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I am angry. I am sad. I am ashamed. I am afraid. And the first death has been reported. Now I am crying. Random observations/thoughts follow.

After hearing Trump speak, a mob of his supporters stormed the Capitol Building in Washington today while Congress was in session certifying Biden’s electoral win. And literally overran much of the building, including offices of Senators etc. Lots of vandalism and looting. One young woman is dead. They’ve been removed from the Capitol building now, the National Guard has been called in. Trump has been blocked on Twitter and Facebook. Congress is apparently planning to finish the certification tonight. That’s what I know as of now, some shocking footage and images on TV.

Some initial observations and thoughts. If this had been any group but Trump supporters, Trump and the GOP would have been enraged beyond all reason, and accused them of every crime under the sun and demanded harsh justice. At the very least. But I see so many Trump supporters falling all over themselves to justify it. This is white privilege illustrated folks. When whites do it, acceptable protest. Black man takes a peaceful knee in protest, OMG he’s spitting on America!

Speaking of spitting on America, the people parading Confederate Flags around inside the Capitol building, you just spat and pissed in the face of every American who ever served this country. If you hate America that much, get the hell out of it. I digress.

A case can be made that Trump crossed the Rubicon today. For my readers unfamiliar with the term, That was when Caesar marched his army into Italy with the intent of dissolving the Roman Republic and installing himself as Emperor. Trump was basically doing the same thing, he rejected the results of the election and essentially urged his supporters to do what they did. He’s claiming he won the election, it was stolen from him. His claims are unsupported by any evidence (or logic,) but that’s kind of irrelevant.

What happens now? No one knows. This is a new one for the US. An incumbent president who won’t accept an election loss and encourages mob rule to retain his office. Still, rumors are already flying that the 25th amendment has already been invoked. That means that key people in Congress decided Trump is unfit to hold office and stripped him of the presidency, and Pence is now in fact the POTUS. Wouldn’t surprise me, the powers that be, IE the ultra rich, whom both parties serve, may have decided that Trump has gone too far.

And just for foreigners and future readers, yes, it’s freaking weird, that these protesters are protesting something that didn’t happen! Trump lost the election, his fantasy that a landslide victory was stolen from him is just that, a fantasy.

Watching reconvened Congress now, Rand Paul just denounced Trump. Others are doing the same. Is Trump the new Beria? Beria thought he was Stalin’s chosen successor. He overestimated his position, went to a meeting of the assembly running Russia … and member after member rose and denounced him. Like Beria, Trump didn’t get it, he needed the support of the established government to stay in power, he doesn’t have it.

The rioters today claim they are coming back tomorrow in greater numbers and with weapons. Maybe they will. God only knows what will happen. Watching Senator after Senator, including Republican Senators, praise Pence and denounce Trump and his attempt to subvert the election by mob rule, I don’t think trump’s mob has much chance.

Trump ducking stepped in it. He’s history. He’s ducking history. He’s been tossed to the wolves by the very people he’s spent his whole trying to be accepted by. He’s being called on his lies. In some ways this is brilliant, it gives Trump supporters an out. The ones who didn’t storm the Capitol today. That’s most of them.

No no no no no no. Watching history live. OMFG. Looks like Trump is toast, Senate is certifying Biden’s win, like 97 to 3 or similar. I am assuming the House will do the same. I’m gonna crash. Looks like the Trump train has derailed. Stay safe everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

Please be OK E.

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January 6, 2021 at 8:27 pm

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