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THE RUSSIA UKRAINE THING JUST GETS WEIRDER: Russia plans fake video as pretext for Ukraine invasion, US claims

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That is indeed the latest in Washington’s ongoing war with Russia thing: Russia plans ‘very graphic’ fake video as pretext for Ukraine invasion, US claims. I have no idea what to make of this, but I certainly wouldn’t take it at face value. Sowing confusion for sure, and oddly enough does validate the one pretext Russia would use as a pretext to intervene. Millions of Russian citizens live in eastern Ukraine, and Russia will act to protect Russians and Russia’s allies. Oh, the Russian purported plot was supported by no evidence. As a certain TV tool guy would say, “Evidence, smevidence.”

Diplomatically, some progress is being made. US Makes Putin Offer He Can Hardly Refuse. All Russia wants is assurances that first strike weapons won’t be deployed on its borders, and Putin might just get that. Ukraine for its part is pushing back at Washington’s war rhetoric, either genuinely, or at the secret behest of the US. If the US is really up to something, who knows who the players involved are. Biden’s goal would be to get Putin to do something that can be claimed as Russian aggression. So Biden can be the hero, the Pentagon and arms industry keep the bucks rolling in, and the Dems’ sagging popularity can be boosted in time for the fall elections.

So now if something ugly does happen in eastern Ukraine, Putin won’t know if it’s real, or being faked by some party? And if he reacts to something faked, he’s walked into a trap. And if he ignores it, he loses face. IDK, I wouldn’t want to play chess with Putin, I hope Biden knows what he’s doing. Seems like a lot of risk with no clear goals, Putin isn’t going to abandon Crimea or fail to defend the Russians in eastern Ukraine, and he might well if pushed … do something decisive and unexpected. It’s what he does. Putin outwitted both the Bush and Obama administrations.

Speaking of US propaganda: Havana Syndrome could be caused by pulsed energy devices – US expert report. US Intelligence agencies commissioned a report … which came to the exact conclusion they wanted. In the Vietnam era when the US still had a free press, the veracity of this report would have at least been questioned. Now it’s presented as news, and is fact in many America’s minds no doubt. Why do I dismiss this as propaganda? Um, the source isn’t reliable. No evidence has been presented. Science has no trouble with classic mass hysteria being the cause. And lastly, our chosen enemies have utterly no reason to do this and excellent reasons not to.

The latter is the one overlooked by the FCM (fawning corporate media.) In fact the American media pretty much presents the world as a cartoon where the US is the good guy and our designated enemies hate us for our freedoms, or are just plain evil and out to get us. No nuance, understanding, context, history required. It must drive actual historians and foreign policy experts nuts. Excepting the ones who are cashing in on it. The number of people who make their living by being talking heads about the US for selected demographics must be one of the world’s greatest economies. That one of these bloviating talking heads actually managed to get himself elected POTUS really is a sign of just how dysfunctional the whole mess is. The greatest empire the world has ever seen, devoted entirely to making its rich ever richer. But boy, what a ride.

So 3 February 1959, The Day The Music Died. Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, J. P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson, and their pilot, Roger Peterson died when their plane crashed shortly after take off. God rest their souls. My very first memories date to this time, though I don’t recall this of course. People still visit the crash site regularly to this day, odd how stuff rises to the top like this. No real connection to Ukraine and Russia, aside from this crash was almost certainly because the pilot wasn’t qualified to fly this plane during the conditions of the flight. I fear Biden thinking he can take Putin could be a similar mistake. I hope I’m wrong.

Tonight’s epiphany: the US never stopped fighting World War Two, and the decades since then were and are just a continuation of it. Blog to follow.

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(Image: The wreckage at the 1959 Buddy Holly crash site. Public domain under US copyright law. This wreck is why authorities started withholding names after deaths until the families were notified. Buddy Holly’s wife heard about his death on the radio, and likely had a miscarriage as a result.)


Written by unitedcats

February 3, 2022 at 9:42 pm

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  1. I have been intrigued by Havana syndrome for some time, and as I am an electrical engineer, (Microwave/radar speciality), I was motivated to write an essay on the matter.
    The Havana Syndrome
    Paul Simison

    I suspect that some inimical actor has developed a device that can transmit a powerful pulse of microwave energy in a beam that can penetrate light “partition” walls into passage ways or stair wells or other occupied spaces. The question is “Why”. What does the culprit get out of it? Just the pleasure of harming Amerikanskis perhaps? Schadenfreude?

    About me.
    I am an electrical engineer, an alumnus of No.1 Radio School, Royal Air Force Locking, at a time when the Aircraft Apprenticeship was a three and a half year, 40 hours a week course on all things radio, including subjects like how to shoot straight and welding. I have spent my career working with RF based systems, such that I find that I am one of the few electrical engineers who can describe how a radio signal travels in space.

