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The above made me laugh, getting harder to do these days as the train wreck that is US election 2020 rolls merrily along. Trump was a big proponent of birtherism, the idea that Obama was born in Kenya, and thus wasn’t eligible to be the POTUS. A theory that never had a single shred of evidence in support of it, but nonetheless was (and likely still is) believed by millions of people. America in the 20th century, there’s zero evidence for it, but I think it should be true, so I believe it. And Trump is the ultimate embodiment of that philosophy of life.

People have always believed in nonsense, it’s just sad so much of it has gone mainstream in America the past few decades. Now we’re at a point where the POTUS doesn’t seem to live in the real world anymore. Birtherism seems quaint in comparison to some of the stuff popping up these days. This week’s Skeptoid had a good article: How to Extract Adrenochrome from Children. Basically, and it’s all wrapped up with QAnon now, there’s this idea that the world’s elite are secretly kidnapping children and torturing/killing them to produce adrenochrome in order to use it as a powerful hallucinogen or as some sort of fountain of youth drug.

Sounds crazy, right? The thing that is almost unbearably stupid about this “theory” is that adrenochrome isn’t a controlled substance, and is cheap and easy to acquire. It’s not some sort of fountain of youth drug, and the idea that it’s a hallucinogen was made up by Hunter S Thompson for a work of fiction: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Basically the adrenochrome theory is a modern incarnation of blood libel, the idea that Jews secretly kill Christian children to use their blood for ritual purposes. In other words, the Middle Ages never ended, we just have cooler stuff now.

Speaking of train wrecks, Trump’s campaign is seen as going increasingly off the rails. Several interesting links. First of all, his campaign spending apparently has been shockingly inept, pissing away huge sums of money on questionable things. Or even just basically being little better than embezzlement. The saddest and funniest thing is that they ran Trump TV commercials in Washington, where Trump has zero chance of winning, just because Trump likes to see himself on TV. Yeah, that’s money well spent. Trump’s campaign has burned up money like ’10 monkeys with flamethrowers’: GOP strategist.

The last debate is in two days. Apparently the moderator will be able to shut off the microphone to avoid a repeat of the first “debate,” which largely consisted of old men yelling at and interrupting each other. Saw this headline about Trump’s latest antics: Trump looking like a trapped animal trying to gnaw off its own leg as his 2020 bid flounders: reporter. It made me laugh, here’s the original article without the hype: The Donald Trump Show Must Go On

The madness continues on the campaign trail. I thought it was an interesting read. Lastly, a little gem from the New York Times. Trump Is Giving Up. Against both the coronavirus and Joe Biden, the president’s strategy increasingly accepts defeat. Fun times.

Rush “It’s only a cold folks!” Limbaugh has stage 4 lung cancer: Rush Limbaugh says his lung cancer is terminal. Well, no one lives forever. I won’t mourn his passing. He devoted his life to encouraging conservatives to hate and misunderstand liberals. He was one of the founders and purveyors of the toxic partisanship that is now the heart and soul of Trump’s America.  The man who made childish name-calling a hallowed principle of the right. And Mr Limbaugh is one of the biggest drivers of Covid-19 misinformation, the blood of thousands of dead Americans is on his hands. You could have been a force for good Rush, you chose hate until the end. Jesus wept.

Not a whole lot of good news, as one might expect living in a country where a pandemic is essentially raging out of control. Best guess now is that Covid-19 has directly and indirectly killed about 300,000 Americans. Likely to hit 400,000 by year’s end. So a city the size of St. Louis has died, a city the size of Minneapolis by year’s end. The coronavirus pandemic has caused nearly 300,000 more deaths than expected in a typical year.

Fortunately, while it doesn’t help with the Covid-19 situation, NASA was able to make a great start at averting a potential giant asteroid strike in the 22nd century. How did they do that? A probe, OSIRIS-REx, made a controlled short touchdown on Asteroid Bennu and retrieved a sample. Which it will fly back to Earth in 2023. Bennu is about a third of a mile wide, and has a non-trivial chance of striking Earth in the 22nd century. It would be the equivalent of a good size nuclear bomb, dozens of times bigger than the Hiroshima bomb.

