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OK, looking like Trump’s coup attempt, or whatever one wants to call his attempt to deny he lost the election and go on to a second term … is pretty much over. Looking like we’ve hit the Watergate phase here. Trump will be shuffled off the stage like Nixon, pardoning people left and right. Ho hum. Or ho hum to me, I’ve certainly had enough of the man. Unless there is some new great perfidy, I’m gonna start phasing out my Trump coverage. The Trump era is fading.

A shame really. He had half the country in his thrall. And then with the arrival of Covid-19, he was handed an opportunity few leaders ever face. A horrifying attack on America, an attack all Americans would rise to resist. The likes of Pearl Harbor or 9/11. That’s what Covid-19 was, an enemy that wanted to kill millions of Americans. An attack that was utterly apolitical, it transcended politics. If Trump in March had donned a mask and led a science based response to Covid-19, the GOP and his base would have followed. And far far fewer Americans would be dead, and Trump would have been triumphantly reelected.

Yeah, didn’t happen. This goes into it: The Rise (and Fall?) of Trump’s Viral Death Cult. Oh well, we’ll see what happens next. The Covid-19 death toll will hit at least 500,000 before it’s under control late next year. If all goes well. Biden will try to reestablish the pre-Trump international order. He may or may not succeed. Covid-19 and Trump have changed everything. That was Trump’s, and by extension his followers, great failing. They didn’t understand that Covid-19 was real, not some libtard plot. In the weird alternate universe the GOP has been building since the McCarthy era, everything by the opposition is some subversive commie plot to destroy America.

Great strategy politically, always ends badly when it collides with reality. And here we are, the economy trashed, the pandemic out of control, the rich looting like there’s no tomorrow. We’ll see how it falls out, but still going with “This isn’t going to end well.” I suppose that applies to everything if one steps back far enough.

So this was the first day in months where I felt physically OK and not more than usual worried about imminent death. IE gee, I can get myself a “I beat cancer” T-shirt. Yeah, no. Looking like a mild winter here in Northern Iowa. Hoping it extends to other realms. My dreams have been freaking intense lately, like a second life. Stay safe and sane everyone. Comments, questions, suggestions, etc. appreciated.#StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 25, 2020 at 8:37 pm


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November 22, 1963. President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas. Only US president to be assassinated in my lifetime, a huge deal at the time. I was only six though, and either wasn’t living in the US yet, or had just barely moved there. I do seem to recall a funeral on TV that was a big deal, maybe we moved to the US right after the assasination? I do remember a few months later the Beatles arriving in the USA, though I was confused, why were some beetles from England such a big deal? Even at six I was socially isolated, a life skill that serves me well to this day.

I still have piles of memories from then though. I’ve met folks who can’t remember their childhood, not me. This first place we lived in America we stayed for 1 ½ years, an apartment in Pearl River, New York. I could write a book alone about just that year and a half. Highlights include my first concussion (getting hit in the head with a rock was a common childhood experience then, the pre nerf ball generation,) a kid who brought a real gun to play gunfights, and my best friend burning to death. The lost world as I call it, it only lives on in memories, and mostly the memories of the young at the time.

Back to the present, Trump mostly skipped a G20 virtual summit on the global Covid-19 crisis, opting to play golf for part of it. If Obama had done that while more than an American a minute was dying of Covid-19, the screams of outrage from the GOP would have been overheard and recorded in numerous locations in Canada. Still, true to form for Trump. He’s pretty much abandoned America’s position of leadership in the world. Like pulling out of the WHO during a global pandemic. Great, OK, if we grant that the WHO wasn’t doing a good job, what’s the alternative? Trump’s got nothing.

That’s kinda where we’re at now, the GOP has been the party of “Nope!” since Obama got elected. Got an alternative to the ACA (Obamacare?) Nope. Got an alternative to the Iran Nuclear deal? Nope. The Paris Climate Agreement? Nope. I could go on, but why bother. The modern GOP knows what it hates and wants out of, real world policies to replace what they are pulling out of, nope. If making America an outsider and pariah on the world stage was what Trumpers wanted, they won! America the isolated, scorned, and pitied.

