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Sedition. Noun: sedition; plural noun: seditions

“Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.”

At this point Trump’s attempts to subvert the results of the election certainly cross the line into sedition. This is what really did it for me: Trump summons Michigan GOP leaders for extraordinary meeting. No one knows what they are going to discuss, but since Trump has repeatedly floated the idea of GOP lawmakers overturning their states’ election results and giving their electoral votes to Trump, it’s not hard to guess.

Trump is still maintaining that some sort of massive election fraud cost him the election. He has provided no evidence. Every lawsuit he has filed has failed. Georgia finished their recount, Biden won. This was not a close election, but Trump continues to act as if the election was stolen and he will remain president, utterly refusing to even begin the usual transition to the next administration. It’s not a plot though, Trump and his followers live in an alternate reality. I was forced to listen to a snippet from a recent Trump rally in Arizona. He claimed at great length how Biden planned to “eliminate the border” and just let people freely flow into the US.

This is so divorced from reality one hardly knows where to begin. It’s more or less claiming Biden is secretly a potted plant wearing a human suit. It’s that effing stupid. That’s what we’re up against now. A lame duck president who lives in an imaginary reality, and has sucked tens of millions of Americans into it. Folie à deux on steroids. That’s when two or more people go insane together and share the same delusional reality. Trump simply can’t grasp he has lost the election, his niece has a cogent take on it: Mary Trump: The president ‘gaslights himself’ — and is stuck believing there’s no way he could have lost.

I particularly liked “Donald does not strategize,” Mary explained. No, he doesn’t. Oh, epiphany time. This is why Trump, like Hitler, so devastatingly destroyed his parallel contemporaries. Trump took over the GOP not because he was a brilliant strategist, but because he actually believed the political speil he was espousing. Hitler’s rise in Germany’s right political sphere was the same, powerful politicians thought they could benefit from this political outsider, only to be sidelined, co-opted, or eliminated as Hitler’s alternate reality infected their base.

Trump is not a politician, he’s a man who believes he’s anointed by the Gods. Usually such people don’t go far in life. Sometimes due to a confluence of unlikely factors, they change history. This is one of those times. What a time to be alive. The Trumpers don’t realize they aren’t living in consensus reality anymore. And most anti Trumpers don’t understand that either. We have two conflicting consensus realities in mainstream America now.

Amidst the worst pandemic in generations, if not centuries. One out of every 1000 North Dakotans has died of Covid-19 now. No surprise, the states that took the least precautions are now the hardest hit. Might make one out of every 500 by winter’s end. Winter is coming gentle reader.

Stay safe everyone. For the folks who may have missed it, Covid-19 is a horrible frightening new disease the likes of which we have never seen before, and everyone should do everything in their power to avoid getting and spreading it. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or deluded.

#StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

Copyright © 2020 Doug Stych. All rights reserved.

(Image: Galloping Gertie collapses, 1940. Public Domain under US copyright law.)


Written by unitedcats

November 19, 2020 at 8:35 pm

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