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Real Hope and Change

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Sproul Plaza, Tuesday Night, 15 November 2011. These are Americans, not Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partiers, Liberals, etc. Our leaders, the Republicans and Democrats, have sold us out. If the Republic is to be saved, it’s up to the American people. This is what the Occupy movement is all about.

That’s what I wrote last night, it’s now Wednesday morning. A commenter below suggested that as a member of the 99%, they would like a say in who represents them. Exactly, said commenter should be in the front lines of the Occupy movement, because that’s what it’s all about. The two mainstream parties stopped representing the 99% decades ago, and have spent the past 30 years enabling the largest upwards transfer of wealth in history. Anyone who thinks that the Republicans or the Democrats are going to fix the mess they have made is living in a dream world. And the Tea Party is part and parcel of the Republican Party.

Speaking of the Tea Party, where the hell are they anyhow? Across the land Americans are assembling in peaceful protest, a constitutionally protected activity, exercising a right that our founding fathers fought and died for … and are being attacked by riot clad police. I thought the Tea Party was all about exercising our  Constitutional rights? I don’t hear any of them condemning the police actions or supporting people’s right to peacefully assemble? Silence is consent.

The media in particular, both left and right, is unseemly in their support of the status quo. The Drudge Report in particular is wallowing in filth in its effort to demonize the OWS movement. I suspect Fox News is no better, but I only watch it when forced to. Even here in “liberal” Oakland, the first thing the reporter on TV did last night was try and ask members of the OWS if they were going to pay for all the expense their movement had caused? This of course is completely the wrong question, the question is why the hell are cities across the country treating peaceful protesters as rioters, and confronting them with expensive ranks of cops?

And yes, there have been some cases of vandalism and such. Such acts are rare, and do not even begin to represent the average OWS supporter. And back on point, if you treat people as rioters and confront them with riot police, a few of them are going to over react and throw things. This doesn’t justify treating the protests as riots, in fact the opposite, it shows that treating the protests as riots is going to cause some of the problems it is purporting to prevent.

I don’t know how this is going to all turn out. This is the first real populist movement in decades, not since the sixties has there been a grass roots movement to force real change on the establishment. And sadly despite a few limited gains, the establishment has retrenched and is more powerful then ever. And tens of millions of Americans have been propagandized into supporting a system that has stolen everything from them and left them with debts their grandchildren will be paying off. Not to mention a bizarre system of perpetual war, where corporations are people, and all freedoms are to be sacrificed in the name of “security.”

The Occupy Movement is first crack in the dam in the USA, and it has the powers that be running scared. Maybe it will inspire real change in Washington and Wall Street. Maybe it will result in the USA making the final transformation into a dystopian police state where freedom is just a memory. Maybe something else will happen that no one saw coming, that’s always a safe bet. Whatever happens, it’s going to be a hell of a ride.

Doug Stych 16 November 2011

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November 15, 2011 at 10:57 pm