Reviewing the news for last minute notes, I see the fellow that popularized the “Ice bucket Challenge” has passed. ALS is a horrible disease. As my dad said when my stepmom was diagnosed with it, at least it’s a disease “uncomplicated by hope.” Even if one doesn’t die, most do, the small number that don’t are still very disabled for life. Think Stephen Hawking. My dad also said, not original: “Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.” His father (my grandfather) outlived three wives. My dad hoped marrying a woman 20 years younger would avoid that fate. Oh well, RIP Patrick and Ursula.

Final Doug’s Darkworld comment. Yeah, it’s great when some charitable endeavour results in money flowing to some good cause. The problem is, there’s no shortage of money. The modern world is rich beyond any caesar’s dreams, industrialization and modern science has yielded wealth almost uncountable. There’s easily enough wealth to address all of the world’s problems, including ALS. Instead, because of the unfathomable greed of the world’s rich and powerful, we live in a world where the charity of the poor and working class is touted as the “only” solution to such things as world hunger, ALS, and all the rest. It’s sick and wrong.

We never left the Garden of Eden, that’s a lie perpetuated by those who want the garden’s wealth for themselves. Christianity is a religion for slaves, as a lost friend put it. Stay safe everyone; comments, likes, shares appreciated. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 22, 2020 at 8:45 pm


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The blog title is a truism that was popular in 78 or so, stuck up for inspiration in offices everywhere. The seventies was an odd decade. Aren’t they all I suppose? Truism or no, got through the reconstructive surgery today with no complications so far, and after recuperation, boy, do indeed have a lot of possibilities. First though, thank God for modern medicine. That’s a figure of speech. Many thanks to the hard working dedicated people who practice medicine in the US, especially during these trying times.

And they are trying times: Health-care workers are desperate for Americans to listen: ‘We didn’t go to nursing school to be martyrs’. And this: Covid-19 Live Updates: The Virus Has Now Killed 250,000 People in the U.S. 250,000 dead, the worst case scenario Dr Fauci suggestested last March. One American out of every 1300 dead. And no end in sight. Someone asked me what my plans are now that I seem to have beaten cancer? I plan to live through the coming winter from Covid hell, then I’ll reassess.

And keep blogging. While the country continues to self immolate. Self immolate as in the GOP spent decades promoting science denial and false arguments in defence of political positions. Though generally special interests disguised as political positions. With stunning success, half of the freaking country now understands neither science nor logic. And what happens when those people confront something like Covid-19 which absolutely requires a rational science based response? That was a rhetorical question.

Anyhow, now I am thankful to still be writing. Thankful to the readers who have expressed support. Looking forward to new things, like the cat above. But mostly just exhausted from two surgeries in three days. Planning to sleep soundly. Take care everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 18, 2020 at 6:37 pm


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The hospital called today, the first good news in awhile. The pathologist has looked things over, and they believe they removed all the cancer yesterday. Woohoo! So reconstructive surgery tomorrow, and if that goes well, I might be blogging for years to come! Front row seats to the collapse of the American Empire. And hell, Covid may get me yet, but sure doing what I can to avoid it. And speaking of personal tunnels, that’s me in 1978 or so. Me and my friends made a hobby of exploring old mines. One can see from the photo, not exactly up to modern codes. How the hell I survived my youth is still a mystery to me. Oh, Jenny Lee Mine, near Vernon, Nevada. A ghost town. Second pic this page is actually the tailings of the Jenny Lee, the entrance I’m coming out of is just off the right edge of the photo.

Thank you for listening to my TED Talk. Short post tonight, I have to be at the hospital at 530am. Today’s links and news: A scientist weighs in on Trump and company’s, well, toddlerism: Following the Rules. It really is that simple, Trump lost the election fair and square, and is now trying to change the rules to make it so he won. Pathetic. Now Trump’s firing election officials who pointed out Trump’s claims of voter fraud are completely unsubstantiated. God only knows how the cult of Trump is going to end, but as long as Trump is around, that’s what the GOP has become: The Republican Party Is Dead. It’s the Trump Cult Now.

