bat shit crazy idea that it’s some sort of Democratic hoax. Yes Mr Trump, the entire world is staging a hoax just to make you look bad.

As one might expect, lot’s of crazy stuff is going on. Dr Fauci is under fire from the White House for being honest about just what a disaster Trump’s response to Covid-19 has been. Trump has repeatedly quoted Dr Fauci out of context or otherwise tried to claim that Fauci approved of Trump’s utterly unscientific approach to fighting Covid-19. Pretending that science supports an unscientific approach is about as playing politics as it gets. Trump’s response to Covid-19 was not in any way shape or form based on science. Playing politics with Covid-19 has been Trump’s playbook from the beginning. Over 200,000 Americans are dead and the pandemic is roaring out of control as a result.

Trump is out of control too, running around holding huge indoor rallies that are basically superspreader events. A study out of Stanford says Trump’s rallies have spread about 30,000 cases and killed about 700 people. Essentially Trump is deliberately spreading Covid-19 among his dedicated fan base. While really upping his quota of lies. Claiming doctors are making money by claiming Covid deaths when they aren’t Covid deaths. Transcendental nonsense according to the AMA, and like Trump has  been from the beginning, horribly insulting to the medical community.

Trump pretty much has nothing good to say about people who don’t support him. Not terribly presidential in my book, but the people steeped in “the libtards are what’s wrong with America” mentality eat it up. Who wouldn’t want to be one of the good guys, heroically vanquishing America’s internal enemies, the Democrats? The majority of Americans apparently. That’s one of the aspects of modern America that gets ignored by the right. Progressives or whatever one wants to call them have outnumbered the people who identify as Christian white Americans for decades. Obama got elected twice. Gore and Clinton both won the popular vote. It is what it is.

I’m still betting Trump will just declare victory on election night. In his mind, he’s the greatest and most popular president ever. He actually believes this, and surrounds himself with people who tell him “You’re right again boss!” What will happen after that is anyone’s guess, but I don’t think ballots matter. What is America going to do when Trump says “I won the election!” and nothing will sway him from that conviction? What am I going to do? Keep blogging!

A little part of me says, great, I hope Trump does win the election. Another four years of Trump will leave America as a basket case, and maybe then we’ll get a real revolution. Stay safe everyone, this was the last normal weekend for awhile. Comments, questions, suggestions appreciated. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula


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I once thought that if the world was attacked/threatened by alien invaders from another universe, we, as the human race, would rise together, work together, and overcome our differences for the sake of humanity and the continuation of life on this planet.

But we are not that. We are so flawed, this beautifully tragic chaos that is human condition.

You do understand, I think, that when the alien arrives amongst us, they will be so advanced, so utterly foreign, that we will not be capable of understanding what is happening, incomprehensible to our eye, they will be rendered invisible.

The alien is among us. It is invisible. The scope of destruction is incomprehensible. It uses our bodies to live, it migrates between us when we get too close. It has not only physically weakened us as a species, but has entered our minds, insidious, we are falling into deep depressions, acting out against each other when we are no longer allowed to sing, dance, or celebrate together.

The enemy is here.

But we cannot get past our petty differences and feelings of invincibility. The human in us cripples us in a way that only helps the alien replicate. We supply the living cells for the enemy to thrive.

There is no soul. There is no thought. This is the invasion.


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(Image: From 2014 is all I could find, it’s all over the interwebs. Used without permission, claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law, will gladly attribute properly if so informed.)


Written by unitedcats

November 1, 2020 at 8:13 pm

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