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More and more major news sites are paywalled these days. I find it concerning, because basically it’s limiting poor and working class people’s access to online news. A dollar a week is often the going rate, with the implied or even stated “selling point” that that’s only the cost of a cup of coffee. Chump change really. Well, to people making six figure incomes, sure. Most Americans don’t make six figure incomes, or even close to it. A dollar a week is fifty dollars a year, the cost of a trip to the grocery store. That’s serious money to huge numbers of Americans, so it effectively limits their ability to access news online. I’m not sure what can be done about it in America, but it’s sad seeing yet another barrier being erected to keep poor people in their place. Because it’s more than news that’s being blocked: want ads, employment, etc. Oh well, end rant.

Yes, it’s official, Trump will not be getting a traditional military farewell ceremony: Pentagon confirms it will not hold traditional farewell ceremony for Trump as president vies for military-style parade: reports. Oddly enough, urging an insurrection mob to storm the capitol cost  Trump even more support among the professional military. And his flurry of Trump apparatchik appointments to the Pentagon couldn’t have helped either. Clinton’s insistence that Russian interference cost her the election was ridiculous on many levels, but she didn’t urge her supporters to storm the capitol in a bizarre attempt to overturn the election results.

Does look like Trump is leaving the White House post haste. There’s even rumors that he is going to leave the country. All wild speculation, I certainly got nothing. It is really nice not having him spread his lies on social media anymore. Still, his beliefs aren’t going away anytime soon: Why Beliefs of 2020 Election Fraud Could Last Well Past Trump. My best guess is we are in for years of something akin to “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland. Basically the war between the IRA and Britain, with a few other parties involved too. Much ugliness and terrorism, but only a few thousand dead all told. It did last 30 years though, one can hope ours will be over much sooner.

Interestingly there was a previous period of, well, out and out Nazism in the USA, from 1924 to 1941 or so. Their famous 1939 rally in New York is pictured above. They were a lot more ideologically united than the weird patchwork of Neo-Nazis parading around now and on display at the capitol riot. But all pretty much the same, ultra nationalist, white supremacy, with actual pure Nazism thrown in for good measure like the “Camp Auschwitz STAFF, work brings freedom” T-shirt guy. The 1939 rally was their high water mark, and it was surrounded by far more people opposed to them than attended. Only a massive police presence kept them apart. Afterwards it turned out the leader of the rally had absconded with a huge chunk of money made at the rally and spent it on his mistress and such, like $250,000 in today’s money. That was pretty much the last straw for the American Nazi party at the time, and Pearl Harbor and Germany declaring war on us in 1941 pretty much wrapped them up.

Sadly the current batch is far more numerous. And I don’t have any problem regarding hard core Trumpers as essentially Nazis. They share pretty much identical ideology. Both want their country returned to a nation where white Christian heteronormative people basically define society’s laws and values, with everyone else shoved back in the closet. That’s what “Make America Great Again” means, convince me otherwise.

Finally, what not to do about this mess. Rebecca Solnit: On Not Meeting Nazis Halfway. Great read, this isn’t a situation where dialog and compromise is going to help. In fact it’s essentially surrendering to the right, since they have zero interest in dialog or compromise. Read the article, I’m going to be really making more of an effort to link to articles that aren’t paywalled. It’s a shame, I like a lot of the guest editorials in the New York Times, but c’est la vie. Two days to go, Biden’s Wednesday inauguration is sure gonna be different than any previous inauguration, glad I’m not going to be there. Stay safe and stay warm everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula  #impeachtrump

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(Image: 1939 Nazi Rally in NYC. Public Domain under US copyright law as it was taken by a US government employee in the course of  their duties.)

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January 18, 2021 at 9:08 pm

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