Fun times. Former Secret Service agents speculating about having to drag Trump from the White House. This long and depressing article in the NYT: Why the 2020 Election Makes It Hard to Be Optimistic About the Future. Still, two exciting new vaccines, but not a magic bullet: The Latest Vaccine News Doesn’t Tell the Full Story. And of course, we still have dinosaurs: ‘Dueling dinosaurs’ fossils show Triceratops, T. rex, may have died after a battle.

One last link before I stagger off to bed. I’ll probably miss the bed on the first few tries, being able to see out of only one eye is confusing. Interesting article, basically posits that humans and Neanderthals warred for over 100,000 years. Makes sense I guess. Sadly it might explain why racism and “othering” come so easy to humans. The “other tribe” was wiped out tens of thousands of years ago, but we’re still fighting. Sadly against our own now.

Stay safe and sane everyone.#StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 17, 2020 at 8:22 pm


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Woohoo, survived the first surgery! Still kicking! And writing! At least no one said “Oops” or “Oh my God, what the hell is that?” during the surgery, that has to be good, right? I refused a general anesthetic on the grounds that one should always refuse such if possible. Why add another layer of Russian roulette to the mix? And I was able to keep my eyes closed during most of it, and the few times I wasn’t, well, apparently surgery involves blood all over the place. I don’t recall that from House, Hollywood failed to prepare me for reality once again. Granted being only able to see out of one eye (the other being covered in bandages) is a bit of a hassle, but if that’s the worst that happens, all good.

Enough about me. As Elizabeth Barrett Browning said after meeting William Wordsworth “He was very nice to me and let me hear his conversation.” I may have mangled that, but one gets the drift. So yeah, the pandemic is getting worse. Americans dying while screaming “It’s all a hoax!” I kid one nought: South Dakota ER nurse tells horrific stories of patients near death — and still denying COVID is real. And then this: Incarcerated Texans enlisted to work in county morgue as COVID-19 deaths overwhelm El Paso. Fun times.

Some states are trying to crack down again, Trump’s pet quack called for one state to “rise up” against new restrictions. He later “clarified” that he wasn’t “inciting violence.” So glad that’s cleared up. The state where a political kidnapping plot against the governor was foiled, and armed protestors entered government buildings to “protest.” I guess that’s all he was calling for, phew. I am sick of Covid snowflakes. Heard one whining online today “It’s been nine whole months! This can’t go on! Wah! Wah! Wah!’ OK, he didn’t literally say “Wah wah wah.” He was also commenting in a group where non-Trumpers aren’t allowed, so I couldn’t respond to his pathetic bleat. For the record, anyone “tired” of Covid-19 restrictions should stfu, they are as welcome as people saying we should have just  surrendered in 1942 or 1862, because nine months of war was too much of a bother.

Yeah, fighting a war is a bother, and sure as hell puts a strain on the economy. Surrendering or losing is going to be much more a bother and much harder on the economy. As Germany and Japan could attest in 1945. And of course people will die. Far more than need be as Trump’s increasingly bizarre refusal to admit he lost the election continues. Even Biden had no trouble saying it. It’s like living in a Salman Rushdie novel. (Magical realism being the connection.)

And Biden’s right, lives will be lost. This winter is going to be a nightmare in America by all indications. I admit my predictions about how bad it would get this summer were off. Covid-19 did slow down in the summer months combined with restrictions. And for reasons not yet fully understood, it hasn’t been as bad as it could have been in the undeveloped world. We’re not out of the woods yet though. Spending all day in medical facilities where everything revolved around preventing the spread of Covid-19 gave me a renewed appreciation of the gravity of the situation and why everyone should do their part to fight Covid-19.