So wait, how does getting a sample of Bennu help prevent a collision? Basically, the more we know about it, the better we can predict its orbit and tell how much danger we are really in. And by the same token, the more we know about it, the more we can plan how to move it if it does need to be nudged away. And when it comes to preventing asteroid and comet strikes, the more lead time the better, several decades at minimum. So good going NASA.

Looks like winter has started here in Northern Iowa. Cold and rainy with freezing nights. Sometimes we get Indian Summer weather into November, maybe not this year. Well, if there was a year for an early cold nasty winter, it’s 2020. Bring it on. I did manage to make one last metal detector find, and a nice one it is. When I can get a good picture, I’ll post about it.

Stay safe everyone, comments, questions, shares, likes, appreciated. Patrons too. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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October 20, 2020 at 6:31 pm


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Wow, never thought I’d be writing a blog post like this. What a few days it has been, on top of an already crazy year. So in summary, President Trump has been hospitalised for Covid-19. There’s a lot of confusion as to exactly when he tested positive, and what his condition in the hospital is. Not going to go there. What we do know, for an absolute fact, is that for a man in his age and condition, Covid-19 is a deadly serious disease. A ten to thirty percent chance of death, and likely as much chance of long term effects. Yes, he might bounce right back, but there’s a very real possibility the president could die in the next week or two. He might be dead already as I type. 

I’m gonna try and walk the straight and narrow here. This should never have happened. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED. It was known beyond any doubt that Covid-19 was a serious risk for a man of Trump’s age and health. Trump should have been the last person in America to catch Covid-19. Now the president is incapacitated, who knows for how long, and to put it mildly, an incapacitated president is not a good thing for the nation. That this happened is once again irrefutable evidence that Trump is unfit to lead, he couldn’t protect the nation from Covid-19, he couldn’t even protect the White House and his wife. For shame Mr President. (Saw part of his video tweet today, he takes zero responsibility for catching Covid-19.) 

It’s also clear to me that even should Trump recover, he should drop out of the race. The long term effects of Covid-19 aren’t understood at this time, but it is absolutely clear they can be serious. He’s a sick man now no matter his symptoms, it would be like electing a time bomb. Granted Trump will never admit that, so I can’t imagine him dropping out. Even if he recovers, I wish him no personal ill will, but I sure hope this is the end of his political career. Trump claimed Covid-19 was no big deal, all under control, and now his wishful thinking has not only put himself and those around him at risk, an incapacitated president puts the entire country at risk.

These aren’t normal times though, and Trump’s not a normal president. I don’t know what’s going to happen now, no one does. One day at a time now. Scariest time in America since the Cuban missile crisis? I think we can safely say, October is going to be one hell of a ride. Trump’s usual twitter storm has dropped to a trickle, so again, we can safely assume he’s actually sick. The uncertainty roiling around the White House now is going to generate all sorts of wild theories; that we can not only safely assume, it’s pretty much written in stone. Here’s a QAnon take: 

“…Trump does not have COVID-19 and this is all a signal that he is now deep undercover trying to root out Hillary’s child sex slave ring once and for all. It was not clear if this still involves a pizza parlor or if Alex Jones is involved. Recall that at least one man (maybe more) believed it earlier and went to a pizza parlor location with a gun and the police stopped them.”

Well, isn’t that special. Since this still is Doug’s Darkworld, it would be irresponsible of me not to engage in my own wild speculation. The first weird theory that tumbled through my head, what if Trump dies, and they hide it? At this point the technology exists to create videos and such of him “recovering” in the White House. And then Trump wins the election, but afterwards it all unravels and it turns out a dead man was elected POTUS. Not sure just where that’s covered in the Constitution, near the back somewhere?

