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The people who spent years listening to Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh had their chance, four years of a president who ruled based on their “tell it like it is” black and white messaging. And it was, as anyone in touch with reality expected, a disaster. The economy is in free fall, a horrible pandemic is raging, our foreign policy in shambles … AND THEY THINK TRUMP DID A GREAT JOB! I got a text from my remaining Trumper friend warning about all the horrors Biden will unleash. Thank you Rush, Alex, Fox News, Q, and all the rest for turning tens of millions of American brains into porridge. Good luck Biden and Harris, you’re going to need it.

That was my morning’s Facebook post, though not with the flag, with a picture of a contemporary homeless encampment. I’m not one of the people claiming that anyone who supports Trump is an idiot, my friend is a smart guy. But boy, Trump supporters have fallen for a lot of, well, nonsense since the Trump era started. They may not be stupid, but if one falls for lies that fly in the face of all evidence and logic, one needs a refresher course in reason and spotting logical fallacies.

And speaking of the same, what about QAnon? All their confident predictions fell through. Trump didn’t unleash a wave of arrests and put Biden, Clinton, etc in jail, and has indeed slunk off to Florida. Some of them are understandably shocked, and their reactions are all over the map. ‘We Were Played’: QAnon’s Inauguration Day Meltdown, QAnon believers refuse to give up even after Trump leaves White House — here are their craziest theories  and ‘I’m the laughing stock of my family’: QAnon believers implode as they watch Biden getting sworn in. As for the last one, dude, your family was laughing at you long before today I am sure.

In today’s epiphany, all sorts of people believing the Q conspiracy theory isn’t really hard to understand. Humans have a long proud history of falling for end of the world prophecies where some great event is going to happen that will punish the wicked and exalt the faithful: A Brief History of the Apocalypse. My favorite:

“Drawing from theology and astrology, German prophet Johann Jacob Zimmerman determined that the world would end in the fall of 1694. Zimmerman gathered a group of pilgrims and made plans to go to America to welcome Jesus back to Earth. However, he died in February of that year, on the very day of departure. Johannes Kelpius took over leadership of the cult, which was known as Woman in the Wilderness, and they completed their journey to the New World. Fall came and went and, needless to say, the cultists were profoundly disappointed at having traveled all the way across the Atlantic just to be stood up by Jesus.”

So yes, QAnon’s popularity isn’t some big mystery. People have been falling for such things for all of human history.

That being said, I have some other speculation. Second codicil, the QAnon theory is, well, a hoax. Let me review. The basic theory is that the world is being secretly run by a cabal of Satan worshipping pedophiles, with Clinton especially being one of the ringleaders. And Trump is secretly fighting these people and will eventually “come out” so to speak and arrest them all. And this has all been secretly revealed by the mysterious Q, who is a high placed somebody in the US government. Whoever Q is, and they haven’t posted since December 8, has yet to be revealed publicly. It’s all nonsense though, no actual evidence has been provided, and there are all sorts of logical reasons to dismiss it as nonsense.

So yes, the whole Q thing is nonsense. My second codicil, the whole QAnon thing has clearly been terribly damaging to the republic.I can’t think of any American who has benefited from QAnon except the people cashing in on it selling T-shirts and such. It didn’t help Trump, if anything it hurt him. It didn’t help the Democrats, the QAnon people were already Trump supporters. The only people who might conceivably benefit from QAnon were people who wanted to see America more polarized, violent and ungovernable.

So if Q was some random loser fomenting chaos in the USA, or a foreign power doing the same, why wasn’t he shut down? This is what puzzles me. US counterintelligence is so dysfunctional that they couldn’t stop Q? Or so dysfunctional that they didn’t see the harm Q was causing? Neither is a happy thought. Q was one person, or one institution at least posing as a person, and no one in the US was able to effectively out them?

In conclusion, it appears to me that the only two possibilities are massive incompetence on the part of US counterintelligence, or worse, Q wildly outclasses US counterintelligence capabilities. IDK, maybe I’m reading too much into this, but two ugly speculations come to mind. Q is an AI, Roko’s Basilisk has already come true, an AI has “woke” so to speak and is already programming humans for its own purposes, impervious to human intervention at this point. Or Q is an alien entity, AI or not, but again so far ahead of us that we might as well be ants trying to stop it.

And if this is my last post and I suddenly stop posting, well, then I’m onto something, nu? Hey, dark speculation is what I do. Stay safe everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

*Stephen Colbert I believe

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January 20, 2021 at 8:28 pm

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