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Watching Trump’s fall from grace is, well, pleasurable to me. I usually am empathetic to people’s losses, but he’s done so much harm that I find that hard to do. And even more, he did this to himself, eyes wide open. Trump is a man who’s spent his entire life trying to become one of “the beautiful people,” the upper crust, the rich and powerful, the exalted. And I’m sure he thought that being president would finally get him the keys to the kingdom so to speak. That was never going to happen. Why not? Because he’s a rich pig with zero class, zero style, zero wit. A man who thought marrying a hot stripper would earn him the envy of other men. He’s a little boy who never understood that trappings are meaningless, any schmuck can become filthy rich or get elected president. Being president meant the rich and powerful had to tolerate Trump at state functions, but he would never be one of them. And now that he’s destroyed what little class he had left with his cosplayer revolution, his powerful “friends” are dropping him like a hot potato. I’m a freaking unknown low class blogger, and I have more class than Trump ever will. Hell, a world leader contacted me for advice, I doubt any ever have or ever will contact Mr. Trump for the same.

Trump will probably just wander around the nation giving ever smaller rallies and whining about how badly he was treated. His creditors will repossess everything, Melania will leave him for an unemployed dolphin trainer. Modern high tech companies will prevent him from posting anything online anywhere, he will be reduced to putting flyers under car windshield wipers. Increasingly unhinged flyers, and no one will recognise him because without his two hour makeup sessions and hair dye he’ll just be a greying balding fat old man mumbling to himself. Youtube videos of him being arrested by black cops who refuse to believe who he is will rack up millions of views, his children will disown him and change their names, and only an obscure Russian publishing house will publish his last book: “Everybody’s Mean to Me.” Seven copies will be sold, because that’s all he could afford. Last seen publicly spare changing in front of the former Trump Tower, since renamed The Black Lives Matter Tower. He dies in obscurity, the only eulogy given at his funeral is by The Pillow Guy.

Yeah, probably not that extreme. Still, even some of Trump’s more rabid supporters are calling for his execution: Far-right extremists call for the execution of ‘coward’ Trump after he asks for calm following riot: report. As a friend said, there’s no pleasing these people. The rioters are being brought to justice one by one, Far-right activist ‘Baked Alaska’ is among the latest Capitol rioters to be arrested, so they won’t be back. Still, it’s not over yet: ‘This isn’t the final chapter’: Analyst warns, again, about rise of right-wing extremists. And in Washington: Washington: man arrested with fake inaugural ID and loaded gun.

Also in Washington, after Wednesday’s Capitol Police debacle, the authorities are taking no chances. Something like 25,000 armed National Guard troops have been deployed, all screened for extremist sympathies. A FOAF reported they had to go through three checkpoints to get even near the Capitol. I’m thinking Wednesday’s riot was our IRA bloodless terrorism moment. That was when the IRA set off two bombs in England, no deaths, billions of dollars in economic damage. And like magic, the British government’s promise to never negotiate with terrorists vanished, and they sat down with the IRA and negotiated a settlement. Because almost certainly the powers that be in England, IE the rich and powerful, said THIS HAS TO STOP NOW. Very likely the Capitol Riot had the same effect in America, the rich and powerful said ENOUGH OF TRUMP’S BS, THIS ENDS NOW.

We’ll see, there may still be violence. But cosplaying “revolutionaries” vs armed troops, it won’t last long. Fantasies tend to fare poorly when they run up against reality. I mean, some of the stuff that’s come out, these guys actually thought they were kicking off a new American revolution. I wonder how many of them will ever grasp that they were “revolting” against election fraud that didn’t happen, to prevent a non-existent Chinese communist plot to turn America into a socialist country, outlaw Christianity, and take their guns away. It would be funny except five people died, our nation’s reputation was besmirched, and most of them will serve time in federal prison.

Lastly, this interview with a police officer who was nearly killed by Trump’s insurrection mob is, well, moving: ‘Kill him with his own gun’: DC Metropolitan Police describe facing the mob at the Capitol. As he stated about the rioters, thanks for sparing his life, fuck them for being there in the first place.

Stay safe everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula #impeachtrump

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Written by unitedcats

January 16, 2021 at 8:21 pm

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