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Once again my incipiant blog post is overtaken by breaking news. The Supreme Court has rejected the Texas lawsuit and refused to hear the case. Basically the case was just a rehash of various unsubstantiated allegations of fraud that have repeatedly been shot down in state courts. And it got even weirder before it was rejected, states that don’t exist filed briefs in support of Texas: The Texas lawsuit to overturn the election has grown so absurd that fake states are now signing on. That’s right, people claiming to represent “New California” and “New Nevada” weighed in, claiming their state governments were behaving so unconstitutionally that they were no longer lawful state governments. OK then.

Essentially almost every legal expert concurred that the Texas lawsuit was constitutionally absurd, and the SCOTUS was absolutely correct in refusing to even give it a hearing. So why did so many people sign onto it, including like ¼ of Congress? I think it’s fairly obvious, an attempt to appease and curry favor with Trump. He’s still the leader of the GOP base, for good or for ill. Trump is absolutely convinced he won the election, but it was fraudulently stolen by Biden. (More on that below.) As Mary Trump recently said, Donald is the only person she ever met who could gaslight themselves. Yeah, she never met any 9/11 Truthers I guess.

So Trump’s legal Hail Mary efforts to overturn the election have come to naught. If the SCOTUS was going to give the election to Trump, they would have done so. Now what? Damned if I know. Trump is not going to suddenly concede the election, he can’t, he lives in a fantasy world. My big fear now is that there are a million potential John Wilkes Booth out there who will now be “activated” by Trump’s continuing insistence that he won the election. I mean, America is two nations now, both think they won the election.

Could I be wrong? Was there massive fraud to give the election to Biden? Well, one friend thinks so. He sent me this link.: THE GEORGIA BALLOT UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. My friend is a proponent of the idea that the election was indeed stolen from Trump and that there was no way Biden could have won as reported. He sent me another link too that I might deconstruct if I have the time and inclination, but we’ll start with the above link. I’m willing to look at the evidence and hear the arguments. What’s going on in this ballot counting room?

Easy, hell if I know. This article is a classic gish gallop argument. That’s where so much information is tossed out that the time to understand it, let alone refute it, is overwhelming. I know exactly nothing about how ballots are counted, a trait I likely share with 99.99% of Americans. For me to understand what’s going on in the analyzed video footage would take hours of my life, more than likely days. It may be a perfectly normal ballot count, there may be felonious skulduggery. I’m simply not qualified to even give an amateur’s opinion on this, let alone expert opinion.

Does this mean we’re done here? Nope. That’s the beauty of logic and reason, they can still be applied. There are essentially two possibilities in the video. Nothing untoward is going on in which case this article can be safely disregarded. However, let’s assume it does actually show a major ballot counting fraud being committed, as the author of the article seems sure of. I mean this video is out there, wouldn’t people have seen it?

Yes, turns out they have. Trump himself retweeted part of this video recently in support of his claim: Analysis | Trump touts misleading video as ‘proof’ of Georgia voter fraud. Um, long story short, virtually no one with any knowledge of how votes are counted found anything criminal in this video. So basically to grant that this video is evidence of voter fraud means that countless thousands of experts in the field, including numerous Republicans, are in on the fraud. Yeah, that seems unlikely.

Lastly, even if this is some proof of election fraud, it’s one county in Georgia, not evidence of a national stolen election. Multiple layers of special pleading are needed to make this video proof of something. This whole “The election was stolen” thing is so similar to the 9/11 Truthers it’s fascinating. People convince themselves that something couldn’t have happened the way it happened, and assiduously scour public information for “evidence” that supports their alternate reality. And since the human brain is wired for pattern recognition, not logic, they find it! And post it on youtube!

What a time to be alive. The future is always uncertain, but Trump and Covid have erased the world we all grew up in. In America we face a bleak Covid and economically ravaged winter, who knows what spring 2021 will herald. Stay safe and sane everyone, have a great weekend. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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(Image; Pirated from Facebook, attribution unknown, used without permission, claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law.)


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December 11, 2020 at 8:51 pm

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