They’re all crisis actors! I’ve been hoaxed! Snort. I’m guessing people spewing stuff like that don’t understand how fucking dumb they sound. Covid-19 has lowered my tolerance for human stupidity, with no end in sight. And I’m going to keep blogging about it, because people still aren’t getting it and blogging is what I do. Fighting for America on the beaches of the Internet so to speak. Stay safe everyone, have a good week. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 16, 2020 at 9:30 pm


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Normally I’d be posting about now, but instead just a few links put together. The drive down to Iowa City took longer than expected, and I’m exhausted. What’s to say about today, the pandemic continues to explode, Trump refuses to coordinate with the incoming Biden administration about it, or anything. Only thousands, low thousands, of pro-Trump protesters took to Washington’s streets Saturday. Yes, Trump continues to claim he was cheated out of the election win. A bizarre and unprecedented event in US history, I continue my blog marathon.

11 million American cases of Covid-19, people infected with a virus that damages the brain and the heart in a large percentage of cases. It’s actually kind of odd to me that people aren’t calling for Trump to provide medical proof that neither his heart nor his brain was damaged by Covid-19. Hell of a lot more important than his tax returns.

Moving right along, Obama gave an interesting interview. In some senses the real partisan divide that splits America started under him, when the GOP decided he was the antichrist and spent 8 years obstructing him at every turn, not to mention claiming he wasn’t even a real American with their birther fantasies. And the same people who thought Obama was a secret Muslim, now believe Trump was cheated out of being reelected. It’s a continuum.

Which Obama addressed, as long as we can’t agree on even the essential facts, no debate is possible. I loathe Obama, but he’s one brilliant mofo who at least lives in the real world. I guess evil working in the real world isn’t as scary as evil living in a fantasy world. We’re kinda hosed either way.

And ultimately we all die, sooner or later everyone accomplishes that. And then, not your problem anymore! Existential angst neutralised! I just hope I live to see how this winter turns out. Trump vs reality vs Biden, both vs Covid-19! It’s epic!

Stay safe everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 15, 2020 at 10:21 pm


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I spent a lot of time today trying to decide what to write about. Mortality, amazing thing. I might be blogging for decades. These might be my last few blogs. Actually, life’s always like that, but we pretend otherwise because it’s far more bearable.

So, after much thought. Lily ponds. A lesson in math, one lost on most people. Say one has a lily pond. Day one, one lily pad. Day thirty, completely covered with lily pads. The lily pads double every day, on what day do they cover half of the pond?

On day 29 of course. And that’s kinda where we are in America with Covid-19. It’s exploding, it’s worse than it’s ever been. Our only hope to stave off a Covid-19 death winter, is to go into lockdown mode over the winter far more seriously than we did last spring. Ain’t gonna happen, so we’re hosed.

It’s so freaking weird. Trump and tens of millions of his followers are still living in an alternate universe where the election was stolen from him in some grand conspiracy. It’s like the president thinks the Moon landings were a hoax or the Earth is flat, and his supporters believe him.

And people wonder why I sometimes think the Earth is just some alien reality show?

So what do I write about in the next few blogs? Trump? Covid-19? The contemporary Roman Empire? Aliens? Magick? Dead turtles?

I should do a youtube showing how cats are really snakes in cat suits.

OK, what I know:

Avoid activities where a minor problem means a fatal fall.

Always keep one hand behind one’s back when working with live power.

Anyone can be cool for an hour.

“The map is not the territory.”

It’s hotter in the city than it is in the summer.

I guess that’s all I got tonight. Shortest damn blog post since the one where I wondered if anyone else noticed that Aslan looked like a talking rug in the first “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” movie. Have a great weekend everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 13, 2020 at 8:38 pm


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I love the Simpsons. Watched and taped them religiously for years. When I was sick I’d just binge watch my taped Simpsons episodes (although not sure the term ‘binge watch’ existed then.) Then along came the Internet and my boxes of old VHS tapes slowly became irrelevant. Something people did in the 80s and 90s, tape stuff. Had a lot of movies on tape. All landfill now, or strangling turtles. IDK. So yeah, anything can be explained with the properly selected Simpsons images. Star Trek memes work too, the universal languages.

The image is accurate. Trump maintains that a huge conspiracy cost him the election, despite zero actual evidence for same. Something I just wrote in an email regarding the ‘Trump Show” or whatever one wants to call the current events:

“Yeah, the right has drifted further away from reality than the left in recent years, but Trump completely unmoored his followers from consensus reality and brought them into Trump’s show, where he’s the greatest president ever.

