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Short answer: No. Long answer: No effing way. Trump has been telling people he expects to be reinstated into the Oval Office in August. There is literally no constitutional way this could happen. Even if it were shown that massive fraud got Biden into office, there’s no mechanism for removing Biden except impeachment. And even if that were the case, the office would go to Kamala Harris, the vice president, not Trump. An ex-president isn’t isn’t anywhere in the line of succession should Biden, Harris, etc be impeached. It’s been suggested that Trump might be reinstated by a military coup, such as happened in Myanmar. I suppose that’s possible, but it would not in any way, shape, or form be legal and constitutional. It would be the end of America’s long experiment in democracy.

Frankly seems unlikely in the extreme. At this point Trump’s star continues to fall. His blog folded after just a month, surprising no one. He says he is going to launch a social media site that will rival twitter, Facebook, etc. I’m not holding my breath. He has amply demonstrated that his management and leadership skills are zero, and as an ex-potus his influence is limited and falling. We’ll see, but at this point Trump’s base is slowly and steadily shrinking, and I’m beginning to think Trump is going to fade into obscurity like Dewey after the 1948 election, image above. No, Dewey didn’t win.

We’ll see. I have been insanely busy the past month, which has interfered with my blogging. Plus, the unreality gripping the right is a challenge to grasp. Read a serious article the other day claiming that increasing wealth inequality doesn’t exist, it’s a liberal plot to justify more government welfare programs. Their reasoning? Well, because microwaves and shit are cheap and easily available now, it means the poor are doing just fine. Right. In 1970 a person with a minimum wage job could support a family and work their way through college. Not even remotely possible now, but because microwaves are cheap it doesn’t matter? Give me a break. Adjusting the facts to fit the narrative is all the rage now on the right, I can’t see that ending well.

And back in the real universe where Biden is actually president, their fake narrative continues apace. China and Russia are the aggressors, the US is just peacefully defending the free world! In this fantasy world, two Iranian warships sailing to possibly Venezuela is somehow a big deal and a “test” for Biden. Give me a freaking break. Two Iranian warships present exactly zero threat to the US, US warships routinely sail all over the planet. Hell, the Coast Guard is sailing a ship into the Black Sea! Right, the US Coast Guard is sailing to the opposite side of the planet, but we aren’t the aggressors?

So it’s hard for me to blog. On the one hand the Trumpers are living in a “stop the steal” fantasy world. On the other hand, people on the left think that what they see on CNN etc. is real. And domestically the GOP has launched a massive attack on democracy and human rights, while the Dems give lip service to progressive values while serving the Pentagon and corporate America in spades. The right is delusional, the left is lying. While the rich get ever richer.

So yeah, maybe I should just stick to blogging about science and UFOs. Fuck that. In High School I decided that trying to understand our world and do my best to make it a better place was my reason for existing. Got a lot of pushback and funny looks then. Still do. I’m not a genius, but I’m smarter than the average bear. I may die poor and unremarked, but at least I’m trying.

And my few fans are appreciated. Comments, suggestions, feedback appreciated. Support is especially appreciated. One time donations are great. Patrons are greater. Even one good patron would let me write endlessly. People are people. Not all rich people are the enemy. Carnegie and others prove that. Stay safe and sane everyone. #getvaccienatedcovid19 #FelesRegula #dearMoonCrew

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(Image: A historically important image, claimed as air Use under US copyright law.)


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June 3, 2021 at 9:21 pm

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