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Well, what’s to say? Those that have bought into Washington’s “Putin is Stalin reborn, out to destroy the west” aren’t going to be interested in hearing any contrary points of view. Oddly enough they are the same people who convinced themselves that Putin got Trump elected, again, contrary views not welcome. I am starting to think greed isn’t the most powerful force in the Universe, it’s motivated reasoning. That’s starting with a conclusion and modifying the facts to fit the conclusion. Sometimes it’s almost breathtaking in its scope. What a nightmare. (The war and motivated reasoning.)

In America, the political landscape is also all over the map. The GOP continues to attack LGTB rights, because something something. Oh, wait, because human rights are “A rebellion against God.” Do people realize how ludicrous they sound saying things like that? I’m guessing no. Want to hear something even more ludicrous, it’s this guy whining about how women are the reason for misogyny and violence against women: ‘How Can You Really Blame a Guy?’ White Nationalist Vincent James Blames Women for Misogynistic Extremism. It’s childishly pathetic, but immaturity seems to be rampant in the US these days. The right loves to claim the left are snowflakes, but considering the whining they do about stuff that doesn’t affect them in any way, there are plenty of snowflakes on the right. For a last bit of right wing silliness: California MAGA Candidate Says She’s Running Because Jesus Spoke to Her Son in a Closet. OK then.

So, moving on, some science news for a change: Heatwaves at both of Earth’s poles alarm climate scientists. I didn’t say a change for the better. War, plague, global warming; not a lot to be happy about these days. This is fun at least, though def for the science nerds out there:  New Insight Into Possible Origins of Life: For the First Time Researchers Create an RNA Molecule That Replicates. It’s always been suspected that RNA life preceded DNA life, the evidence is now stronger. OK, here’s one that is good news.This is about  Breakthru Starshot, a plan to get probes to the nearest stars by 2045. The astute reader will realize that that requires probes that travel at about 20% of the speed of light. The good news, some of the engineering problems have been solved, so it’s looking more realistic. I’ll be 88 in 2045, so there’s even a chance I’ll be around to see the first pics sent back from Alpha Centauri.

A chance. At least I have settled down now and am living a healthy life again, my 10,000 mile road trip from hell is over. My life in fact has come full circle. My fondest childhood memories are of my family farm, still owned by my grandfather until the early 1960s. Now I’m living on a farm, and with any luck I’ll be here the rest of my life. I have even adopted a cat, so there’s a kitty in my life for the first time since my cats died in 2014. She went from barn cat to spoilt princess in just a few weeks; as my farmates say, she adopted me, not vice versa. The cat in Iowa doesn’t count, it wasn’t my cat, and it was a damned annoying cat. Hell, all my life in Iowa was somewhere between annoying and toxic. Toxic landlord, toxic housemate. Living with people who have their act together has surely heightened that realization.

A bit of “fun” news, here’s a headline I never saw before: US boater who rescued man from lake then shot him will not be charged. Basically an elderly couple in a pontoon boat rescued a couple who had fallen off their jet ski. And for some reason the guy rescued got belligerent. I’m guessing alcohol may have been involved. His girlfriend even pushed  him back off the boat to get him to cool off so to speak. He got back on the boat, continued his belligerence, and got shot dead for his trouble. The shooter is not being charged, guessing the victim’s girlfriend agreed with that assessment. Idiot. Aggressive people who end up getting killed, oh well.

A final few notes: There’s Only One Jesus’: Trump-Endorsed Herschel Walker Is a Science-Denier Who Thinks Apes Dispel Evolution. Sigh. So so much stupid. First of all, the ape ancestor of humans isn’t still around. And ancestral forms of lots of animals are still around, because some subgroup of an animal evolved doesn’t automatically mean the original form died out. Basically Herschel’s “thinking” shows he doesn’t know sheet about the theory of evolution. A common trait of those who criticize the theory I’ve noticed.

Lastly, one last bit of Ukraine news: Zelensky Bans Political Opposition, Nationalizes Media to Create ‘Unified’ Information. Wait, I thought Ukraine was all about freedom and democracy? Apparently there are caveats. The truth is there are plenty of people in Ukraine who wonder just how the hell Zellensky managed to get into a war with Russia, but that’s a question no one is allowed to ask apparently. What a mess, I hope it ends soon.

Have a great week everyone.

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(Image: Three Trees. On the farm I live on, it’s like living in Rivendell it’s so beautiful. Copyright © 2022 Doug Stych. All rights reserved.)


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March 21, 2022 at 8:22 pm

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