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Here are some of my favourite sites, these are places I recommend,  go to regularly, rely on, am utterly mystified by, am afraid of, and/or for some other unfathomable reason thought my readers might enjoy:

3000 Years in 90 Seconds
The imperial history of the middle east, see 5000 years of history in 90 seconds.

The Anomalist
A daily review of world news on maverick science, unexplained mysteries, unorthodox theories, strange talents, and unexpected discoveries.
A daily compendium of links to war news from around the world, highly recommended as an alternative and complement to main stream news sites.

The astronomy picture of the day. A daily picture (often breathtakingly beautiful) with a description by a scientist, APOD covers a vast array of astronomically related subjects.

Bible Gateway
The best way to find cool biblical quotes without actually wading through thousands of pages of Ezekiel begat Elrond etc. Plus there’s some good commentary and analysis.

A Brief History of the Apocalypse
Since at least 2800 BC people have been predicting the end of the world, here’s a comprehensive list. So far they’ve all been wrong.

Cost of the Iraq War
Running tally of how much the war in Iraq has cost the US taxpayer, with some comparisons of what this kind of money could have paid for.

The cryptozoology site, all the news on unknown, out of place, and mystery animals.

Cult of Truth
A little bit science, a little bit rock and roll.

Damn Interesting
Just what the title says, all sorts of interesting stories and events from the past and present. Check out the Atomic Boy Scout.

Dave VE7CNV’s Truly Canadian Dictionary of Canadian Spelling
Why the spelling on this blog appears to be a weird amalgam of British and American spelling. It’s not, there is truly Canadian spelling, and this author strives to adhere to it.

Drudge Report
Often sensationalist compendium of current news links, but aren’t we all? A site to visit to review what’s making news in the world, from a conservative perspective especially.

Earth’s Place in the Universe
When you just have to know what arm of the galaxy we are in or what’s the nearest supercluster of galaxies, where exactly Earth is in the Universe!

Earth Science Picture of the Day
A nice companion site to APOD, a neat daily picture of something related to the Earth sciences.

Elron’s View from the Edge “It’s your karma, use it wisely”
A fine political blog with forays into science and philosophy. Elron is a pacifist extraordinaire, and the man who inspired me to start Doug’s Darkworld.

Forgetomori. Extraordinary claims. Ordinary investigations.
A sceptic site that covers all sorts of interesting topics, is well written, and just in general is a good read without the attitude of many sceptic sites.

Google Sightseeing
See the world without leaving your desk, new and interesting Google Earth and Google Maps sites submitted by readers weekly.

History of U.S. Military Interventions since 1890
It’s truly mind numbing how often the US sends troops into foreign lands.

Logic & Fallacies: Constructing a Logical Argument
How to spot bad logic in arguments.

Look at Me
A wonderful site full of found photographs, that sadly isn’t being updated anymore.

Moon Base Clavius
The best site for looking at the, well, ridiculous claims of people who say the Moon landings were faked.

Not My Tribe
OK, this site is what real communists and hard core leftists think, highly recommended for those who claim the mainstream media is too liberal. The mainstream media is about a half step left of ultra-conservative compared to this site.

Pyrodin’s Information Anabranch
An interesting grouping of “out of the ordinary” articles.

redOrbit-Science, Space, Technology, Health News and Information
A nice comprehensive science news site.

Skeptical Science
A site that refutes the various “arguments” raised by the oil industry and their shills about global warming. It’s real and we are causing it, but they are happy to publish comments by the deniers, go for it. :)
The urban legends reference site. Whenever one gets an email warning that says “send this to all your friends,” check it out on Snopes before hitting the forward button. It saves a lot of embarrassment, trust me. For non urban legend topics, yes, treat Snopes with a little care.
The site to keep updated on what’s happening in space exploration.

A Universe from Nothing
A fascinating video which makes the scientific case that the Universe created itself. No God required.

Weird Sciences
Pretty much what the title implies, a lot of reasoned posts about aliens, lost civilizations, cryptozoology, space, secret projects, etc. A man after my own heart.

What is it Reba?
“what is this! i am reba. i like queers, angry queers, happy queers, internets, atheism, terror, tarot, exhilaration, angry people with pianos, kittens, marijuana, being a sorry excuse for a human being, not repeating past mistakes, fat girls, glitter, gaga, and pokemon.”
A tendentiously conspiracy oriented site, but often links to odd and important stories not likely to be seen on mainstream news sites.
The fine folks who host this blog.

The World at War
A list of the current ongoing wars on Earth with information about each.

Yahoo Answers
I spend a lot of time in here for inspiration and practise writing, I answer questions as unitedcats2004.


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Written by unitedcats

October 18, 2006 at 12:00 pm

7 Responses

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  1. Nice one … thanx for the kind words my friend … *G*


    October 25, 2006 at 6:42 pm

  2. kool


    November 5, 2006 at 12:59 pm

  3. Just went to the website. Thanks for that link. Looks intersesting. Will be back soon……

    The Dude

    February 25, 2007 at 5:22 am

  4. Peace people

    We love you


    April 28, 2007 at 3:47 am

  5. Dude.
    get real. they’re full of shit just as much as any other site that can’t figure out that incredibly strong well built steel buildings don’t just suddenly give up and change their properties of resilience, strength, résistance to deformity, heat absorption and transference, and redundant load bearing.

    you need to reexamine your reality if you think snopes is fact based. they’ve got some good stuff, but it’s mixed in with a LOT of bullshit.

    want to learn more?
    i’m an expert. just ask. drop a e mail to that address.
    peace on earth

    Dave from N. California

    September 14, 2008 at 8:28 am

  6. Your content on this site is well thought out and appreciated. Thanks 4 the service you are providing & continued success.

    gerard sorrentino

    June 25, 2012 at 11:35 pm

  7. I agree on snopes. Who died and put them in charge as being close to unbiased? They are very biased and full of shit.


    October 9, 2013 at 8:53 am

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