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Saturday Blogathon! Nightmares, Murders, and Everything in Between!

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I had the worst dream I can remember in a  long while this morning. There were these swarms of alien insects that were going to eat everyone, and people were desperately trying to patch up houses and such to make them insect proof, but it was pretty hopeless. Then this vast swarm of insects appeared in the sky and began to descend. Despair. Then suddenly this alien ray gun appeared out of the ground and started blasting the bugs, hooray, we’re all saved! Finally, a bomb people had set up to defend against the insects went off … and destroyed the alien ray gun. Despair, the bugs regroup and begin to descend again. Worse, the bomb or the ray gun or bob screwed p the weather somehow, and tornadoes and hurricanes began to appear everywhere. We’re all gonna die. Then I woke up.

Sigh. What  a way to start my weekend. The dream is beginning to fade now but I woke up pretty depressed over it all. And was certainly relieved it was a dream. At least I am assuming such, I haven’t looked outside yet. The cats went out and all they were was wet when they came back in. So maybe a quiet hurricane, but that’s about it. On the plus side, it’s a good start to my blog marathon. I only got two posts out this past week, so am going to crank out several posts today. Partly for fun, partly for practice writing, partly to amuse (I hope) my readers, and partly because there’s always stuff to comment on in the news. I apologize in advance for the off-the-cuff nature of these posts, like I said, this is an experiment.

In other personal news, I discovered that my first physical therapy session wasn’t nearly as bad as I had thought. That’s because in my second session my physical therapist revealed that she had done her internship at Guantanamo. Not in so many words of course, but how else to explain the torture devices she brought into play this session? Her: “Stand on this tilting platform with one foot, now hold this 40 pound spiked ball over your head. got it? Now hop up and down, be careful not to drop the ball on your foot.” Me: “Is this safe?” Her: “LOL, of course not, what would be the fun in that?”  On the plus side, I am making measurable progress, so if nothing else her methods are effective.

As for the topics of today’s posts, we’ll see. The honour killing in Florida is about the only thing I really need to vent on. There’s an interesting argument for God that needs to be deconstructed. Why are there no female Ted Bundys,  a perennial question. There’s been some fabulous space exploration news. And if anyone comes up with a challenging and or curious suggestion during the course of the day. Oh, and all the murders on my neighbourhood, that bears discussion. Or none of the above, I’m just going to start writing and see where it leads me.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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March 24, 2012 at 11:22 am

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