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A Trump supporting friend sent me this article: Year Zero | ZeroHedge. Fortunately it’s mostly satire. Mostly. Imagine being so paranoid that one thinks governments trying to save their citizen’s lives is some sort of plot to deprive citizens of their rights? Sigh. Well, lots of Americans do. What a weird paranoid world Evangelical conservatives live in. Gay marriage is a threat to their marriage. Someone saying “Happy Holidays” is a “War on Christmas.”  Not letting public schools hold religious services is somehow “banning God from school.” And of course the transcendent absurdity of thinking that they need to carry a gun around to be safe.

And then there’s this, well, whack job: Right-wing militant leader pledges violent support for Trump dictatorship. He thinks Biden’s election was some sort of Chinese communist plot:

“Anti-government extremist Stewart Rhodes again called on President Donald Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and deploy the U.S. military against his domestic opponents.

TheOath Keepers leader posted an open letter Monday urging the president to order “trusted military units” to “seize” the databases of CIA, DNI, FBI, NSA and state election systems and administrators to expose an alleged conspiracy between U.S. “elites” and the Chinese government to hand the election to Joe Biden…”

I did mention that these people are no longer living in the real world? It was bad enough when they thought Obama was a secret Muslim born in Kenya, now they think a guy who is about as communist as Hitler is some sort of Chinese plant? Thinking Putin got Trump elected was pretty silly, but this is over the top.

Fortunately I can’t really imagine Trump doing something like that, at heart he’s a coward and a little boy trying to prove he’s a man, opening that can of worms would put him in danger. Yes, President Bone Spurs isn’t about to take that kind of risk. And considering how zero GOP judges and election officials bought into Trump’s stolen election fantasies, I think it’s safe to say that the military would be, um, no. And if illegal right wing militants did try to seize government buildings and what not, I’m pretty sure they would be no match for helicopter gunships and cruise missiles. Sure would be exciting though, think of the memes!

Not just random militants, some GOP leaders are also blatantly pushing the “Biden is a Chinese puppet” theme: ‘Prepare for war’: GOP state rep pushes dangerous pro-Trump conspiracy theory over Biden win. So I dunno. Still scary times.

And in Covid news, a new record yesterday, over 3600 dead: U.S. Surpasses 3,600 Daily Coronavirus Deaths, Breaks Prior Hospitalization Record. God rest their souls, God grant peace and comfort to their loved ones. At least a vaccine is being distributed, and another is almost ready for rollout. The science behind the new vaccines is actually quite remarkable: It Took Two Days to Develop Moderna’s Vaccine. So there’s every reason to believe that future outbreaks of novel diseases will see vaccines post haste.

Still, the author thinks things will get back to “normal” within 18 months or so. I hope not. One of the things Covid has shown is just how vulnerable the world is to novel diseases. Normal wasn’t working. Diseases far worse than Covid are not only entirely possible, they are inevitable. And diseases for which no vaccine is possible are also possible. In some ways we really dodged a bullet with Covid, though granted we’re not out of the woods yet. The world needs vastly better global health planning, and every effort should be made to end the sorts of bushmeat trade that brought us Covid (and AIDs) in the first place.  Thinking that new vaccine technology will fix this problem we brought on ourselves is, well, wishful thinking in my opinion.

And then there’s global warming, which still isn’t really being very well addressed. Bottom line, a world run by the rich for the rich really isn’t such a hot idea. And the upwards transfer of wealth is only going to get worse. I just read that American billionaires could give everyone in America $3000 … and they would still be richer than they were before Covid. If that’s not obscene, I don’t know what is.

Stay safe, sane, and warm everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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December 17, 2020 at 8:13 pm

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