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I love the Simpsons. Watched and taped them religiously for years. When I was sick I’d just binge watch my taped Simpsons episodes (although not sure the term ‘binge watch’ existed then.) Then along came the Internet and my boxes of old VHS tapes slowly became irrelevant. Something people did in the 80s and 90s, tape stuff. Had a lot of movies on tape. All landfill now, or strangling turtles. IDK. So yeah, anything can be explained with the properly selected Simpsons images. Star Trek memes work too, the universal languages.

The image is accurate. Trump maintains that a huge conspiracy cost him the election, despite zero actual evidence for same. Something I just wrote in an email regarding the ‘Trump Show” or whatever one wants to call the current events:

“Yeah, the right has drifted further away from reality than the left in recent years, but Trump completely unmoored his followers from consensus reality and brought them into Trump’s show, where he’s the greatest president ever.

Very unusual event historically. Commodus is the closest analogy I could find, maybe Nero. Cromwell? Hitler too, but only in a narrow sense. None of them came to good  ends really. Reality is not actually subject to human will on a vast scale, no matter how much it may look so briefly. (Trump’s election, Hitler conquering France in ten days.) Stunning “successes” like these are actually a lucky confluence of events combined with the particular skill set of the person at top.”

Once you decide you’re a God, an ugly end follows eventually. Usually sooner than later.

So yes, the first election in US history where the incumbent POTUS loser refuses to accept the results of the election. OK then. And the Covid-19 pandemic is exploding out of control in the US, just to add fat to the fire.We are treating it better now, less than a one percent fatality rate. Still, that’s millions of dead Americans if Covid-19 spreads through the whole population. 1500 dead on Wednesday. We can expect to see a 9/11 dead a day sometime soon, since Trump has given up fighting Covid-19.

Once again for the people in the back, Covid-19 ain’t no freaking flu or cold: Brain Scans Show a Whole Spectrum of COVID-19 Abnormalities We Can’t Fully Explain. And: One in 5 COVID-19 patients develop mental illness within 90 days – study. And: Even if you’re asymptomatic, COVID-19 can harm your heart, study shows – here’s what student athletes need to know.

Oh, yeah, Covid-19 fatigue. Hearing stuff about people, especially Americans, ‘tired’ of Covid-19 restrictions. They just want it over with. Here’s what I have to say to them: GROW. THE. FUCK. UP. Bitching about the inconvenience of pandemic public health measures is no different than car trip’s children  “Are we there yet?” Covid-19 changed everything, if you don’t get that, you are living in a fantasy world.

Fun times. Stay safe everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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Written by unitedcats

November 12, 2020 at 8:48 pm

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