Very unusual event historically. Commodus is the closest analogy I could find, maybe Nero. Cromwell? Hitler too, but only in a narrow sense. None of them came to good  ends really. Reality is not actually subject to human will on a vast scale, no matter how much it may look so briefly. (Trump’s election, Hitler conquering France in ten days.) Stunning “successes” like these are actually a lucky confluence of events combined with the particular skill set of the person at top.”

Once you decide you’re a God, an ugly end follows eventually. Usually sooner than later.

So yes, the first election in US history where the incumbent POTUS loser refuses to accept the results of the election. OK then. And the Covid-19 pandemic is exploding out of control in the US, just to add fat to the fire.We are treating it better now, less than a one percent fatality rate. Still, that’s millions of dead Americans if Covid-19 spreads through the whole population. 1500 dead on Wednesday. We can expect to see a 9/11 dead a day sometime soon, since Trump has given up fighting Covid-19.

Once again for the people in the back, Covid-19 ain’t no freaking flu or cold: Brain Scans Show a Whole Spectrum of COVID-19 Abnormalities We Can’t Fully Explain. And: One in 5 COVID-19 patients develop mental illness within 90 days – study. And: Even if you’re asymptomatic, COVID-19 can harm your heart, study shows – here’s what student athletes need to know.

Oh, yeah, Covid-19 fatigue. Hearing stuff about people, especially Americans, ‘tired’ of Covid-19 restrictions. They just want it over with. Here’s what I have to say to them: GROW. THE. FUCK. UP. Bitching about the inconvenience of pandemic public health measures is no different than car trip’s children  “Are we there yet?” Covid-19 changed everything, if you don’t get that, you are living in a fantasy world.

Fun times. Stay safe everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 12, 2020 at 8:48 pm


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So what happens now? We’ll see. Emboldened by GOP success in the congressional elections, the GOP might go no holds barred to keep Trump in office, or at least prevent Biden’s legitimacy by any means fair or foul. The president’s cabinet for example … is confirmed by the Senate. McConnell could

This morning pretty much every media outlet said Biden had won the election, even Fox News came around. Lots of people were really happy, there was dancing in the streets in many cities. Biden’s win looks really solid, this isn’t like 2000 where it all hinged on one state. Trump would have to somehow flip a number of states back to Trump to win, I haven’t read any analysis that thought that was anything but extremely unlikely. So as of Saturday 7 November 2020, looks like Biden is the president elect of the United States. Right?

So now Trump gracefully concedes the election and for two and a half months the incoming and outgoing administration will organize a peaceful coordinated transfer of power. Snort. No, that seems unlikely. Trump, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and others are leading a great hue and cry of “Stop the Steal!” What evidence have they provided for this widespread election fraud? None! So while cooler Republican heads are saying it’s time to concede, Trump swears he’ll have to be dragged out of the White House.

One has to remember that in his mind, Trump won. The only possible way he could have lost was some massive conspiracy against him. And if it’s true for Trump, it’s true as far as his supporters are concerned. Gotta remember a lot of Trump supporters are running scared. One texted me today to the effect that when the courts give the election to Trump, leftists were going to set the country ablaze. I think that’s unlikely, but yeah, if somehow Trump became the president elect, there would be huge demonstrations. And there would be violence, a long tradition in the US. The right claiming a fine share thank you. I don’t think the country would be set ablaze though, hasn’t come close yet.

Reality is what people believe it is, and they will  act on it. Unfortunately this new normal “The election was rigged!” card was played by the Democrats relentlessly after Clinton’s embarrassing 2016 loss to Trump. Granted not in the same league as “It’s all voter fraud!” or “He was born in Kenya!”, but still, not helping. In five of the last six elections the loser has made claims of funny business after the election, only one of which had any legs. Not a healthy trend for a democracy.