That seems unlikely though. What happens if Trump simply dies in the next week or two? All hell breaks loose I guess. Again, don’t think this is covered in the Constitution. Especially since lots of mail in votes have been sent already. Could the election just go on with votes for Trump going to Pence? My guess is the election would be postponed somehow, hard to imagine any solution that led to an orderly transition and a resumption of normalcy. 

It should also be pointed out that a lot of people in Trump’s circle have now been exposed, and a number have tested positive. So Trump getting ill might just be the beginning. Biden’s not out of the woods yet either, Trump did a lot of loud talking during the debate, and he might well have been infectious already. What happens if both candidates on the ballot die before the election?

I hope we don’t find out. Stay safe everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

PS: One last nightmare thought. Trump dies, and the idea that somehow it was the liberals/Democrats fault gets traction … and we get a horrible violent backlash against them. The country effectively split in two with violent ethnic cleansing in the red states. The right has spent too many decades glorifying violence and demonizing liberals for me to entirely dismiss this. Sleep tight everyone, God only knows what Sunday will bring.

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October 3, 2020 at 7:28 pm


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Some celebrated Ginsburg’s death. Mitch McConnell didn’t even wait for her body to cool before announcing the Senate would vote on appointing a Trump appointee to the Supreme Court. The very same guy who when a justice died eight months before the last election … blocked any new appointment until after the election. Hypocrisy runs deep in current American politics. If this shitshow can even be called politics. 

The Supreme Court thing is a horrible distraction from the much more pressing issues at hand, like Covid-19 and the economy. And Trump seems determined to ratchet up pressure on Iran and the whole mess in the Middle East just for snids and giggles. Trump is still promising a return to normal in the near future, and lots of people still think it’s going to. I think they’re fooling themselves, but what do I know? Well, more than many I think. 

The USA went off the rails in 1980, and the debacle that is 2020 is the bill coming due. See above image. Another good look at the corrupt core of the problem here:  The Top 1% of Americans Have Taken $50 Trillion From the Bottom 90%—And That’s Made the U.S. Less Secure. And then for fun QAnon is taking on a life of its own: Friends And Family Members Of QAnon Believers Are Going Through A “Surreal Goddamn Nightmare” 

Speaking of nightmares, more cases of Covid-2 reinfection reported: Catalonia reports four cases of Covid-19 reinfection, with one patient in intensive care. Scattered reports world-wide, still not enough data to come to any conclusions. Not a good sign though. The Cold from Hell is what I dubbed Covid-19 early on, and as accurate as ever. Speaking of surreal, we’re reinforcing our uninvited and illegal forces in Syria, because of “Russian aggression.” Except the Russian troops are in Syria at the express invite of the Syrian government, while America is an illegal invading force. 

As an old acquaintance once said, “America is a land where right is wrong, and wrong is right.” I wonder what they think of today. Just in review, and for new readers, my theory is that the world we all grew up in took a mortal blow in December 2019. Covid-19 was the perfect bullet to crumble the house of cards that the neocolonial exploitation of the world was, especially in America, a land buried in corruption, evangelism, and science denial. The corpse is still stumbling forward but it’s dead; science denial and reality denial only work for so long. The horsemen are arriving, deal with it. Don’t worry, Trump  has a plan, teach America’s children to be good little Trumpsters: Trump calls for ‘patriotic education. That how malignant narcissism works, why, the problem is … they’re not thinking like me! 

Just in, Trump says the SCOTUS nominee will be a woman! Brilliant! Insane! Sexist as hell! Why, as long as the nominee has female genitals, the liberals should be happy! Not the point of feminism, but explaining that to the Rush Limbaugh crowd, well, I’ll keep trying. Here’s hoping it’s Sarah Palin. 

The weird alien sitcom reality show that 2020 Trump’s America is … continues  unabated. Have a safe and sane weekend everyone. I have gone into retreat for a bit, but should be able to keep blogging. God, we’re gonna see some crazy shit between now and January. Pull up a chair, I’ll comment as I am able. Share at will. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #InsanusTempora

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Written by unitedcats

September 19, 2020 at 7:20 pm