    When I was a Senior Tech in the Royal Air Force, I was at one time charged with the care and feeding of an MPN11 radar convoy. At that time I found that I could “hear” the S band search radar PRF (Pulse Repetition Frequency). This phenomenon (Known as the Frey effect.) did not actually involve
    sound…I could wear ear defenders and I could still hear the PRF because the approx half megawatt pulses were being picked up directly in my brain. However the pulses were too short (1uS) to do any permanent damage.

    Microwave health hazard.
    Microwave radiation is known to be a potential health hazard in densities above approximately
    6 mW per square centimeter and there is an FAA advisory circular (No. 20-68B) on the subject. This hazard manifests itself in the form of heating and induced voltages. The heating effect is a function of the average power dissipated (Which cooks brain tissue), and the voltage effects are a function of the peak power encountered (Which destroys electrically insulating barriers). As neural matter (Brain, nerves etc) is highly conductive, it can be expected that injuries from microwave exposure will mainly occur in the brain. Our brains are a mass of semiconductor junctions, and it is well known that microwave radiation can destroy such devices. Folk lore asserts that the optic nerves are most at risk.

    It has been said that Havana Syndrome is really a mass psychosis. I believe that he is partially correct, in that there is a core of actual events which have triggered some mass psychosis. So what is going on?

    The US Embassy in Havana.
    The US embassy building in Havana stood empty for many decades, so there was no real barrier to prevent the Cuban regime from installing anything they liked in the building, and I would guess that any location where Havana Syndrome has occurred has stood empty and unguarded for some time, or is a location where hostile operatives would have free access to install equipment.

    Thoughts on a possible weapon.
    I will now sketch out a mental thumbnail for a weapon that could be being used. First, if someone pulled up outside a US embassy or some such, with a big truck carrying giant parabolic dish which was aimed at the building, someone would notice. Also, although the resulting beam would be what is called a pencil beam, An architectural void is a space inside a building that has no doors or windows, and is simply wasted space. There are a number of small ones in my house. It would actually be conical, and would irradiate most of the building, thus a number of people would experience Havana effect at the same time, and that has never been reported. A much more practical concept would be something that could be hidden inside an architectural “void”. This device would either trigger on (say) every 50th person to walk by, or by remote control. It would be best positioned so that it irradiates a passage way or stairwell, so that the target is constrained to be in the right position. If remote control is to be used, a person would have to be planted among the staff who can observe the killing zone and trigger the weapon when a suitable target presents itself.

    The US Embassy in Havana stood empty for decades, and it would have been a trivial task to gain access to install and hide such a weapon..

    A magnetron of such power output would probably require a solenoid magnet, rather than a permanent magnet. This solenoid would need to be energized just before the weapon fires, in order to avoid the need for an elaborate liquid cooling system. I see at least two incidents that were reported from state owned hotels. In those cases, the weapon could have been in an adjoining room, or possibly in the room above or below. A microwave beam at a fairly low frequency, say 4 – 5 GHz, would penetrate drywall (Non foil backed) quite well, but would be seriously attenuated by brick or concrete. As there would be considerable effort to create and disguise a dummy partition wall between two hotel rooms, I would guess that they have a room (or rooms) prepared for selected guests.

    The actual energy source could be a high powered magnetron, or traveling wave device, generating a single long (1 second) pulse at about 5 megawatts. This would be focused into a narrow beam by means of a parabolic dish antenna. Note that a flat plate or phased array type antenna cannot be used at such power as the radiating slots will arc over even at sea-level.

    That means a total output energy of 5 megajoules per pulse, If the victim’s brain intercepts one thousandth of the energy, and the partition wall attenuates it by 3 dB, the victim’s brain will absorb 2,500 Joules. I think that would do the trick.

    Investigation procedure.

    1…Interrogate as many victims as possible to determine exactly where they were when they were hit.
    From this determine the most promising buildings to investigate.

    2…Examine the plans for the building, looking for voids and the like, being alert for cavity walls that could house such a device.

    3…Gain access to the building and it’s electrical power input area. Disconnect all power input power, being alert for possible sneak wiring that does not pass through the main disconnect breakers.

    4…Using the information from 1… and 2… above, visit the areas under suspicion and break into any voids found. Be alert for concealed voids like extra thick walls that can only be found by measurement. To avoid doing too much damage, a 6″ hole could be trepanned. Be alert for voids that are not shown on the building plans.

    Paul Simison

    February 4, 2022 at 2:19 pm

  2. Holy crap…I looked for the spot to make a comment for so long….I forgot what I was going to say. lol

    Alright, so the thing with the upcoming video that may or may not be fake…we will never know who faked it. We will never know if it IS fake. Therefore it is moot. For the side that benefits from it being a fake perpetrated by the enemy or real…that is what it will be…to them. And that describes both sides lol. And never the twain shall meet…it will just be one more historical dichotomy that people debate long after the fact….ad nauseum I might add. Even an assassination of a key player would be debated….Man, what a rabbit hole international relations are…No wonder I never know what the Hell is going on.


    February 11, 2022 at 12:52 am

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