So what happens now? We’ll see. Emboldened by GOP success in the congressional elections, the GOP might go no holds barred to keep Trump in office, or at least prevent Biden’s legitimacy by any means fair or foul. The president’s cabinet for example … is confirmed by the Senate. McConnel could literally prevent Biden from appointing a cabinet. Trump could just declare the election null and void, and if the Senate and the Supreme Court backed him, who knows what the hell would happen. We could see like the ultimate weirdness, two presidents sworn in, both claiming the other wasn’t legitimate.

Couldn’t happen? Anything could happen, that’s how reality works, we ain’t out of the woods yet. Trump and the GOP tossed the Constitution out the window long ago. My friends who think it’s all going to be fine now, pretty optimistic I’d say. Kind of in the same class as people who think we’re gonna get control of Covid-19 and things will get back to normal. I hope I’m wrong, it would be really nice if cooler heads prevailed, times are difficult enough. I hope that Trump and Biden supporters try to work together to make America a better place. A man can dream. A man does dream. It’s why I write.

Yes, Covid-19. It’s exploding in the USA, elsewhere too, but nothing like in America. Record numbers of new cases, over a thousand dead a day, and no end in sight. And while we are sciencing the shit out of Covid-19 and learning more all the time, bad things are still being discovered: Covid in Scotland: Denmark visitors banned over mink fears. Basically not only can mink easily get Covid-19 and spread it among themselves, it can easily mutate and jump back into humans. I think the plan is to kill all the farmed mink in Denmark, and no doubt elsewhere. The scary part here though, likely there are other animals Covid-19 can jump in and out of. More opportunities for mutation, and the more variants of Covid-19 there are, the more problematic a vaccine becomes.

So in conclusion, in two major ways reality has changed. Covid-19 is with us for the foreseeable future, and it’s going to kill hundreds of thousands more Americans with all the collateral economic damage that will do; and our system of government is sitting on the edge. Maybe Trump will stand down, but wishful thinking isn’t going to make it happen. The Biden bus incident, if those guys had started shooting with their arsenal of military grade rifles, how many Secret Service agents guard Biden? The sixties was less polarized than now, and it saw some nasty business.

Cautiously optimistic but still scared. I’m not sure if I promised to blog daily until the election, though that was for sure the minimum goal. I think I promised to blog daily until Trump was no longer president. So I will keep it up until then, it’s good to have a goal in life. Stay safe everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 7, 2020 at 8:23 pm


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The above image pretty much sums up my hope and despair about tonight’s election. Even if we put out the dumpster fire that has been the Trump administration, we still have a big mess to clean up. The below image is why I voted for Biden:

Sadly even if Biden wins, that horrifying red line will keep going up for at least three more months. Half a million Americans are likely to be dead of Covid-19 by the time Biden takes over. If Trump wins, well, a million or more Americans will die of Covid, the most deadly hoax in history. Sigh. And the cost to the country on multiple levels of having a pandemic rage out of control will be incalculable.

Watching the results unfold more or less real time on the BBC map. Seems as good as any. So far Trump is in the lead with Indiana called for him. I guess that’s sort of my secondary prediction, that over the course of the evening it will slowly go to Trump, and he’ll win pretty much just like he did in 2016.

And the Facebook watch party I was invited to switched to a new app. The chances the last guy in the midwest (me) with a flip phone would switch to a new app in the middle of the most stressful night of the year is effectively zero. It would be like going to a party at a bar, a bar I was very comfortable in … and when I got there they all decided to go to another bar, one I was completely unfamiliar with. Yeah, no. It’s the autism in me. Changes on the fly for social reasons, hard for me.

Hard enough that tonight or tomorrow morning we will all wake up to a new reality. This really is one of the most seminal moments in US history, what happens tonight will affect us for years to come, if not echo through the ages. 89 to 72 now. I think it’s safe to say that a Biden blowout seems unlikely. If Trump wins: “Who would have thought that Clinton Lite might not be the best candidate to oppose Trump?”

1030pm central time. Biden is ahead but not over yet. I’m gonna post and crash. I can only hope that nothing untoward happens during the night. Stay safe everyone, maybe we’ll muddle through this after all. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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Written by unitedcats

November 3, 2020 at 9:43 pm