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Woohoo, survived the first surgery! Still kicking! And writing! At least no one said “Oops” or “Oh my God, what the hell is that?” during the surgery, that has to be good, right? I refused a general anesthetic on the grounds that one should always refuse such if possible. Why add another layer of Russian roulette to the mix? And I was able to keep my eyes closed during most of it, and the few times I wasn’t, well, apparently surgery involves blood all over the place. I don’t recall that from House, Hollywood failed to prepare me for reality once again. Granted being only able to see out of one eye (the other being covered in bandages) is a bit of a hassle, but if that’s the worst that happens, all good.

Enough about me. As Elizabeth Barrett Browning said after meeting William Wordsworth “He was very nice to me and let me hear his conversation.” I may have mangled that, but one gets the drift. So yeah, the pandemic is getting worse. Americans dying while screaming “It’s all a hoax!” I kid one nought: South Dakota ER nurse tells horrific stories of patients near death — and still denying COVID is real. And then this: Incarcerated Texans enlisted to work in county morgue as COVID-19 deaths overwhelm El Paso. Fun times.

Some states are trying to crack down again, Trump’s pet quack called for one state to “rise up” against new restrictions. He later “clarified” that he wasn’t “inciting violence.” So glad that’s cleared up. The state where a political kidnapping plot against the governor was foiled, and armed protestors entered government buildings to “protest.” I guess that’s all he was calling for, phew. I am sick of Covid snowflakes. Heard one whining online today “It’s been nine whole months! This can’t go on! Wah! Wah! Wah!’ OK, he didn’t literally say “Wah wah wah.” He was also commenting in a group where non-Trumpers aren’t allowed, so I couldn’t respond to his pathetic bleat. For the record, anyone “tired” of Covid-19 restrictions should stfu, they are as welcome as people saying we should have just  surrendered in 1942 or 1862, because nine months of war was too much of a bother.

Yeah, fighting a war is a bother, and sure as hell puts a strain on the economy. Surrendering or losing is going to be much more a bother and much harder on the economy. As Germany and Japan could attest in 1945. And of course people will die. Far more than need be as Trump’s increasingly bizarre refusal to admit he lost the election continues. Even Biden had no trouble saying it. It’s like living in a Salman Rushdie novel. (Magical realism being the connection.)

And Biden’s right, lives will be lost. This winter is going to be a nightmare in America by all indications. I admit my predictions about how bad it would get this summer were off. Covid-19 did slow down in the summer months combined with restrictions. And for reasons not yet fully understood, it hasn’t been as bad as it could have been in the undeveloped world. We’re not out of the woods yet though. Spending all day in medical facilities where everything revolved around preventing the spread of Covid-19 gave me a renewed appreciation of the gravity of the situation and why everyone should do their part to fight Covid-19.

They’re all crisis actors! I’ve been hoaxed! Snort. I’m guessing people spewing stuff like that don’t understand how fucking dumb they sound. Covid-19 has lowered my tolerance for human stupidity, with no end in sight. And I’m going to keep blogging about it, because people still aren’t getting it and blogging is what I do. Fighting for America on the beaches of the Internet so to speak. Stay safe everyone, have a good week. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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Written by unitedcats

November 16, 2020 at 9:30 pm

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  1. Did you have cataract surgery??


    November 17, 2020 at 1:17 am

  2. Hey Doug. I really look forward to your blogs.


    November 17, 2020 at 4:40 am

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